18000 Calorie Challenge – Cheat Day – Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

this is food porn !! good morning table ninja and welcome in new video!
Wednesday, August 8th at ten in the evening ok I admit that the situation lies with me
getting out of hand … last Sunday 10,000 calories last Thursday 14,000 calories then sunday big party with friends ..
grilled grill, pizza, sweets, alcohol !!! ok just stop it’s time to purify me!
I have to start following a style of healthy and balanced life! and that c ****
nothing .. I can not do it .. it’s stronger than me! and then guys welcome to another cheat day!
needless to say that to get back on track also this week ready for
destroy a bit of calories, I am in the gym practically all of them
morning! and for mornings I mean from 8 to 12 do not take me for crazy .. of course then in the afternoon I was relaxing but every night my shot is fired two hours, just to burn a bit of calories … ok! now you can call me crazy! then
with all this training and everything this cardio, I’ll never be able to get back on track for this cheat day? we’ll find out only with the … physical check !! via the usual tank top table ninja, I’m ready! and weight control! obviously usually on Wednesday 8th August 65.4 it is counting that I have gobbled up a lot of calories last week I can not complain about it either physical in weight! anyway before leaving with this glorious and high-calorie one day, the usual rules! 24 hours to go and taste some junk food this cheat day will start at midnight as usual and will last until the next midnight so table ninja two hours more
waiting, and I take the opportunity to go to take a good walk! you equip yourself with popcorn, chips or ice cream or whatever another thing to munch .. and see you later with the first meal of this cheat day! and here we are guys! in our kingdom!
finally these two hours of waiting are past! and finally the hour has arrived
destroy some calories! then ninja as the first meal of this cheat day I propose you .. ice cream at Mars, obviously recommended by you! fruit yogurt with smarties! baiocchi cookies from Mulino Bianco! kinder to the caramel! Kinder slice with milk, speedy pizza, some cereal since in mine I have not eaten the last two cheat days!
give me just a second to warm up these speedy pizza and my pizza speedy are ready to enter my tummy .. 00:15 away the tank top that is a hot beast! much better! and ninja we start because I have an absurd hunger and even we are 15 minutes late and I open this cheat day with this fabulous speedy pizza … very good guys !!! It’s from a lot that I did not eat it … here is speedy pizza I think I’m back baby, I remember that my mom was heating up one every day! how amazing my mom is! and even these speedy pizza! maybe I forgot to tell you that I have a nice cup of orange juice very good and refreshing! really good the speedy pizza guys! pity that there were only three ok I went with these kinder penguins to the caramel, because I remember that up so far I’ve only tried the normal ones and
the caramel ones must be awesome! here they are, kinder penguins with caramel very good! really good guys! better than normal ones can you see the caramel inside? this thing is really good! too good! now I would of course with these kinder slice milk, but these are five! here it is kinder slice milk also these I remember that they were very good, a lot that I do not eat …. and they remain very good! point and stop! the problem with these brioche is that it
you would eat 200 without feeling them! Oh yes they go down that is a pleasure … the last kinder slice with milk I know that one day I will do a challenge of just kinder! it must be a fantastic idea! ok having having bad experiences with the Ringo ice creams last week I would go mars ice creams, before they melt! they are seven and …. I’m a disaster! I’m already loose but that c **** I pulled them out two minutes ago! ok mars melted ice cream, I’m a mess! however, very good even if loose! do not worry I’ll lick all the cards so I’ll eat my calories! can you still see the caramel? do you see no? the last ice cream mars, let’s say I’m a bit unlucky with the ice creams intimately .. very good even if loose! let me just clean up the disaster a little .. I know that here is the time to rent a waiter! what do you say ninja? much better because I like that the table is in short, a little neat and I would go with this fruit with the smarties really curious to try it! obviously always lick the paper and here he is ninja very good! also because it’s banana!
as a child I always ate the fruit I remember I ate it! but really a lot I liked them so much! you know how much I love yogurt so … ok gone fruit, time to destroy some biscuits! these baiocchi are not there I’ve eaten a lot of time! indeed from
never because I’ve never tried them and me you suggested you ninja then curious to try them! of course with my milk! I have my super giant pan … this is food porn! here they are our baiocchi! proviamoli! really good guys! obviously with the milk dripping on the table, as always damn misery! amazing when I love the ninja cheat day … for those who do not know him inside there
chocolate away with the last baiocco delicious milk and biscuits, I love them! but
What’s better than milk and biscuits? obviously milk and cereals! and tonight let’s go with these Golden grahams these I still took him in uk not
I know if you find them here in Italy but already tried and I must say that the taste is
fantastic! you must try them! always if you find them! and the usual ninja food porn … and here they are our Golden grahams
these are really amazing! extraordinary, very good! feel the taste of honey, good! I missed the cereals, really ninja! oh yes my cereals my passion! explain why I’m so crazy for i
cereals … my passion indeed I would say my obsession! the last bite of cereal and the first meal is gone! 00:54 I already feel that carbohydrates are doing
effect came an absurd sleep, carb coma so table ninja I’m sending you a good night and see you tomorrow morning to continue this cheat day! good morning ninja! it’s 8:40 in the morning needless to say that I slept like one
child even if only for six hours because I had to put the alarm clock on like every morning of my cheat day cardio! wait what do you have behind your ear? thank you ninja! did you make me coffee? what kind! he really wanted us! good morning can be seen
just from the morning, a nice coffee, a nice day out sultry! and even today we run tomorrow they said! in August it is impossible to go running on the street!
