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payable I’m coach Kozak capacitive and this is my 15 minutes senior workout this is a great routine for seniors because safe low-impact routine and we’re going to do a nice mixture of both strength training and get your heart rate up all at the same time the only equipment that’s needed for this routine is a chair and then either a pair of light dumbbells or as you’ll see I’m using a couple of water bottles I’m going to do this entire workout with you be their motivation and push it through all right let’s get started all right let’s get it started as you see I am a couple of water bottles here that’s what I’m going to use but if you’d like feel free to use a couple of two to three pound dumbbells alright so the first thing we’re going to do is a combination we’re going to do vocal arrays plus a calf raise at the same time so you coming up evolved in your feet and bring your arms up until they’re parallel to the ground everything we’re doing today make sure you breathe throughout and during this movement make sure y’all whip out of those balls the feet nice and full and keep your balance maybe give you a side very good make sure to keep on breathing get as many of these in with can the time frame just a couple more and three two one nice next we’re going to march in place depending on your fitness level you can keep your water bottles or your dumbbells in your hands or you can set up a prism where your opposite leg and opposite arms come up at the same time keep those elbows bent and try your best to get your knees up nice and out now it’s totally okay if you can’t get your knees up quite as high as I am just do your best never time and come back and do this workout you’ll get a little bit better there it is making sure to work at your own pace don’t try to keep up with me today just do your best it should be a little bit better today than you were yesterday and three two one good that’s going to go ahead grab our chair we’re going to single arm so we only need one water bottle a single arm row little weight here but one on supporting us on the chair we’re going to pull back anytime we do any type of row I want to get pretend like some it’s pulling back at your elbow so you’re not pulling at your hand but you’re pulling back with your L very good keep it up and halfway through we’re going to switch and do the opposite sides five more seconds on this side and three two one good enough switch at other side now keep it up your back nice and straight and I want you back slouch back straight and we’re pulling back with that elbow good keep it nice little bend in your knees while you do this one weight back from your hips you might even feel a little burning your legs while you do this one that’s totally okay good make sure you’re breathing just ten more seconds pull back on that elbow five four three two one good I’m going to move my chair out of the way we actually don’t need our bottle bottle to Dumbo listen so I’m going to set those down now we’re going to go side to side just a little foot movement side to side caps this is going to help us keep our heart rate up in between our strength exercises side to side nice and light on the balls of your feet good job well thank you for joining me today to make sure that you not only exercising make sure that you have that diet in order to you can go ahead and check out a skits website wherever we do have free meal plans make sure you have a whole package side to side lighting on those balls the feet when we have 10 more seconds moving at your own pace almost like you’re dancing here and five four three two one good let’s go ahead and pick up our hand weights bring our feet shoulder width apart for this next one we’re going to add a little bit of our knees to start we’re going to keep the whole time now we’re going to pick our luck back as you bend over watch how I keep my back straight don’t slouch back straight my head up we’re going to go down ideally to mention you can’t get this far that’s okay just hit as long as you can and then the forward second part is a shrug we’re just going to lift up on our tracks bring our shoulders up and back down so that’s one rep so he sholde apart stretch it up up back mention buck forward trunk again side but back but for shrub we’re going to repeat this one this is a great one for lower back strength for strengthen your hamstrings and buff your whole backside as many of these in as you can work at your own pace you’ll feel stretch in your blood hamstrings and in your back legs and do this one and that is on purpose ten more seconds keep it up make sure you that shrug every time going to shoulders straight up and three two one good then go ahead and set up a new account click next one we’re going to do a highly pull down we’re going to start out reaching up nice and high we’re going to pull down we’re going to bring our knee up at the same time so reach back up hold down the up hands back up alternating sides is another great one we’re using to get our heart rate up this is one of the tougher ones today hands are up reach and pull down make sure you flex those abs every time trap those ads as we pull down and again if you can’t quite get your knee is highlighted that’s totally ok just do your best now three two one zero next we’re going to do what’s called a wall pushup it’s an easier version of a push-up we’re gonna have our hands shoulder-width apart on the wall