19 Times When You Shouldn’t Pay for an Upgrade

Most people believe if they pay more for an
“upgraded” versions of some product, they get better quality as well. Unfortunately,
this rule doesn’t work every time. How about we figure out if there’s any need to pay more
for a faster Internet, extended warranty, or a big helping of French fries? Ooh, French
fries! 1. Sunscreen above SPF 50.
A popular myth is that the higher your sunscreen’s SPF is, the better it protects your skin.
Dermatologists, though, warn that bigger SPF numbers are more harmful to your skin. SPF
30 isn’t actually twice as strong as SPF 15, like many people think. SPF 15 blocks around
94% of UV rays, SPF 30 — 97%, and SPF 45 can block up to 98% of UV rays. 2. Opting for an extended warranty.
It does sound like a useful thing to have. But an extended warranty typically lasts for
three years. And experts say that today, appliances and gadgets rarely break down during this
period. Most of them also have their own warranty which lasts for at least one year. 3. Buying organic food.
Even though organic foods and beverages can scare away with a hefty price tag, it’s also
one of the reasons why people pay for them. Subconsciously, we consider more expensive
things to be better. And while it’s not always the case, some organic products can be 300%
more expensive than foods and drinks. To save money, buy only those organic products
that could otherwise contain a lot of pesticides, for example, strawberries, apples, grapes,
or spinach. As for those covered with skin, like bananas or avocados, you can safely buy
non-organic ones. 4. Buying only name-brands.
Spending a fortune on a pair of designer shoes or a costly handbag might be worth the money.
Buying a whole wardrobe consisting of name-brands is a different matter. Fashion experts recommend
mixing items from different price categories and investing in something high-end only if
you can wear it often and with different outfits. 5. Ordering express shipping.
Spending a couple of extra bucks to get your hands on your newest order as fast as possible
is tempting and seems like no big deal. But such little charges tend to add up very quickly.
Plus, the chances are regular shipping will be as fast as the express one. If you’re in
a real hurry to get something, consider buying it in a good old offline store. 6. Buying heavy, sturdy furniture.
Such things look like they’re going to serve you for ages, and they probably will! But
are you sure you’ll want them in a couple of years? Tastes change, you might want to
start a renovation, and then you’ll have an additional headache of trying to sell your
massive furniture. Even if you manage this challenging feat, you’ll get just a fraction
of the original cost. 7. Flying first class.
The average economy-class ticket is 7 times cheaper than the one in first class. Ask yourself
if the advantages of spending several hours of your time in a more comfortable seat are
really worth it. Unless it’s an ultra-long flight or you’ve used your frequent flyer
points for a seat upgrade, tough it out in the economy and spend extra money on a cool
hotel or shopping! Everybody in the plane gets there at the same time. 8. Ordering food delivery.
At first sight, it doesn’t cost much: just several bucks, and you can get your food without
getting out of your pajamas. But if you have hot meals brought to you at least several
times a week and pay a couple of dollars plus tips for each delivery, it makes up a hefty
sum at the end of the month! Consider making it a habit to order food delivery only when
it’s really necessary. 9. Buying self-charging robot vacuums.
Such robots are no doubt cool and popular and give you that amazing clean-home feeling.
But they’re also expensive and do tend to miss dirty spots. If you decide to resell
your robot vacuum, you aren’t going to get much for it. A traditional vacuum is much
more cost-efficient, even though you have to spend some time and effort to operate it. 10. Opting for a higher Internet speed.
Some Internet providers offer blazing-fast home Internet. But unless you’re a professional
online gamer, you don’t need such speeds, and paying extra for this service is a waste
of money. You won’t notice the difference anyway. 11. Paying for sheets with a high thread count.
How comfortable and durable a sheet is going to be DOES depend on its thread count. It
doesn’t mean, though, that the bigger the count is, the better. Experts say that the
best thread count is 200 to 600. If it’s higher than that, you’re paying not for better bedding
but for a marketing ploy. 12. Getting a high-end gym membership.
A spacious room with cutting-edge equipment and a central location — sounds too good
to be true! Well, you might be right about that: everything comes at a cost. And in this
case, it’s the membership price. If you don’t visit the gym regularly, choosing a luxury
one is just flushing money down the drain. 13. Using premium gas for your car.
If filling up your car’s tank with premium gas is your daily routine, here’s some news
for you. This kind of fuel does no good for your car. Experts claim that there are no
advantages in using premium gas: it doesn’t make your car run faster, there’s no fuel
economy, and it doesn’t affect the volume of emissions. Oh, and premium gas cost doesn’t
do any favors to your bank account. 14. Investing in “fine” jewelry.
Buying jewelry can be a great investment — but only when you buy natural emeralds, diamonds,
rubies, and other precious gems. Unfortunately, some jewelry might not be as valuable as you
think. For example, jewelry companies can use lab-grown diamonds that you won’t be able
to resell later. Such gems aren’t rare or really precious, and as soon as you leave
the store with your purchase, its value starts to drop.
But if you’re sure that you’re buying natural diamonds, go ahead! These precious stones
will only rise in price with time. 15. Getting unnecessary TV plans.
Tell me honestly, how many TV channels do you watch regularly? Now, do you really need
those hundreds of channels your TV plan includes? More and more people stop buying large cable
packages and stick to streaming. 16. Buying the latest smartphone.
When you see a brand-new beauty produced by a popular smartphone manufacturer, your own
phone starts to look plain and outdated. You can be tempted to get yourself the newest
gadget every half a year or so, but keep in mind that skipping an upgrade is a much wiser
move! At least that’s what all financial experts say. Remember that your phone has all the
features you need even if you miss some latest bells and whistles. 17. Getting a deluxe or unlimited data phone
plan. Network providers make it all too easy to
automatically pick a “deluxe” plan with additional features. But before falling for this alluring
idea, consider your current plan. If you’re satisfied with its terms, there’s no need
to pay more for a flashy name. The same goes for unlimited data plans. The
average person uses about 5 GB of data per month. There’s no need to pay for the traffic
you aren’t going to use. 18. Buying jumbo-sized French fries portions.
If you’re in doubt whether you should order a medium or a big helping, opt for the smaller
size. The difference in price looks tiny, that’s why you might think that you’ve got
yourself a good bargain by paying less for more food. But practice shows that a medium
portion of French fries usually contains almost as much crispy goodness as the big one — here
you go, money saved! 19. Drinking gourmet coffee.
In most cases, all the difference between coffee you make at home and coffee from a
new fancy coffee shop is in its price. Every time you order high-end coffee, remember that
it’s a marketing trap that can result in hundreds of wasted dollars per month and thousands
per year. Hey, like I always say, if you buck the trend,
you can save some bucks! Like that? Yeah sounds like a t Shirt….
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100 thoughts on “19 Times When You Shouldn’t Pay for an Upgrade

