100 thoughts on “$364 Arby’s Meat Mountain | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  1. I wanna see him make fancy vegan or vegetarian fast food. So he has to find other way to make it fancy then just using pricy meat.

  2. Used to use some nice cognac in some steak sauces I used to make. It makes such a huge difference. Wish I still had money I could throw at cooking whatever I want all the time, but I'm mostly just eating single serving ricearoni cups these days, lol

  3. Arby’s had so much left over meat from terrible ideas that they threw together the meat mountain. The chicken has to go somewhere I guess

  4. I love this new channel and seeing Josh's hard work on this brand new outlet. But mostly I am just in it to see whether or not Josh follows through with getting Andrew Rea's face tattooed on him somewhere. Josh, I am holding you to this, and if it motivates you I would gladly offer to get your face tattooed inside a spork somewhere on myself. I already have a butter knife, soup spoon, dinner fork and salad fork tattooed on myself so I guess the only logical next step is to get a Youtube chef's face tattooed inside of a spork. Assuming you would allow it, of course.

  5. I would pay David specifically to stand behind me and make facial expressions to react to whatever is happening to me

  6. I'm thankful everyday that the Mythical Kitchen has Nicole to offer some semblance of sanity to Josh's chaos hurricane.

  7. Who here works at Arby's and feel like they just put whatever they wanted on a loaf of artisan bread and called in a Meat Mountain…?

  8. i love nicole's commentaries in these videos, please always have her in the background <3 also i live for this chaotic energy it's great

  9. "You can't narc on us. You gotta be like Vin Diesel in the fast and furious movies, he ain' ever narc'd on NOBODY!"
    5 seconds later
    "So these new Mythical kitchen towels are really absorbent.."

  10. Oh my god, I just love Josh's personality 🤣 like we have the same type of humor and it's just like, killing me lol

  11. David. Meat Mountain. You're officially over in my book. I'm a fan. Also if you're not a wrestling fan, I'd be surprised and sad

  12. save those masks .. you might need them to live threw the coronavirus if the USA looks like china.. in china 400 million are in quarantine ( there is only 330 million in USA ) FDA and CDC have said they believe 50,000 have died.
    chinese doctor has said just in wuhan they had 49 crematoriums all running 24/7 each one can cremate 1200 bodies a day, 58,000 dead a day being cremated…
    masks on amazon are selling for 50 bucks each mask

  13. That huge ass slab of meat caught me by surprise lmao at 2:16 when he said hes got the beef, lmao he just slams that sucker on the table.

  14. Had an ex back home that worked at Arby’s n she always made me those

    I thought it was just something she was hooking me up with custom lol

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