we’re going to bring our upper body to the wall to our elbows into a ninety degree angle and then we’re going to push back and I don’t want you to reach your face towards the wall instead good posture and reach your chest not on this one The Closer my feet are to the wall the easier it will be and the further back the harder will be we’re going to begin make sure to breathe so depending on your fitness level is going to dictate how far or how close your feet are to the wall good work you’ll see I’m on the balls of my feet on this one so a little further back lift your little closer your feet thump you flat do it up just a few more seconds of this one and five four three two and one excellent work the next one we’re going to do we get the chair we’re going to do a squat but we’re going to use the chair to help us out so from the back image here we’re going to have our feet shoulder-width apart and keep our head stop the whole time the best we can so anytime we swap most important thing is to put our weight back on our hips so we’re going to break here first but goes back but back and now that we invented the knee now ideally in a perfect world we’re getting down here until we’re parallel but depending on your strength right now you might only be able to get to here but that’s okay everybody has to start somewhere so the perfect world we’re getting all the way down here but everybody has to start somewhere so you might only get a quarter squat right now but no matter what your fitness level is today I think make sure that you’re digging your way back in your hips then I’m going to keep our knees nice and safe excellent work again as many of these as we can and keep a good posture don’t keep them and over as we do it keep your head up feel that app side stretching again on this one and three two one zero good all right let’s go move that chair out of the way next moving on to it side to side punch out so we’re going to have our hands and our feet shoulder-width apart answer her chin we’re going to punch side to side and twist at the same time this is a great one for our core or abs and for the flexibility in our core as well so we’re punching side to side but we’re not just fungus that is how their arms but notice how I’m actually twisting every time good good nice twist in not every rep and as always we are breathing throughout the movie kind of doing great keep it up I’m proud of you for working today just get in here’s a lot of times is the hardest part keep it up side to side and 5 4 3 2 1 0 yes let’s go and grab those hand weights we’re going to do another combination this is going to be a colonel plus a press so we’re going to start with feet shoulder width apart shoulders are square good posture stand up our palms are up we’re going to curl and then we’re going to press it overhead when we press overhead we’re actually going to twist our hands so we finished with our palms forward so I did I do that and I’m going to reverse the movement so it’s one two three four one two three four good job keep it up you’re doing this movement for another 30 seconds guys are doing great I never told you this was going to be easy but I promise it’ll be worth it once those day-to-day tasks that you do start with knees here just moving around you’ll be more motivated and I know your doctor will like it too keep it up come on guys are doing great we only have 10 more seconds of this one remember to work at your own pace we’ve got five four three two 1 & 0 that’s halfway done only number 7 and a half minutes ago okay so we managed with all the exercises one time we’re going to go through them all one more round starting from the beginning there are animates we’re going to do a calf raise plus the shoulder raise it is getting nice and high Falls the feet keep your balance try to go straight up and not forward because then you’re going to lose your balance excellent work nice and controllable movements if you’re having trouble with your balance on this one that’s okay you’ll get better every time and do it and it really does help me find a spot for your eyes to focus on and three two one good next we’re going to march in place as I said before you’ll have to use your hand weights on this one depending on your level fitness you may want to set them down to the margin toast just set your legs down gently really quietly are you doing this one nice and control you don’t want to sound them to hurt a buffalo on this one nice work keep those a little spin we’re doing with this one for 15 more seconds doing great keep it up more than halfway done think about how great you’re going to feel when this is all over think about all accomplished you’re going to feel 3 2 1 go need to cheer for the next one and you won handily so let’s go ahead put our weight down on our buck grab the top of the chair for support and we’re going to do the rows on your side pulling back on that elbow if as many rows in as we can and 30-second time frame good don’t forget to breathe and keep that back straight while you do it excellent work should we get that heart rate up by now maybe a little sweat going it feels good like I says if you leave even better when we’re all done you proud of yourself of being here today and halfway through let’s go ahead and switch pulling back on that up nice work keep it up again get as many pools in as you can we’re not in a race this isn’t a competition we’re just training to feel better better quality life let’s go