  1. 5GB is exactly how much I use a month 😀 If it sometimes ends I still got free 4G but is just slow. Which is still ok for chatting, only can't watch videos.

  2. Whoa. Octane does matter. If your car is of the higher performance ilk you will sacrifice performance or damage your engines internal parts. Use the one recommended by the Manufacturer.

  3. There are certain exceptions to extended warranties: the electronics store, The Source, in Canada has an extended warranty on their store-brand earbuds, Headrush, where for $5 extra on a 14.95 item (less when on sale), you can have unlimited replacements if they malfunction in the first year, and two replacements in the second. I think I have saved over $50 dollars over the years for replacements with this arrangement.

  4. I have a brand new 6.4 liter hemi in my ram power wagon, a 6.0 liter high outout LQ9 in my silverado SS and a 4.9 Liter FWD V8 in my Cadillac Eldorado. All 3 call for 93 octane from the manufacturer. Your saying I'm wasting my money…? Should I send you my mechanic's bill or voided warranty when my knock sensors kick in?

    I guess you assume all your viewers drive a camery.

  5. I'm happy with my current phone deal. Not bother for a deluxe deal. I'll always fly economy due to my budget. I do not order food delivery. I walk to my local shops to buy fruit, veg, meat and fish :). However, I will buy organic food despite the cost. Never trust chemicals and gmo. I was not born a guinea pig.

  6. Bright side: I disagree with the gas. My truck does run better and travel further with a higher octane. "I only do this 4 times a year". but i do see the difference.

  7. people use premium gasoline because their cars need premium gas to run well. He should be saying "If your car DOESN'T need premium gas don't pay for it." Also people pay for better coffee, because it tastes better.

  8. There's no way 5GB a month on average is right… Maybe back in like 2011 or whatever, but nowadays it's not uncommon for people to go over 50GBs a month.

  9. I have a robot vacuum and it doesn't miss any spots, it cleans better than most basic vacuum cleaners so…. Its worth the money

  10. I promise you on that flight to China first class gave you a literal capsule from those capsule hotels it would have been worth it

  11. Yeah well peasants my net speed is 150 mbs and I ain't kidding. Although I live in India
    1 gb downloads in about 2 minutes, video never buffers

  12. In today's market, you experience what the seller wants you to. They create different levels of their product so they can do the math themselves to squeeze the most profit out of you that they can. Usually out of people who are not good at math and believe what the seller says without doing any research. Plus companies are big into lying now, so unless you have an octane measuring device, chances are your paying extra for regular about half the time. Stop trusting the advertising. And stick to one gas station so that way, if you start knocking, you'll know who to blame. They will deny it of course and force you to pay for court.

  13. Higher octane gas is better for your car, in a regular car only put it in once every 10 fill ups. High end sports cars need it exclusively.

  14. 0:20 Vietnam oh! I did not expect my national flag to be uploaded by BRIGHT SIDE, on behalf of Vietnam I thank you very much! ♡
    Wishing the channel more and more success and development in the future!
    If you have the opportunity, friends from around the world to visit Vietnam will certainly not disappoint you, Vietnamese people are very hospitable and friendly, do not worry 😊😁

  15. 1% of cancer is still cancer. It comes down to what risk, value is perceived by the consumer. This video is so wasteful in its assumptions

  16. Um don't tell people not to buy premium gas…… tell them to read the owners manual and just use the one stated… SOME care DO need premium gas because of things like high compression engines etc.. the higher octane is needed otherwise there will be a lot of pre- detonation and pinging and cause damage. I watch a lot of these videos and i love them! but there are times where the info is wrong or lacking important details.

  17. First class may not be worth it, but business class is more reasonable for those with extreme height because even two hours cramped in tour seat like a pretzel can have lasting negative consequences. Or your just forced to stand.

  18. ehhhh I think I would rather pay the couple of cents extra to get the right fuel that's is pointed out in the vehicle manual that the manufacture recommends,over paying a couple hundred bucks for repairs. But hey that's just me more money in my pocket.

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