5 Best Ab Machines

In this video review we breakdown best 5 products
based on : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand
trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. Number 5 : Body Champ Fitness Multi Function
Power Tower The power tower is a great machine to add
to your home gym, as it is a multifunctional powerhouse that allows you to target your
abs while working other muscles throughout your body simultaneously. The vertical knee raise station targets your
leg muscles, the lat or pull-up bar allows for you to build strong chest muscles and
tone your arms, the dip station targets your triceps and increases upper body strength,
and the d-frame base enhances stability. There are various ways using the machine can
help you target your abs and obliques, especially the hanging leg and knee raises.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 4 : Powerline Roman Chair
Looking for an ab chair that comes totally intact for your home gym? The heavy-duty Powerline
Roman Chair is a great option. Coming in at a whopping 42 pounds, its weighty footrests
ensure there is no wobbling. While it may seem intimidating to put a lot
of pressure on your pelvic area, the two-inch space cut out in the middle of the padded
seat ensures you can work out with comfort, and put your focus on toning instead. The
ankle mounts are also adjustable, so if you can’t seem to find the right position, there’s
a chance to make a shift until you find what’s right for you.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 3 : CAP Barbell Ab Trainer
If you want something sturdy, get this ab rocker. The easy-to-use crunch tool will sculpt
your muscles with its ergonomic design that will eliminate back neck and strain that is
typical of crunches. The rocker is made of a durable steel construction,
as well as a cushioned headrest for support. And for anyone who doesn’t like the confusion
and fuss of a set-up, this is the machine for you, as it can be assembled in mere minutes.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 2 : Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller
The Ab Carver Pro is your best bet for a roller that’s both advanced yet simple to use. For
starters, it features a kinetic engine that’s coiled carbon steel, which adds resistance
to your core workouts. The super-wide wheel creates stability for
when you stretch out or pull back and feel a little wobbly, so you have less of a chance
tweaking your back. Meanwhile, the ergonomic rubber hand grips ensure your hands don’t
slide, so you won’t be tempted to let go and interrupt your routine.
Kindly See the Description for This Product Link. Number 1 : Tristar Products Inc. Ab Coaster
Max If you’re looking to add a valuable piece
of equipment to your home gym that focuses on chiseling your abs, try the Ab Coaster
Max. The curved frame design allows you to work your lower, middle and upper abs, as
well as sculpt your obliques. The machine works by you kneeling on it, using
the grips and your stomach muscles to pull yourself up, while the seat glides up and
down the track. Your arms and shoulders will also subsequently
get a workout, as they take on part of the job.
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