15 Day Challenge – Workout 4

alright you guys hopefully your upper
bodies are not sore anymore from day one because we’re in a worker providing
again ok we’re gonna start with forty five-degree rose I want you to grab some
way we’re gonna be doing twelve of these and these are little bit different than
what we’ve done before ok so 45 degrees this means they can be bent over came
and your elbows are going to come out 45 degrees halfway between here and here ok what I mean you’re a road bike back
ok we’re ready for 12 came back from Planet Ben forward and here we go for 12
so elbows they’re not here by your side came they’re not appear in with your
shoulders top way between alright the great kind of a row to take your laptop
with a bit better you’re allowed to the big muscles which taught me how to go
back to squeeze them even produced account the top ok just squeeze right
there good back down sweets give us one alright guys stopping to
meet at I’m serious driving again push up right now here we go and 10 I want the Hulu but I’m a quick
side okay you can go on me but you need to remember when I said before I want
you to always try starting at least one on your toes good alright he was working
to actually pay down the horrendous some renegade rows so go ahead and grab your
weight and we are going to be in a playing ok right here and they believe
an alternate growing up towards your way with a chance ok we’re doing 12 each
side pay and here we go so what I want you to try not to do I
want you tried not to rotate your body too much we betray ok you see how her
shoulders state basement around most of it i’m ok it’s ok you are too little bit
I want to try not to overly rotate good I feel like a good try and keep your
hips in line with your shoulders down to your toes to keep that core nice and
strong good for the heart are you guys at home breathe with your reps ok 87 and without coming up I want you to take
a shower K coming up to them quick right here we go
123456789 and by and check out of arms I’m gonna show you around for a little
cardio bursts ok we’re going to to push up everything on the floor to spot for
us while we should require presidential a quick beer and playing you’re just
basically in a hop your feet in and out as Coast your hands you can just hang
ten climbers ok we’re gonna do that for one amendment alright okay okay ready
that’s on the floor and are you still there to push up to squat press 10
mountain climber needs like a minute ready and here we go to push up two
spots and fibres 123 good people on 89 can at 2.25% good and we are halfway there going to put wide and said she was gonna
turn out all day with me okay we’ve got like 10 seconds flat ok 2012 Summer done right here one and
two there in here many sides and nice job that was our first editor get one grab a quick drink and we’re going to
repeat that 45 if they felt ok here we go remember those elbows are halfway
between by your side and straight out from her shoulders here’s a way make sure you’re squeezing
your back ok we right here and squeezed iraq good and last one alright 10 Picasa brady Poppinga 10 and
here we go 3456789 perfect k grab those weight by
renegade row we’re gonna stay down here on the ground here right away part of
care and we’re gonna do 12 ok ready and here we are by your way good jus should be feeling the core of
what you thought your core Caitlin I mean you’re working your back while
rowing ok but throughout this whole first circuits were really working hard
core CPU core nice and tight and to push up and in these renegade rows in our
spot price mountain climbers everything so when I think if your court site where
I mean it visualizations and I like to use its
think about pretending that the strings attached to your belly button and it may
just pulling United tight right here that poor nice and tight and you’re just
taking it up good laughs when are right temperature ready Nathan quick and here we go 10 987654321 floor heading to shake out your arms
take a quick rest we’ve got our cardio for a minute to push ups 2 spot right
amount member that yeah wasn’t too long ago we didn’t time ok all right and go
to push up to 12 to swap shop athena is close to your hands you can go to you
guys modification on me ok pushups can be
down your needs totally fine case watch it this far
faster too hard you can’t job all the way in towards your hands just jump as
close as you can ok even if thats just one foot in and out came out you can
just go slow all right you can even just kind of
happened here and just throw it down like that ok all right we’re almost there and 32 and you guys are done with
circuit we have another one for you about to go grab a drink drink drink and
come right back ok in a minute now we’re gonna hit shoulders ok we’re
going to start with and everett hoping and quote right here we’re going for a
PhD that shoulder has three head all right we’ve got our rear doubt which is
this muscle right care in the back our media which goes across the top and then
