the main thing is never act like you are
a victim and you are defeated after relapse always take relapses as again
boosts boost to becoming better never ever ever look down on yourself after
relapse do not sink in that then I’m gonna kill myself I suck you know
there’s a lot of guys on the forums other low-fat forums talking shit about
themselves just because they relapse and they act like they’re defeated Afghan
like you’re defeated makes you defeated acting like you’re victorious and taking
no faps or they taking relapses as again little stepping stones towards victory
makes you a man best regards to know that I want to address something
relapses are normal okay whatever long streak are doing whatever
Suki are doing a streak is a streak because of a relapse all right so I want
I don’t want to say that he got a relapse you have to be that’s what’s
part of a game no all right it’s just a normal process of recovery so with that
being in mind you’re gonna be less hard on yourself
and that’s hard no pun intended but you are gonna be less hard on yourself when
you do become real app scible or you when you do relapse so let’s get into
the video let’s get into my three tips all right my three ways you can recover
from relapse so my first one is kind of it’s kind of weird to be honest all
right I always listen to an audio book it’s all about basically sex energy
Tantra you know what I’m saying if those words sound familiar to you then you
know about the kama sutra – but it’s basically a book about sex energy
alright and the book does mention semen retention that’s a huge topic right now
in the North a problem or just in the whole manosphere but basically we know
generally we know that having semen in our body is life energy all rights for
women their life energy is the eggs that are in their body for men it is they’re
seen it that is what makes men men that is what almost gives the essential power
of masculinity in a man so when you do relapse you
reach that point where you just feel like shit
all right you feel like shit you just empty it out your bucket all right and
you basically lost energy okay so to counteract that I want to say that the
first step is to sleep it off all right that’s kind of something that you
probably feel like what that’s stupid sleep it off well by sleeping it off you
kind of gave your body time to recover all right so you know what they say that
sleep is the most important important one of the most important but is one of
the most crucial elements of recovery after you workout you have to have eight
hours of sleep after a long day you have to have eight hours of sleep to
rejuvenate your mind rejuvenate your body and spirit same thing after
relapsing all right when you do sleep you give your body now you just toss
their own time to restore you give your sperm or your testicles time to produce
sperm again to replenish what was expelled so that is the unconventional
first step or first way to recover from a relapse and the second step is another
very very weird one all right so don’t judge me on this one
but in order for a muscle all right in order for a muscle to heal to recover
you need blood flow towards that muscle and after a person works out say a
person or an athlete right a marathon runner say that they just finished a
marathon what is one of the key steps to recovery they probably get some
stretches in maybe an ice bath maybe even massages okay so this is my second
point almost larger balls isn’t that weird that’s weird but it’s the truth
all right it’s also something that I got from a tantric book that I read or
todrick tantric I don’t know but it does mention actually massaging your jewels
all right you massage it because it helps with blood flow and while you are
massaging you actually do a meditative process where you are imagining your
ritual your Chi going from your head all the way down to your scrotum and it’s
just basically moving energy throughout your body
alright and you’re also breathing into that energy and at the same time
massaging your their joules again and this is aimed towards producing energy
to your downstairs okay and by producing energy and focusing your energy
downstairs you’re basically helping your sperm
count to increase you’re helping the health of your your balls health I don’t
testicular health there you go you’re increasing your statistic Euler health
when you’re massaging it and you’re being mindful on your breath and
bringing energy towards that area of the body so guys the third step is one that
I’ve probably already mentioned in well I don’t know if I mentioned in my other
videos but I probably mention the beginning of this video it is to not be
so hard on yourself okay now this is a mind shift or a mindset shifting hack if
you will because your mind is the most powerful honestly it’s the most powerful
muscle and it is under underutilized or it is just not valued in today’s culture
all right let me tell you guys a story about how powerful the mind is there was
a study if you will there was a study on guys who were allergic to poison ivy
alright they took a group of people that were allergic to poison ivy
they separated a group into they expose one group to real poison ivy and then
they exposed a group to fake poison ivy the group that was exposed to real
poison ivy obviously they got breakouts they got rashes and they’re also aware
that hey this is real poison ivy that you are getting exposed to alright so
they got infected with the poison ivy now here’s a test group that is also
allergic to poison ivy but they were exposed to fake poison ivy
okay this group thought it was real poison ivy and the scientists didn’t let
them know that hey it’s actually fake but this group still got the rashes the
guys do you see how important that is the group that I was allergic to poison
ivy got exposed to fake poison ivy but their mind was telling them that it was
real and because of mind thought it was real
the body produced the reactions of poison ivy so basically you could
