3-Speed Training Drills | Sprinting

Hi, my name is Shane Paul Neil from St. Coach
Multisport. Today we’re talking about speed training drill
for sprinters. There are a wide array of drills sprinters
do, depending on their level of expertise and the events that they’re running. But there are 3 basic ones that mostly every
sprinter does. The high knee, the butt kick, and the major
A. Running drills are basically designer to exaggerate
certain portions of your running stride. So to maintaining proper form and that you’re
getting the maximum amount of each step. The high knee is essentially exactly how it
sounds. You run to in a slow progression, raise your
knee up to a 90 degree angle in relation to your hip and the ground, and then bring it
back down to alternate. There are different methods of doing it, some
folks say each leg, sometimes you do it every other stride, there are a wide array of doing
this particular drill but overall it will help you get your knee up for and get you
up higher to increase your stride overall. The butt kick again, is exactly what it sounds
like when your literally kicking yourself in the butt. As your slowly progressing down the track
with your knee pointed to the floor, you want your heel to come as close to your behind
as possible in quick succession. What this does is it helps exaggerate the
motion of your leg coming back to its ready position from behind you. A lot of times you’ll see sprinters and their
biggest issue is their leg trails off behind them, it takes a long time for them to get
their turnover back again. Lastly you have the major A which is an elongated
skip designed for you to maximize your stride length while still making sure that your feet
fall directly under your hip. Which is very, very important again? Over striding will have your foot land in
front of you can actually slow your speed down and result I injury. And those are 3 speed training drills for

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