14 years in ketosis, you can build muscle on ketogenic diet – Darthluiggi of reddit keto interview

What’s up guys welcome the Primaledge Health Podcast I’m here with Darth mother f’n Luigi his username is darthluigi on reddit and he uh he moderates the reddit keto and the reddit ketogains board and I think the keto science
board as well so this guy has seen like all the questions people have about ketogenic diets and he’s been doing a keto diet for how long now Luis it’s been 14 years now for all the types of keto diets do you feel like you’re uh… you’re missing out on all the carbs not really…that’s cool so yeah Luis Villasenor is here darthluiggi! Uh we’re gonna answer a bunch of your questions from Reddit, Facebook and um yeah we’ll just, we’ll jump into it I guess I’ll start with uh but this one is like the most recent question that popped up to reddit how do you deal with stalls when lifting I found that the advice in the strong lifts program didn’t work for me when I started my games last November and it deluding stalled by twenty pounds or so and then increased my weight by five pounds a week instead of five pounds a workout however I don’t know if that’s considered optimal I wanted to hear your take. So here’s a loaded question right off the bat how do you get gains when you stall I think that first we have to remember that any lifting program um that they’re not thought of as you eating at a deficit and then we have lots of people here that are lifting while eating at a deficit you won’t be making any big gains when you’re eating below your suggested calories. You gotta eat for gains, you can’t just lift Exactly If you’re not gaining it’s because you’re not eating. and really uh we have to stop like chasing the is unicorn you want to get ripped and lose weight at the same time like because people uh mix getting ripped with getting huge there’s one thing about losing body fat and there’s gaining muscle you’re not gonna be doing both really it’s quite impossible unless you are taking steroids or a genetic freak or maybe you’re very overweight and maybe you’re eating less you’re getting energy from somewhere that is your fat stores right? Yeah. So to answer this question is If you’re not really seeing results I will say uh concentrate first on that you are eating adequate protein and then just suck it up there’s a variation of stronglifts that is for cutting and instead of doing 5X5 you end up doing 3X8 Yeah well also I mean the question it’s hard to answer a question like this without knowing more about somebody so like I mean how long have you been training for 6 months and your bench presses is 135 and you’re not making progress? That’s gonna be a lot different than if you’re like benching 2 plates for 5 reps or for five sets of five and you’re stalled there. Um so like your training age comes into play and I mean if you’re sticking with a linear progression program like a five by five you should make steady gains as a beginner for a while and um then you might have to switch up your program there’s plenty of other programs out there like Wendler’s 531 is another solid one. There’s different variations of the 5X5 program I think what’s that guy Ice Cream fitness a lot of people are doing that one right now it’s kinda popular but our yeah.. you could try different program but if you’re not eating enough, if you’re training too frequently, if you’re maybe not training hard enough there are so many things that could come into play so maybe sometimes it helps to just get like a Coach and work with somebody who’s pushed past the plateaus that you are sticking at and they can maybe help you out or ask a bro in the gym is bigger where they get their steroids… no I’m just kidding Exactly. Here’s another one you want another loaded one? Ok. What you guys share about your knowledge of reactive hypoglycemia been wondering about this if you are overweight and have cravings what happens if you don’t eat. Alright so what’s hypoglycemia what happens if you don’t eah, uh why doesn’t portion control work not sure what that really means… uh when is the body’s hunger thermostat broken? that I mean this is a super loaded question i mean we’re getting into things like leptin resistance and leptin sensitivity I mean you could spend months researching each one at least these topics so, I don’t know, you got anything to say that question there Well about the hunger part, hunger is something you will learn to control especially if you’re doing fasting for example I come from a body building background where I used to eat every three hours and my body was so used to eating every three hours when that when I didn’t eat I was uh, my head started to hurt I used to carry a protein bar in my backpack or a whey shake or whatever you know and 20 grams of protein every 3 hours then I started researching about intermittent fasting and how it relates to keto and about a little more than a year ago I