3M™ Quick Connect System 2810 Running Jumpers – Training

To run a jumper wire, open the orange feeder
jumper pair cap by pushing up on latch and rotating the cap up. Insert the jumper wire ends… “A” (tip)
left and “B” (ring) right into wire openings in the cap, making sure they are inserted
all the way to the back of the cap. While holding the jumper wires in place, close
the cap and press down to snap the latch firmly into place. Route the jumper wires through the wire loops
on block ends and route the vertical wire-ways to the distribution side. Cut the jumper wire
to the appropriate length, leaving at least 2 inches or 5 cm of slack. Terminate the jumper wires to the distribution
pair by repeating the procedure… “A” (tip) left and “B” (ring) right into wire
openings in the cap. Terminate additional jumper wires by following
this procedure. To remove jumper wires, open the jumper pair
cap and pull wires straight back out from the block.

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