15 Day Challenge – Workout 8

records we have a shoulder and chest
workout for you today democratic some new moves it’ll be a lot
of fun so grab your way to your lighters that if you have a game we’re going to
start with overhead flies to the way there in the upper I had pump casing and
restart cared k I’m gonna bring it down to a little bit shoulder height and then
back and together we’re doing this for eight reps ready here we go down and so
anytime you’re doing overhead move you can hear some of your feet kinda
like I am for your feet shoulder width apart kinda like a good I’ll post a nice
and soft bring him down a little higher than their shoulders and then about her
head again good laptop I’m ok with our rescue were
gonna kind of the opposite side down below for new Palm that lateral raises
ok so from here we’re gonna go to where we stopped for eight starting now here
we go so I know Act one and our next one are all getting the front of our
shoulders and terror that goes across the friend good until your elbows are in line with
your shoulders now we’re going to put those to move
together and we’re going to snow angels to palms are facing out in front of your
thighs and here we go up and around we’re going to 12 low here ok you’re going to hit a spot
right about right about there ok where you wanna make sure you keep it nice and
controls case to keep its slow and controlled it’s also kind of a little
sticky spot when you’re going out to the top 20 make sure you push through right
there goodbye yeah he was still at home when
you get about my with your shoulders you can really push through good three how are your shoulders are you
human good keep on black and silver oversupply
the same knife black back bending forward and here we go out but go for 12
years but there’s 40 on these you five make
sure hand in mine with your shoulders ok they’re coming straight out your
shoulders work in the back of your shoulders pensioners shoulder blade back
in together and we could you should be doing this right here got two more perfect ok cardio this is
gonna be really fun ok so exciting go ahead I’m gonna walk you through it
okay arm down walk those hand out into plain
champion dump it up back down jump your feet out and now Walker
him back in here goes up for a minute I want you to go as low as you need to do ok get my time are ready and go little
baby steps walking out to playing pop you’re feeling jumped out popped it back
and good in here will be you don’t have to the
Burpee part ok where I want you to do it is too hard to take it down a notch I
want you to just walk it out to playing and just hold it there for three cam
came up at the berkeley out the times they can see that Walker hands out a
hold for 321 then walked back and get out to modification we’ve got twenty
seconds flat good if you’re doing and jump up and I you
can there we have 5 seconds and you don’t have to finish the Burpee
I’m just gonna come back I’m going to be more time and here we go out and back up in
together good here here for half way through but keep going
keep attention don’t go too fast and one more job because of the way to come down
to palm lateral raises kinda like the opposite ready here we go good tomorrow my gosh my shoulders are
burning last one good ok we’ve got snow angel 18 fifth time ok I’m freaking out
and here we go up and around good don’t go to fact keep it low and controlled
especially through those sticky points right there good pushed through those tickets bought and
don’t let it come down to and push it through uncontrolled good got one more way out
and back down perfect thanks overfly before 12 this
time you guys I want you to put your palms facing you’re like ok we’re
keeping up the whole time writing and here we go when your hands are facing your leg like
Best Buy slip backward ultimately more like that kind of takes you back out of
it a little bit yeah it makes it a little harder to huh good we’re gonna really I played the
back of your show perfect three to and last one good drop Josue move out of
the way our one minute of the walkout walk out for these rivers walkout
whatever you want to call and go a little baby stopped walking and jumping
up and down my back and finish by bringing your way up could be seen on this guy is gonna hold
out about to recount little baby steps forward and hang John
prepared you can we love perfume right halfway through block tote and then I
know your shoulder tired you probably be on the shoulders every little step right
kale and every little time you move your hand 15 seconds good you’re almost there 432 and that is your minute nice job up
here we have another circuit please grab a quick drink and come right back on their site push-up you guys are
heading to come down toward the floor show more time they’re good then you and
I just back to playing and another push up we’re doing that combo gonna go ten
ok so go ahead all get down position good ready to go back for nice and tight
and here we go one push up bra compete in a little bit into pipe good act like
push up so I want the top of your head coming down to the floor so it’s a
shoulder Mo Kaya simulating an overhead press right overhead press your way
through here and you’re pushing them up overhead hey whats up you’re pushing
your head away from the floor good push up off your shoulders in addition
to your chest K through a kind of getting a cold shoulder to shoulder
joint and this combo good to know now I’m or betray your number ten and and
good glad commend your knees shake it out for him to play grounders but I want
to take about 15 second break when you’re in playing on our elbows and then
we come up into our hands a teacher Kaitlin she’s so tough game playing and
there you go yep that’s good you should start another
left three good keep a core nice and tight you gotta try to keep a straight
line your shoulders down to your toes to your modification here is to come to
your needs armies ok you can totally do that if you
need to and ready sweatshirt right side good afternoon to shoulder still if you
make it a little easier you can put your hand out in front of your face a little
bit and I’ll make it a little easier good one can grab one wait overhead tricep extension right that in
those pushups I feel a time for faith they were gonna
come over down the stretch gave me and then back out to a ride here and back up
for going to go twelve on each side and here we go across the forehead and
sticky here you got it elbow he’s right next to your faith hey
when I don’t want you to do is bring it out here all right now what I’m doing a
kind of exaggerated hey Caitlin doing is right now she is straight up going on a
really nicely packed right so far and I’m good tired arm up and here we go there sometimes I
actually do you get when I want to really isolate a month ago and really
focus on it good touch so kind of put this armed
with the right kind of helps me focus on that and increase that mind muscle
connection to think about the muscle but you’re trying to target and we’ve and
stretch good to mark he goes way beyond our country and wear them 291 push-up
repeated for a minute ok you can do to pacify me that we need to pay you might
I’m ready and go 10987 good 43212 the floor one push up and go perfect and I want to focus on
getting those who need them up there for this lack tact ok get appetite you can
keep your court nice and tight good and push up all those calories the right
care you have not come away with your needs and down her top 10 finish with
these 10 hymie the movie finished 3789 and you buy that will cost them grab a
quick drink and they come right back shoulder workout tomorrow to push push
push push up combo are you ready for this and here we go push up now just your feet into Pike
good push up when you may want to just kind of walked the
beach in a little bit to get your invite deeper Pike so the deeper the beef
deeper your pay the harder it’s gonna be okay pushups a little too hard you can say in
that playing great bear just kind of your hips up a little bit good react for more of the top of the head down to
the floor I can seek it was shown as a kind of
shaking a little bit to modify and drop to your knees for the regular pushups
you can do that could take shape about twenty second break are playing the same
muscles hey York or two when you’re taking a little break and jump right
back into it you’re ready each side agreements with our left arm
and here we go good three key back or nice and tight
you guys good straight-line commercial there’s all the way down to your toes
when the modification here to drop to your knees if you need to go and see
which side and hand elbow elbow right left right left almost there now i won artifact good job guys you’ve got too
much red deer to the overhead tricep extensions single are ok and fury before
12 each time make sure that all the things right close to your face when you
get up and stretch good good read good and really keep that focus on your tries to
touch your muscle you can 32 job you guys he’s got a tiny you push
up combo for a minute he was ready for this hey we are hiring one push up ready here
we go and good and backup Brady running down ok see you back

8 thoughts on “15 Day Challenge – Workout 8

  1. OMG I did them both back to back(day 8 and day 9) and I didn't die. I'm out of breath though!!! now on to the 1.5 mile run just to break a serious sweat. I've got a lot to make up for. Good luck everyone on ur journey!!!

  2. Girl!!!! This killed my arms!! But I love it!!πŸ’“πŸ’“ Thank you for sharing these workouts!!πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

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