remember while we’re here something brought me here today stay motivated and stay focused up three two one brick excellent work so now we can go ahead they’re an amazing cheer to the side for the next one we’re going to get our heart rate up get side to side movement you should keep a little bend in your knees on this one and light tap side to side there it is good job move with a little rhythm and as always don’t forget to breathe very important on high school ready we’re getting hold of breath during this but we’re going to mix it a lot more difficult out oxygen there it is come on side to side keeping it up five four three two one excellent work let’s go ahead and grab and weeds again listen next one can be one of the more difficult ones a move is just a little complicated we’re doing that RDL puff shrug so if you struggle with the park your back straight pressing back on our hips going stretch on the back side and then we’re going to bring our hips forward and shrug so it’s like pushing her but back then we found the bottom it’s like somebody pushed our buck forward and then it shrugs straight up with shoulders back up for and shrub excellent work this is a great one to strengthen that back sighs we don’t throw our back out we’re picking stuff up excellent work and just a few more and five four three two one zero excellent you can set these down now get our heart rate up yet again reach up high and pull down Heidi pull downs side to side and you can see I’m moving in a pretty decent pace but remember look in the mirror that’s your only competition you’re only competing with yourself come back and do this routine once you get a little bit better every time excellent work it’s not about being perfect it’s about progress get a little bit better today than we were yesterday good job keep it up get that knee as high as you can reach it up nice and high every time I know it’s probably starting to burn a little bit that’s okay that’s on purpose that’s how we know it’s working and three two one excellent next we’re going to move on to the wall pushup remember on the wall push-up for the mcafee out of hardness those are the wall easier it is a Garmsir catching on fire now maybe much not Mugabe’s so far away from the wall push yourself go ahead further way totally up to you we’re here we’re working at our own pace remember it doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving as we’re still laughing everybody that’s sitting on a couch excellent work you already got through the hard part today is the hard part just hit that play button and getting started that’s the hard part is getting your butt up out of the chair good job keep it up don’t forget to breathe and three two one and 0s next we’re going to need that chair these squats with the chair back in the chair for support so keeping our feet shoulder-width apart head up chest up butt goes back first we’re going to sit back feel that stretch in the back side and back up again you might not be able to get quite as deep as I am but that’s okay you’ll get a little bit better and every time you come back with your feet this routine add chest up I get as many as you can in the next 15 seconds number two all you’re going is to hear that’s totally okay but every time you come back yourself good job at three two and last one excellent we’re going to move this chair out of the way we’re all done with this for the day move it on to the side to side punch out there feet shoulder-width apart a little bit above this is fun that’s going to add those hands on her chin and we’re going to punch side to side if you twist in our core every time and we’re grieve by sitting back on this one so you have to wait my foot I’m getting working those legs all at the same time so those legs are hurt and that’s not purpose not imagining things I am doing that to you on purpose but I promise you if I love nothing I don’t like it because I want you to be successful here we go keep it up and almost there and five four three two one zero only one more to go let’s go to grab those hand weights one last time and we’re going to do the curl plus the Arnold press curl plus press and back down palms are up one two three four one two three four you got it this is it for the a thinka how far you’ve come and we don’t have much left to go almost sick we see that finish line in the distance keep it moving don’t give up now we’re almost there there it is come on keep it up when we have another ten seconds left keep pushing yourself try to press them all the way up top and five four three two one zero excellent work you made thank you for joining me today I’m proud of you you should be proud of yourselves for finishing this workout come back repeat this workout often and you’ll get a little better every time if you did enjoy this workout make sure you check out Aspen’s website where we have hundreds of additional free workouts including many more senior low-impact routines also check out our free meal plans either lose or gain weight as well as our complete thirty to ninety day fitness program please do me a major favor and subscribe to our youtube channel like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the best day of motivation while you’re at stop by our store because a t-shirt or a poster whatever things to help you stay motivated and keep you on track I’m coach Kozak Tim has been and I’ll see you at your next workout

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