2019 Gold’s Gym Challenge – Transform Your Life In Just 12 Weeks

My name’s Priscilla Harris, I’m Paul Breitenbach, I’m David Le, I’m Jessica Wise, I’m Emily Chavez, and I won the Gold’s Gym Challenge. I joined the Gold’s Gym Challenge because
I knew that it was time for a change for me. After getting out of the military I saw my
weight start creeping up. Doctor told me he was worried I was going
to become a diabetic. The 12-Week Challenge was the, you know, the
thing that motivated me. I knew there was other people doing the Challenge
so we could all do the Challenge together. I had to take it. Not necessarily day by day, just hour by hour. Slowly but surely, I’m able to do more weight,
more reps. The 12-Week Challenge hasn’t ended for me. I want to be a better role model for my kids. Healthier foods, healthier lifestyle, fitness
can lead to being a better role model and better dad for them. My confidence is huge. I love clothes shopping now, I hated clothes
shopping before. I feel I look much better. My clothes fit better, I have better strength,
better endurance, better stamina, and overall am a much happier person completing the Challenge. To do this Challenge as a single parent seems
nearly impossible. To go to the gym every day, to work full time,
you don’t have to let those obstacles stop you from whatever your goals are. I lost over seven inches off my waist and
34 pounds. I have people all the time ask me what my
secret is and I tell them “Do the 12-Week Challenge at Gold’s Gym!” In 12 weeks, I lost 33 pounds, seven inches
off my waist, and 19% body fat. I never, ever thought I would be standing
here. That’s for sure. Now I know that with this Challenge that I
completed, I can complete anything if I just keep my mind to it.

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