so even today, cardio with mine beloved exercise bike! al fresco! and then ninja I finish enjoying this coffee I’m going to burn a bit of calories, two hours for me, two seconds for you and I’ll see you in the blink of an eye cardio gone! a good two hours of spinning and 1,320 calories burned! and I must say that I sweated one
bag as you can see from my shirt and rather, I want to show you how many liquids
I lost in these two hours of cardio here is that is my bike and how
you can see this is practically all sweat I think I lost a good three liters of water! let’s download some more sweat .. absurd! just to make you
to understand how many liquids accumulated with just one cheat meal! so how
always after my cardio I taste i my branched super amino acids
refreshing a true panacea! and we ninja see each other on our battlefield to continue this cheat day! and here we are ready for the second meal
of this fantastic day of food! So guys, what I propose for this
lunch? sofas findus by popular demand! fried crab claws this has been my idea, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten them! pate of tuna and tomatoes that of course I will eat with these delicious and bruschette al
tomato, cannelloni, ricotta and spinach obviously bought already made because
today I do not really want to put me in the kitchen, profiterol and this
jar of magnum vanilla ice cream! just give me time to cook these fluffy and these crab claws .. how come my magic does not work today? that’s why I forgot my cannelloni .. try again .. perfect now we are!
let me just order a little bit of everything the desserts here, pate and bruschetta here, claws, my sofficini and my cannelloni! What’s missing, what’s missing? You already know ninja! my coke zero very good especially the lemon taste! 12:39 I have my set of cutlery and guys we leave! and I would start with these beautiful cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach what about guys, even if ready, they are really really good! the last piece of cannelloni, I must say
that taste is really really good .. simple! good time to taste these beautiful crab claws I do not even eat them a lot of ninja time here it is that fried crab claw … good! have you ever noticed that giant biceps
who have crabs? these are muscular! how I love the fried! the last crab claw and even these go! time for the sofficini you have requested them in many and I’m really eager to eat them as always these are filled with mozzarella
and tomato as you can see amazing guys! you can see the spinning mozzarella
with tomato? mom ia guys .. food porn! the last sofficino Extraordinary! time to savor these
bruschette with tomato and I thought good to season with a bit of pate and tuna
dried tomatoes, nice idea no? here they are my bruschetta, my pate you have to drill it, it’s new, of course, well we’ll finish it so much .. here it is my special bruchettina, let’s try it! really good! this is a really amazing snack! try it guys! mom that good! the problem is just a ninja .. that I have already finished … and now I only have my bruschetta without pate which however are very good the same! el last bruschettina where I saved a bit of pate just for you very good to try! ok part salty gone and finally it’s time for some sweet but first I have to clean this mess I must say that I begin to be a little too rough at the table that you say ninja? always here to clean … I waste more time cleaning than eating! here is already more presentable! anyway I would go with this profiterol are 450 grams of profiterol here they are your profiterol are 8
let’s say I only ate them once in my life, I’m not a lover of profiterol to be honest but maybe we change my mind but why not embellish them with a bit of … cream? now you think ninja …. how about? much better! let’s try it! here it is I’m just a jerk! recovered! however one whole and instead I must say that it is really good! really chocolat! Here you can see the interior? filled with white chocolate and out of black chocolate what do you say ninja? I’m doing a little throat? oh yes we say that if you are now in the process of definition this will surely make you throat! and the last profiterol gone! and now I would go with this magnum White! here it is, in theory you have to crush it so that it breaks the chocolate above whenever! I had already tried it once and I think it is bullshit, this will never be broken! anyway, more than this we managed to save it, it did not defrost like the mars of this night good I have to say, it’s not bad, taste vanilla, white chocolate, inside there are pieces of white chocolate try it! not bad! the last piece of ice cream scale and even this went! at 13:14 the second meal is also brushed obviously it was really good as always! as even today I I feel super active and the gym closes in an hour, I was thinking I could go to do some squats and deadlifts there is not?