said really… “fuck it.” no more 4-5 meals a day I’m just gonna have one meal or two meals yes the first week was a little it hard, but once you push through it uh hunger. For example I haven’t anything since about 9 p.m. yesterday and went today in the morning and did my usual lifting routine without any food, just me coffee and um some pre-workout, and here I am I’m not hungry right now, and my next meal is probably is gonna be about 5 today so… yeah okay Maybe the hypoglycemia thing can come into play when you are first adapting to a keto diet so maybe just having a little bit of food and maybe eating more frequently when you’re adjusting. But eventually like you should be getting reactive hypoglycemia on a keto type diet, you should be adapting. Exactly, and also most people are and lots of people when starting keto like in our last video, think that because they feeling uh, heart palpitations, or maybe their head hurts, they’re being hypoglycemic, when it’s just lack of electrolytes the body is switching from a high carb to a high fat diet and it is just like a little bit confused you’re just electrolyte depleted is not real, really hyperglycemia unless you’ve been reviewed by a doctor and and you really have it You know in there there’s another question here about a re- feeds so I think that kinda ties in with what we’re just talking about so um have you ever tried bodybuilding bulking with carbs this includes high-carb diets, balanced diets, or carb refeeds/cycling if so what did you experience? So I’m yeah what’s up with the, have you experimented with like high-carb diets in the past? I’m sure you have, you’ve done body building for like a long time so yeah uh, I started doing body building with the usual high carb diet I did have some success with it but you know that the normal progression I’ll even post some pictures. I was somehow strong but I never got super lean. and yeah, what is better? I think that most are, sorry, I think that both keto diets and high carb diets are comparable in relation to how much you can build. What’s will be the most important thing is that you’re really eating for your gains you’re really lifting consistently and really eating adequate protein. It comes to consistency you know? I’d say as far as like gaining weight… can you turn your sound down a little bit? I think there might be like little echo Luis. As far as gaining weight I think maybe a high-carb diet would make it a lot easier to eat in a caloric surplus and I think a lot of people might have trouble getting in all the calories a they would need on a keto type diet if they’re trying to gain weight so I don’t think carbs are necessary to build muscle but they just might make it easier for a lot of people mean this year your on a full keto diet it may be could be a little difficult to get in all the calories because you have such a such decreased hunger and the satiety is so high so refeeds definitely aren’t necessary and I haven’t really seen any proof either direction of if they help increase gains. There have been studies that show that there’s equal muscle gain on a ketogenic diet as compared to a high carb diet. There’s been studies show that um, keto diets can impinge muscle gain and a lot of people find it hard to gain weight or keto diet Exactly as you said there there are two things. The first would be that people don’t eat that much on a keto diet they are not hungry and they because they are not really measuring they say “I’m eating until I’m not hungry anymore.” But are you really eating uh enough. And then comes the second one. you know when you are doing keto for a long time you think that you lost muscle. And yeah you may look a little bit smaller because you are not retaining water or glycogen that doesn’t mean that you are losing weight… or.. sorry.. losing muscle. If you look at all the videos and podcasts and whatever and people that say that you lose muscle on keto they’ve just been doing it for 1 or 2 weeks shows on people. You lose all your strength on keto.” And they tried keto like four days It’s just like. Yeah they say that My head hurts, and I lost all my and muscle and looked deflated look smaller. When/if you do a carb load you’re gonna gain all the water weight back. I haven’t done a proper carb load in a while but maybe for my next experiment, I’ll do a CKD, loading of rice whatever and then measure up how I look. I haven’t done it for a while but the last time I did it I gained maybe I don’t remember, 8 or 10 pounds of water. Yeah I don’t think… I don’t know, I think what a lot of people experience anecdotally within a small period of time where they try like a low carb diet and their adapted to a high-carb diet, maybe should take into account that their perception is gonna be skewed, it’s like if I suddenly ate a super high carb diet for two days, I could say oh high-carb diets suck you feel like crap on a high-carb diet that might not necessarily