100 thoughts on “$309 KFC Famous Bowl | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  1. This episode is the closest I've seen to if I was, for whatever reason, invited to be on the show. The only difference is that I am 1000% more hyper than Josh and my name is also Josh sooooooo… It would be like an atmoic bomb of ADHD and dumb jokes.

  2. Mike: we could get 1000 KFC famous bowls …
    Me: (does math) no you could only get 93.2688822 famous bowls for the cost of that fancy one

    Also me: god I need a life

  3. So far, Pasley and Emily have had the most chaotic, and therefore most complimentary energy to Josh during this series IMO. I'd really like to see both of them return.

  4. "salt is the baseline in which all food harmonies are written" I want this on a plaque for my kitchen. his mind: legendary

  5. So we all agreed that this series should turn into only Josh and Mike. Okay cool. (Don’t get me wrong I thought I loved these but now I know what real love is.)

  6. 10:31 Choppin' Brocc-oli. A reference to Dana Carvey's "Critic's Choice" stand up special from 1995. It's a hilarious set.

  7. In a professional kitchen, learning from a culinary expert. josh is so proud of himself that he just blurts out
    We once turned a car into a pizza…


    Relax man. It's not going to impress this guy. Just take notes.

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