so guys I run to the gym and we’ll see you later for the third meal of this cheat day! gym gone ninja! and I also did a
nap and I must say that if it did not wake me up mum I would have slept until after tomorrow! my mother that sleep! anyway time for the third meal and then as a third meal I propose …
tomino cheese wrapped in bacon mozzarella in carriage, ice cream of maxibon, bars of gold ciok you have also recommended them to me and bread, do not ask me why but I have a craving for bread! well I just have to go and cook these mozzarella in the carriage and this tomino and obviously put these maxibons in the freezer because I do not want to find them defrosted! perfect there
we are! as always mine is missing .. bottled coca cola zero it is at 18:08 and I leave with
these mozzarella in the carriage! here they are ninja … very good! inside they are filled with mozzarella and cooked ham, amazing! really really good! really very filthy! the last piece of mozzarella in a carriage really good! I’m eight mini burgers, because I just wanted bread, good! let’s try it with this tomino fork, here it is! here our tomino with bacon! very good! really good! with bread even better! here is for cheese lovers
Tomino is really fantastic, amazing! really good! how many of you like cheese? comment below! and of course with the last piece ti tomino and the last mini Burger I could only create an amazing sandwich! the last piece of this fantastic sandwich gone! ok ninja time to taste these bars of gold ciok they are six fingers! here it is, gold bar ciok, let’s try it! good ninja! I’m not a big fan of gold, but good anyway! and the last gold bar ciok, can you see the inside? chocolate, they are slipping … here it is! I have all the hands melted, good anyway! ok time for these six maxibon, which will certainly be defrosted, now I’m used to it! yes .. they are already melted! here it is here it is maxibon, mini maxibon indeed a little melted! very good! even the maxibon was missing me! give it more to it unless it is saved! and go down that is a pleasure! really refreshing! since this is almost whole … it seems impossible! this is food porn! it’s the last mini ice cream maxibon! gone! it is 6:34 pm, even the third meal is gone now I’m going to take another nap, sorry ninja but today I sleep absurd! and we catch ourselves later with the last meal of this cheat day! and another cheat day has almost flown ninja! we are already at the last meal! in fact I am already
10 past, I spent the last hours in the afternoon to sleep, I slept
almost two hours so I feel nice rested, indeed I could even go for a walk but are missing two hours more at the conclusion of this cheat day so better to give us inside no? and then as a last meal of this cheat day guys let’s go with a few grilled lemon cookies you advised me the caramel ones
but since I already had the caramel-like kinder I already had a lot of chocolate for this cheat day, I thought well of take the lemon ones! always recommended by you these pancake stars mooncakes these crunches with spinach
findus because today I really want to fried! and look a bit at what I found ninja,
popcorn with caramel and peanuts! these must be amazing! let me just go to heat my crunches, ready! of course I will go to taste the savory with a bit of coca cola zero! as I go to taste the sweet side with a little tea! obviously! 10:43 am in my Reese’s super mug and I would start with these
Crispy stuffed with spinach from Findus! here they are ninja, however they are cod fillets, I forgot to say it! they’re burning ninja! but really good! and I would add that they are also healthy because I needed a little omega 3 no !? some good fats in this cheat day! stay here! wow I’m putting a life to eat them, maybe I heated a little too … they are really hot! the last piece of crunch, I would add
boiling! anyway, go! and finally we’re going to try these fantastic popcorn with caramel and peanuts! I’m really curious Mom already feels the smell of peanut butter! here they are boys, let’s try them! Brian, tell me! my mom, these guys are really amazing!
my mum I found my favorite snack! that is, can you see her !? this guys is the top of the top, it’s the top six snacks closed! try them! they go down like water! and the last bite obviously does not
waste nothing! very good! the best snack ever! good time for a bit of sweet and I would go with these grisbi lemon! they are 18 grisbi with lemon, let’s try them! delicious! with lemon cream inside, very good ninja! great suggestion! wait, I forgot the spoon, I’ll be right back, spoon! that then you dunk them in tea and they are even more amazing! here they are soaked in tea! perfect! I must say that cookies and tea, a winning combination! especially if they are lemon! and the last grisbi with lemon! and let’s finish this meal with these pancake stars mooncakes they look really good! really very good! stuffed with chocolate! amazing guys! to try! can you see it? It’s really cool! with chocolate inside! very good! and with the last piece of this mooncake I declare this cheat day ended! and even my tea is gone! it’s 11:11 and table ninja as always now I relax in front of the ever TV, I take a nap in fact I make a good sleep and we
see you tomorrow morning for weight control and physical control! goodnight ninja …. good morning table ninja! Friday, August 10, 9:25 am the day after my cheat day! first thing to do
physical check! off my tank top … ok maybe yesterday we exaggerated just a little! today I must say that I feel a bit
heavy! second thing to do, weight control! obviously always the usual day Friday
August 10 9:29 am 71.9 6.5 kgs anyway now I’m going to close at the gym and I’m going to burn these calories because by next week I have to be fit for another cheat day! and to think that just yesterday I said that I must start to lead a healthy and balanced life no, it’s not in my style! however ninja I hope you enjoyed this cheat day too a very important thing in this channel we are almost in 15,000 table ninja while in my instagram we are only in 3000 … as you can see! so ninja if you want to stay with me even during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public
start following me in instagram! find me with the name vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing! if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, do it immediately! click right here! table ninja it’s time to close the video, we obviously see each other there next week with a new video and in the meantime … STAY FIT! AND STAY HUNGRY !!!!!

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