2020 Product Launch Overview | SECO TOOLS

Hi everyone, my name is Tim Aydt, product
manager at Seco Tools in North America, and today I’m going to talk about new products
coming out for the 2020.1 product release from Seco Tools. You will see several new
products and innovations sure to help you in your manufacturing processes. One of the
new products for Seco Tools is a modular quick-change solution for small part machining, commonly
called Swiss machining. The new product features a very easy to use modular design. The accurate,
two-piece design allows for quick removal and installation of the head, allowing you
to index the insert outside of the machine. No more lost screws in the chip bed, less
machine downtime, and repeatable accuracy on the heads within five ten (thousandths)
of an inch. Just change the head and go. Next in line is the range addition of the JETI
ISO toolholders. These are external insert holders featuring an easy to use coolant-through
insert clamp. The new JETI system builds upon the already existing Jetstream and Jetstream
Duo tooling systems. The JETI version provides a coolant-through experience without the use
of external hoses that can sometimes interfere in the cutting process. The insert is clamped
and secured efficiently and the coolant-through offers improved chip control and tool life.
High-velocity aluminum machining is commonly found in the aerospace industry and used on
high-speed spindle machines. The new series from Niagara Cutter comes in two versions
for two types of applications and machine types. The other item is a range addition
to Seco’s already popular Aeromaster indexable series for aluminum machining. The new addition
features a smaller insert that allows for smaller diameters that are commonly needed
in this machining area. two solutions in a smaller diameter range for aluminum machining.
The solid carbide solution allows for very high metal removal rates, while the indexable
version delivers very good metal removal at a low cost per edge. Imagine our high-performance
Turbo Mill with four cutting edges. The Double Turbo Mill delivers on that performance along
with a double-sided insert. This solution offers a very high helix that lowers the cutting
forces, providing smooth cutting action and excellent surface finish. Versatility is the
main feature of the product, allowing for effective cutting in materials including steel,
cast iron, stainless steel, and high-temp materials. And the Double Turbo Mill is versatile
enough to perform a variety of functions from everyday facing and square shoulder milling
to plunge milling and even some light ramping. The round insert button cutters in both size
10mm and 16mm have received an upgrade that include the anti-rotation feature we see today
in our 12mm button cutter series. Anti-rotation prevents the insert from rotating in the insert
pocket due to demanding operations, ensuring you get excellent application security as
well as predictable tool life. another range addition and upgrade is the Universal solid
carbide drill for Seco Tools, which replaces the Niagara Universal drill. The new drill
features an all-new coating design that offers and increase in tool life by as much as 10%.
In addition, the new drill series includes an 8xD and a 12xD drill, which makes for a
complete range of solid drill products. Toolholders are another range of products receiving an
upgrade and a few new items to complement what is on the range today. The combimaster
series is getting several range additions in the M20 size to support the indexable milling
heads in 40mm and an inch and a half. Then there’s the upgrade for all shell mill holders
and side-lock end mill holders. New nomenclature descriptions will make it easier than ever
to identify what the product is and the new side-lock holders receive coolant-through
capability, which will direct coolant directly to the flutes of the tool. For more information
about these new products check out the Seco News 2020.1 page on secotools.com for support
on your metal cutting challenges contact your local Seco representative or reach out to
us on our website at secotools.com/contactus. As always, be sure to subscribe and hit that
bell if you’d like to stay up to date on the latest videos from Seco Tools. Thanks for

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