be true like have you been doing a huge refeed you’re probably feel kinda shitty because your just pumping your body full of stuff its not really used to digesting and it’s not going to let’s do with it. So you kinda have to adapt in either direction and give something more than 4 or 5 days before throw the verdict in and say that it sucks it doesn’t work or you lose all your gains. You can definitely build muscle on a keto diet. Luis has been pretty strict keto for a long time and he is making gains. I’ve done keto for like over almost a year now and building muscle and adding strength just fine so I don’t really see any reason why you would need carb loads if you wanted carb loads and it helps you maintain your diet be healthy like there’s no problem with that, why not. Yeah it’s a really a debate I’m not saying there is a best way or the only way I really like I I don’t like to get in these types of arguments. the best diet is the one you can keep doing for a long time you know? The one you are happy with, the kind of food you like uh people really get uh inside these questions and then they spin their wheels and “I want the best diet.” Just leave it evidently it doesn’t matter if you eat carbs or eat or eat fat, it’s what works for you. What you like For health markers yeah like a high fat, ketogenic diet can be really really good for a lot of biomarkers and for improving metabolic metabolic health and for healing your metabolism and your mitochondria but for some people it doesn’t work very well for some people it can cause issues, so it doesn’t… just because it works for a lot of people their health doesn’t mean that every single person uh should do it or that we should like scream from the mountain tops that everyone should be doing it. I definitely would recommend a keto type diet for people who can adhere to it, and would like you know fatty foods and like to that kind of stuff so um yeah. Also I’ll my personal take is if you are really overweight try keto. There’s like you have nothing to lose but probably body fat really right do it eat you like you’re gonna be uh all time you’re not gonna really feel like you’re on a diet you have more chances of keeping up the diet. You’ll get energy you start lifting, if you haven’t done so… and probably you’ll get hooked on it and then again, uh consistencies, will get you there if you by any chance drop off your weight and want to try a higher carb diet, by all means, try it. It’s up to you, whatever you like me personally, returning to the question I’ve tried the higher carb traditional diet then I found out about keto and started doing what everyone else, cyclical keto diet because I thought I would get bigger gains with the carb cycling it worked, but it happened, what happens to everyone I ended up doing more carb loads then I shed and I lost a lot of time doing the depletion workouts and that interfered with my training, you know yadda yadda yadda, then I stopped doing CKD and moved on. I did the traditional keto and followed the I didn’t really eat carbs, went back to my books and reviewed the targeted keto diet and started experimenting with that and I feel great with a little more carbs I still get gains and I look leaner so it’s a little bit of the best of both worlds well I in this will work very you’re already lean, and maybe your insulin resistance is like better. I don’t know. I don’t have the papers on that. But there are lots studies and books on this. Maybe we can throw in some more links regarding the TKD but basically that is why this works. Because you have a little bit of carbs that may help with you reach, you know, that point during your workout when you are burning up all the fat you have for energy and maybe you need that little extra push, before bonking or you can have less rest periods between sets. That’s all that it gives you. This is a TKD a lot of people do like a targeted ketogenic diet. Does that originally come from Lyle Mcdonald’s book? The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide. People can read that book if you want to learn a little They can get it. It should be one of the books that people read. about keto it’s a little bit old. I found it in 2001, back when I started ket. So it’s maybe it’s a 17 on year old book or something Yeah. The information about TKD that looks like 5 or…. not more than 20 pages it’s very, you know the letters are very big so it’s very small information and even Lyle says that there are no really studies on TKD and his claims because it’s like the middle ground and people don’t want to do the middle ground That’s why people start with a CKD because they think they are going to lose their gains. So there’s not much information about TKD diet. So CKD is a is a cyclical ketogenic diet where you do carbload like once a week and i guess in Lyle Mcdonald’s book is it like anything goes for one day or how does he No, there’s.. Lyle recommends actually