16 Body Reactions Make You Feel Awkward But Amaze Scientists

Someone you like is about to talk to you? Oh no, you’re already blushing and about to
faint! Important interview? You can’t say a word without a hiccup or nervous
laughter! But maybe if you learn why this happens, you’ll
get yourself out of an awkward situation next time. Watch this. 1) Blushing
Blushing is natural and absolutely unique to humans. It happens when veins in your cheeks dilate
and give out this crimson color. Science has little to no idea why exactly
this happens, but it’s a reaction to any strong social attention, be it good or bad kind. Interestingly, people that easily blush are
usually more attractive – some suggest that it’s because red cheeks naturally associate
with physical health. So there is no reason to be shy because of
your rosy face! 2) Sun sneeze. Let’s say you want to spend some fun time
in the sun, then suddenly you start to sneeze, and everyone is too worried to let you out. Not cool, but absolutely natural. It’s called photic sneeze reflex and it possibly
(not 100%) happens because nerves that usually make you sneeze interact with the optical
nerve that gets kinda overwhelmed by the strong sensation of bright light. Good enough explanation to calm down your
close ones and let you enjoy the sunny day. 3) Trembling from cold. Opposite situation: you really want to go
out and play in the snow on a bright winter day, but your body shivers uncontrollably
and your friends insist on going inside. Bummer. Next time, explain to them that you tremble
because your muscles quickly contract to make you warmer — just like rubbing your palms
together. Your body prepares for cold weather, it’s
not already freezing! And some people are just more prone to shivering
than others. 4) Laziness. It turns out you don’t want to clean your
room not because of your lazy personality or even bad habits. It’s a defense reaction of your psyche – a
complex reflex that you can’t overrun. It tries to protect you from a stressful situation
of being too busy and eventually overwhelmed by stuff to do. But you still have this stuff, so don’t rely
on this fact too much, no one will actually believe you even if it’s true. 5) Procrastination. You’re not just getting absent-minded for
nothing, it’s also a proper reaction of your mind. It just wants to restart and provoke you to
be more creative by looking into some other things than the one you obviously don’t want
to do. It also accounts for all those times you immediately
forgot what you wanted to do a second ago. It’s just that the reset button of your brain
works like that. 6) Twitchy eye. If your eye starts to twitch suddenly, first
of all, is that the third cup of coffee you’re having today? In most cases, this happens when you’re a
bit too generous on stimulating stuff, and coffee or really strong tea are great examples
of that. Another possible reason is stress or a lack
of activity, beware of that. The twitch itself is harmless, but it’s here
to tell you that you need more rest and less coffee. 7) Cold hands. Some people judge others by their handshake
even before an important interview starts. It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is. In reality, we can’t control it if our hands
turn stone cold – your whole body prepares for a critical situation. It prevents blood from going to your skin
so more of it goes to vital organs and muscles. In other words, your body wants you to run
from that interview, and you need warm legs more than hands for that. 8) Wet handshake. Especially nasty in a combination with cold
hands, and unfortunately, they come hand in hand. Sweating, in general, cools down your body,
preparing you for intense action. Your body simply can’t get the difference
between having a serious conversation and running away from a predator. But your hands will sweat first because slightly
wet palms have a better grip. It doesn’t help with handshakes though. 9) Jelly legs. They either feel weak or too heavy – in
any case, you can’t move and can’t help but feel awkward when you’re stressed out or frightened. The reason is in the same ‘fight or flight’
reaction, but some situations can’t be avoided and your body makes the decision for you. Like the“maybe if I ignore it, it will go
away” type of thing. 10) Becoming speechless or too chatty. The person in front of you is the most beautiful
human being you’ve ever seen, but the best you can do is just mumbling or a stream of
consciousness that’s clearly not showing your bright side. The secret is within you. For some people talking is a powerful stress
reliever, while others prefer to keep to themselves, creating a barrier. It takes some skill to collect yourself, but
it’s possible – everything you need is to go against your own comfort zone. 11) Yawning. [show picture of Yanni] No, not
Yanni, the singer – YAWNING! This one reflex is really special because
it not only originates from sleepiness but also is quite contagious. Yeah I can actually make my dog yawn. Yawning pushes blood to your brain, urging
it to wake up and remain active. It also stretches your lungs and muscles to
relieve stress and allow more oxygen to get to your body. It’s contagious because through yawning we
make other people sleepy too, signaling them that it’s time to get some rest. All social animals behave the same as a way
to synchronize a sleeping schedule. 12) Hiccups. Even if you talk gibberish uncontrollably
it won’t sound as silly as this sudden ‘hic!’ interrupting every word you say. It may start not only from overeating but
out of stress too. Hiccups are spasms of your diaphragm, it lets
air into your lungs, but your vocal cords suddenly shut up resulting in this annoying
sound. Good thing, it’s easy to distract your brain
from hiccups by altering a sense of taste for example – a pinch of sugar on your tongue
can do the trick. Here’s what works for me every time. At the moment I hiccup, I immediately try
my hardest to hiccup again! Really work your breathing to deliberately
make one happen. Continue to do this for every hiccup until
it stops. It’ll confuse and stop the spasm. Normally it takes me less than 3 hiccups to
end them. Let me know how it works for you down in the
comments. 13) Running water makes a ‘nature’s call’. Awkward, yes, but natural as well. We are too used to sounds we make when we
hurry to occupy the bathroom. Any reminder evokes this memory in our mind
and jump-starts the process. There is no greater force than the force of
familiarity, as they say. 14) Stress laughter and giggles. Even if you risk meeting an angry ‘What’s
so funny?’ in a difficult situation, sometimes you just can’t help it. The key to this reaction is in the intensity
of emotion we experience. No matter if this emotion is positive or negative,
sometimes it gets so powerful that we become overwhelmed and can’t appropriately react
to the situation. Laughter is an emotional discharge that helps
relieve stress and regulate the state of mind. 15) Stomach growls. At first glance, you have no control over
it and your stomach has no way to keep sounds to itself so it may get noticed in the most
inappropriate situation. Your stomach growls when it jumpstarts a digestive
process even though you didn’t eat anything recently. Take it as a signal to go munch on something! Yet, even a glass of water can help – it
will fill your belly until you have a chance to eat something proper. 16) Craving sweets. Ah, we’ve saved the best for last! If you can’t stop eating chocolate when stressed
out, you should know that it’s the way your brain tells you that it’s hungry. The brain is a greedy little powerhouse. Being only 2% of total body mass it grabs
20% of all consumed energy even when it rests. Give it some stress, and it will crave for
a lot more, and the main fuel for it is sugar. For example, people getting ready to give
a public speech subconsciously choose to eat more sweet food than others. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. In my village everyone knows that..during hiccups all you have to do is remember somebody who you think might have remembered you..then the hiccup goes away immediately.
    I don't know the science behind this but it works.
    Coz we believe hiccups is the natural notification to tell you someone is remembering you and it's your time to remember her or him.