literally damage yourself just by having the wrong kind of mindset and also you
could produce healing in your body with the right mindset by the way this is
totally off topic Joe Dispenza look up this dude okay he has a teaching all
about this how the mind affects the body is amazing all right
but with that same concept knowing that it’s basically a humongous life hack
knowing this truth that could affect your your business that could affect
your health you could just transform your life by that knowledge so knowing
how strong the mind is after you relapse do you think it’s beneficial to look
down on yourself to think in your head to think in your mind that you basically
failed and that you damaged or lowered your sperm counts that you ruined the
physiological and mind wiring effects of nofap do you think that is beneficial
after relapse in knowing how strong the mind is so I want you guys to instead
after relapse become I want to say become a mental badass I want to say
that instead of looking down on yourself instead of again acting and thinking
that you’re allergic to the poison ivy instead look at relapsing as a growth
step something that didn’t set you back but kind of empowered you if you will
because remember if you if you think in your mind that you are defeated just
like all the test subjects got defeated by fake poison ivy then you are gonna be
defeated you are gonna have the physical reaction of defeat so after relapse
think of a victorious mindset where little steps little relapses is
basically lessons that brings you closer to achieving the ultimate goal in
example is Michael Jordan and I’m sure that a lot of you guys if you are into
success they use this example so many times but Michael Jackson chapter what
about what I keep thinking Michael Michael Jordan he did not become Michael
Jordan in college I think it was college or high school I forget which but
Michael Jordan did not become who he was he was not number 23 badass Bulls player
you know what I mean he became Michael Jordan after he was
basically rejected in college I think was called your high school again don’t
call me but he got rejected okay he was not good enough and his coach’s eyes
that of taking that experience or that setback or relapse as defeat he kept on
going alright he kept him going because he saw the
potential within himself what other people didn’t see and he just kept on
going he took that failure quote-unquote failure as a lesson as basically as a
stepping block for him to get even higher than the level that he was in so
I want to stress this enough would you guys mind set reflecting and knowing
that failures relapse is is just lessons towards making you better then you won’t
be so hard on yourself you won’t put your body and mine into a defeated mode
instead again look at relapses as steps to making you better with that mindset
chef’s your whole life could transform guys you could apply that to every
single aspect in life if you are an entrepreneur minded person you’re
starting a business you are trying to become better at your job little
setbacks makes you better alright and people who tell you
otherwise they’re just an average alright they’re average remember guys F
average be better so let’s recap the steps on recovering for relapses step
one or tip one guys it is to sleep it off alright by sleeping it off you put
your body in recovery mode right there studies about this your mind recovers
your body recovers thus your sperm counts well recover too
so your mind and body recovers it’s a new day it’s a new leaf sleep it off and
you’ll be fine it’s a new day don’t be so hard on yourself step 2 or tip two to
recover from relapses is to massage your jewels okay where you’re massaging your
jewels it is producing blood flow to that specific area focusing on your
energy towards the area is also helping with the healing process to restore what
you have depleted basically your sperm so it helps you to increase your sperm
count in buckle to the area again promote healing
and overall it helps with body function – it kind of helps your mind and your
testicular health to connect so that you could be more aware of that body part
even during sex it actually obviously – helps with the whole lasting longer
thing alright that’s a life hack for you too and step three is to look at
relapses as stepping stones towards achieving the bigger goal okay look at
failure as steps to our success because that’s literally what it is okay guys
again take Michael Jordan man be number 23 be better okay the main thing is
never act like you are a victim and you are defeated after relapse always take
relapses as again boosts boost to becoming better never ever ever look
down on yourself after relapse do not sink in that then I’m gonna kill myself
I suck you know there’s a lot of guys on the forums I don’t know if that forums
talking shit about themselves just because they relapse and they act like
they’re defeated acting like you’re defeated makes you defeated acting like
you’re victorious and taking no faps or they taking relapses as again little
stepping stones towards victory makes you a man alright it makes you the
manliest of all manly men out there okay so guys I’m gonna end this video I want
to thank you guys so much for watching all right if you have not already be
sure to subscribe and also like this video because it’s going to help this
channel a lot if you guys like the content that I’m spilling at you if you
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tremendously alright so guys what do you think about
my tips are you gonna apply to any of them do you guys know any of Homer
eighty before I even mentioned it comment down below let’s talk all right
how long is your streak even comment down below you get to brag down below he
could brag down there so once again guys remember strive to be better F average
and be yourself I hope to see you guys the next video as always god bless you
and then the ever

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