4 Top Tips To Maximise Gains In The Gym | How To Maximise Your Muscle Gains

– Good afternoon, gentlemen, I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. As you can tell, we’re in the gym today, and thus today’s video
is gonna be on the gym. Okay, so I’ve been
getting a lot of questions about my five top in the gym tips to get those gains. To get the guns for summer, all right? So, okay, boys, so these are the tips that I’ve found most useful in
transforming my workout from a kind of intermediate
to a more advanced workout, and finding techniques which have really helped me to get the gains. Okay, so, the number
one, right, tip for me has been the most stubborn
area for me to build, has been my chest and shoulders, especially my upper chest,
and this whole area. And I know a lot of guys
have trouble with this. So, tip number one is to work
chest and shoulders together. Okay, a lot of tip people
think that, you know, chest and triceps go
together, two push muscles. Okay, I don’t agree with that. Yes, I know they complement
each other nicely, but I think these two also complement each other very nicely. And you actually get a lot more gain from you work your chest,
upper chest especially, and shoulders on the same day. So try and work them on the same day. Four-day break in between workouts, tops. They’re two different body parts, should be getting them in twice a week. So four days, three days
would be even better, ideally, in between. Check out our video link flashing up now on a few secret tips and techniques for an upper chest-shoulder workout. Okay, tip number two, is legs. Okay, right, legs. The Holy Grail, the biggest mother bleep in the whole of the gym. I hate hate working my legs. I hate squats especially, and that’s why you’ve gotta
do an extra amount of squats. So tip number two is
squats slash leg workouts every five days. So, basically every five days. I find that every three or four days, especially if you’re
squatting and going heavy, is too much, uh, pressure on your spine, so I’m, like, five days. And sometimes I’ll mix up heavy squats to high-repetition squats. Okay, I’ve talked a lot about squats, however, we also have many videos on how to work out legs without squatting, so look out for them,
they’ll be in the gym section on the Make Me That Guy YouTube video. That is squats, sorry, leg workouts without squats or dead lifts. So check that one out if you want to see how to work legs without squats. But anyway, back to tip number two that is to work legs
every five days, maximum. You can do four days if you
have a very strong core, your spine, your lumbar
is quick and strong. If you worry about that, leave
it every five days, okay? That’s tip number two. Tip number three is for abs. Okay, the best way to work
abs is to follow this workout. Link flashing up now (ding), ding! Okay, to lose it, you need
to get yourself an ab wheel, one of these things (ding), ding! Okay, and you’re gonna have to learn how to do full leg raises, as you’re gonna see in the workout. Copy this calisthenics-based ab workout, ’cause this, taught to me by a real expert has given me huge gains, really helped to shaping up my abs, lose weight from around my abdomen. Okay, that was tip number three. Our fourth and final tip is to warm up every day with pull-ups. You heard me, every day. You want those cobra lats, that nice back shape,
pull-ups is the one, okay? So, people are like, “Well,
I’ll do my back workout today.” Back, back, back, okay, good. Do your back workout once a week. If you’re mixing up body
parts, twice a week. But really the key is consistent
bashing of those lats. And what better to do that
than wide-grip pull-ups? So get the grip as wide as you can, and warm up with them every day. So, no matter what your workout is, you get in the gym and you do four, five, six, sets
of pull-ups every day. It’ll warm you up, you can
replace that of your cardio. I don’t do cardio, that’s for girls. Just kidding, cardio’s good. But you know, that can replace your cardio if you’re very lean already, and you don’t think you need that. And it’s gonna get you nice and warmed up. You’re gonna work the
lats every single day. It’s gonna give you monster gains, especially when you put
your heavier back workout on top of that once a week. Okay, gentlemen, so that was it, my four top tips, which
I’ve learned over the years, and have really helped
me to take my workout from a basic, intermediary
level to that advanced one. See them, check them out. See if they don’t work for you, And, of course, be sure
to subscribe, like, and leave a comment. Plenty more fitness,
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Make Me That Guy very soon. Peace! (swelling music)

7 thoughts on “4 Top Tips To Maximise Gains In The Gym | How To Maximise Your Muscle Gains

  1. The key to building any body part is more reps, consistency and a good diet The more consistent you are, the more results you'll get🍗🥩🐟🍳🥔🍚🥦

  2. Chest and shoulder muscles form the pectoral girdle. Your far better to train both muscle groups togethers for maximum results and for ergonomics and shoulder stability. People tend to get confused I reckon when it comes to chest and triceps because they thing of the muscle action of a press-up which uses pecs and triceps, there's nothing wrong with it by all means. However if you want bad boy chest and shoulder your best of training them together because if their relationship with each other and it's better for the health of your shoulder joint, just watch you shoulder don't get too protracted 😉

  3. Great video Ollie, I totally agree with you about training chest and shoulders together, I have seen major growth since doing it.

  4. Great video! Don’t know if this is your thing, but what about a video on how men could dance in a club without looking like a penguin having a stroke?

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