  2. My hands and feets cant stop sweating when i play any hardcore game,when the sweating starts it will never stop only if i take a shower 😓

  3. And what about ITCHINESS???
    Seriously, sometimes when i get anxious or nervous or stressed my whole body begins to itch, me neck, my back….
    And i don't know why. Can you explain???

  4. 6:30 bright side took what i always do when i get hiccups copy one
    btw it only takes me once
    i can imitate almost any sensor

  5. I have cold hands and feet even in summer, i get jelly legs, i blush , i sneeze in the sun, im lazy, who doesn't yawn ,get hiccups , or get stomach growls when hungry tho.

  6. Love all your videos I'm a young YouTuber and you inspire me to start my channel please I'm practicing you help me grow give me a thumbs up and hit the Subscribe button thank you you're the best keep up the good work👏👏👏👏👏👍👍

  7. “Don’t lie who’s not in full screen❤️”

    (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴡ/ ɴᴏᴛɪs)🙏

  8. Hi please listen me

    I am from India, so I do not understand your language, so write the same thing vaguely below the video so that we can also understand okay

  9. Example 10: My late father used to say that “it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, rather than open it and prove it beyond all doubt”. Note to self!

  10. Everybody: shuts up in front of their crush
    Me: wants to never stop talking so I can show my non introvert side ( at least I hope I have a non introvert one)

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