our front door interior which come along the front came through and hit all three
right now good standout hey just normal should
have a nice little bit of a bending your elbows and come up to a tee and back
down we’re going for 10 aviv’s you don’t go too fast and I want you to give a
little bit off the tops a little bit of screens and now good we and down so I don’t want to talk
about it we don’t want to do that alright you wonder what that does bad
but the lot of pressure on your trap and also it’s not good for our budget just
keep your elbows Matthew Fox box wine and down into overhead track ok sam with your feet either together or
staggered a little weight throw up and here we go ahead this is working your
media and your crime editor that dealt with another WordPress shoulders deltoid
good writeup overhead I want you to let those who wait to come down until your
elbow threw a little bit lower than yours okay and then back black one
shoulder here if you can hold on you’re going to enter now here we go three and
out in four 10036 her shoulders and the last one right
here good you guys ok now we’re going to
really target the front end of our shoulder I’m her hand from raises elbows
are soft again came and went to sleep that strip in front for ten years ago
when you’re doing this you that your elbows you want to stop on your elbows
or am i met your shoulder turn the fact they can see how higher but okay so
you’re way too good to kind of be even with your eyes your forehead and elbows
are in line with your shoulders but Mr and could you drop those wait we’ve got
our cardio circuit we’re going to 54 to think a first step is five dot drill
fifteen seconds to make like a number five on the diet speaker part together
apart from being forward and backward and here we got fifteen seconds good
travel as far as you can see me big job here if you can’t jump like if I want
you to do jumping jacks just tap out to the site for the modification good and Chinese ready go modification behind his back ok clashed and switch to side-by-side hop good jumping and tapping behind your car if
you can’t go for that before I kaelin doing that great commodification will be
you can pick up a little bit higher and just hot and tap you don’t have to
probably on the floor Kaif 32 you and why my job you guys grab a quick drink a
60 second break and then open it really good a start and here we go for
1000 shoulder by cracking together keep reading goodnight back more and when we’re right there that little shoulder holds kind of shake
it out ready and here we go number keep both
Elvis just dropped don’t talk about another common mistake people make it by
US I don’t want you to lick your elbow Smackdown ok so much to keep your elbows
in line with her shoulders some people of their albums come down to a team up
in my shoulder last time I was at 10 K overhead you ready wake up here and here we go for 10 three more here you can got 10 min
announce our little bonus here we go 10 by 432 and why all my guy that always
gets me it always does underhand raises get ready for this and
here we go for 10 hard for me way and and travel as far as you can and
switch time is right here we gotta get told me that they’re nice and high all
the calories right here she is not going away with their knees you should be
doing the same thing can switch to decide the line of fire the line of fire near the hop over and
make sure your feet don’t get burned and Gators 15 seconds ready here we go get
my from local can pay if all you can do is stay of hide and decide tapping your
feet that’s totally fine but five more seconds and are you by the day you is so often
are doing great ok we’ll see you guys tomorrow with a
number by ok we’ll be there

26 thoughts on “15 Day Challenge – Workout 4

  1. OH wow, I did both day 3 & 4 back to back and I'm out of breath but I'm still alive(thank GOD for those minute breaks between sets). I actually feel really good about both the completion of the exercises and my body feels really good!!! don't forget to wind your body down with "Post-Workout Cooldown – IdealShape Up Challenge "

  2. this is today. can't wait. let my food digest feel awesome got to pamper myself today next on today's agenda pamper my body.^^ then day after tomorrow a pamper my body censy

  3. tomorrow is my day 4, how in the world am I gonna be able to do this when I cannot even feel my legs right nowπŸ˜‚

  4. Love these workouts. But if I hear "Kaitlyn" 1 more time! Lol. Idk why I am annoyed, I would like to see her do more workouts, I mean obviously she can do these, just saying. And then she will question Kaitlyn, like "your counting 1 each time right?"
    #petty I know. But again great workouts, and Good Job Kaitlyn πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

  5. I am recovering from a torn tfcc and can't put weight on my wrist for this length of time. Any recommendations on a modification?

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