that you really measure up your carb intakes and type of carb intakes in accordance with your lean weight is a very structured diet, but he also says that some people and some of his plans have tried the CKD, like anything goes most people they just do it like an anything goes diet and that’s why they fail. The real CKD is high carb very low fat. What you want to do is cover all the glycogen you are losing on the diet, super-compensate and use it for lifting. And probably staying isocaloric which is why you are lower the fat when you increase Exactly. It’s not just like… I mean I think people take these refeeds and they think about it all week long and they are like ” Ohhh it’s Saturday.” and I can eat donuts and whatever You cannot be eating poptarts. Definitely you can not be eating pizza. Like a whole pizza! When I really did the CKD properly. It was like… sushi. maybe some paste… whatever those are like 200 or 300 grams of carbs. Rather than like a kilogram worth of carbohydrate calories. Exactly. I think people can kinda take it from there and do some research into Lyle McDonald’s book and some other people’s stuff i mean Keifer does the Carbnite thing which I think that can be marginally successful for some people but I think when you call something a cheat day and you look forward to it all week people go nuts with it and it creates havoc then you’ll feel crappy for like weeks later. When I tried Kiefer’s Carbnite I didn’t feel very good for like three days after it so I decided I don’t need to use carbs anymore, and then maybe six months after that I actually tried intaking smaller amounts car jus around workouts maybe 50 grams of carbs and it didn’t really negatively affect me anywhere near what like a whole cheat day/refeed day Exactly. So I think it’s you know controlling the amount of the macros that you intake is really important that why keto works, that’s why all these people are really into the IIFYM tracking the grams of food that they eat every single macro, every meal that’s kinda what it takes to to take your body fat to a certain level unless you have really really good genetics and our naturally super lean. So uh. Exactly. well we have a lot of people on the Facebook group that our following sort of a TKD diet we awesome results The use like 30 to 50 grams of glucose pre-workout? Yeah exactly. and like eat or really depends on the type of training they’re doing and duration and whatever but you have to experiment and it is not like… people be that you are eating sugar. you’re just like eating a small amount you just enough to like offset maybe just like um enough for you to lift heavy It really doesn’t make that much of a difference, you know? I think there’s something to be said about doing a more standard ketogenic diet for a period of time before you play with carbohydrates because when you get your baseline metabolism adapted to like a high-fat diet there are certain adaptations that take place which made you able to handle the carbohydrates a little bit better if you do play with them like on a TKD I think people should maybe not start out doing refeeds at least give yourself a few months to adapt. Exactly. Alright let’s move on to another question. This guy asks, what are your favorite fat bomb snack recipes? That’s like this really gross term that people use I don’t know I think may Jimmy Moore came up with it and I don’t know, people talk about fat bombs as ways increase your calories with fat and maybe to create more ketones, which some people are very into chasing high ketone numbers but the fat bomb I mean I guess like for me when I want to increase my calories an I want to intake more fats because when I increase my calories I don’t necessarily want go super high protein because makes me a little lethargic if I get past a certain point I rather have my body burning fat. So what I’ll do is I’ll maybe have some heavy cream in tea I’ll just add extra butter to my eggs and sardines in the morning or something like that a little bit extra butter actually adds really great flavor to meals heavy cream like heavy cream is really amazing, really thick heavy cream, drink that stuff straight What do you like to do? I don’t really eat fatbombs really I’ve only had like 3 fatbombs in my whole life, and once the first time was after reading a post on reddit. and said okay let’s try and make this really it’s good but I get enough fat from my regular food that I don’t need it I don’t think that if you eat whole foods you don’t need fatbombs. Yeah I mean ifyou make 5 eggs with like a can of sardines what I usually eat for breakfast, I’ll have like 3 or 4 eggs, a can of sardines, if you put 4 or 5 tablespoons butter on that you’re gonna have a meal that’s probably almost like you could have 1000 calories in that meal you add a little bit like a ricotta cheese and you could have 1,000 calories in that meal, you eat three meals like that, you get 3,000 calories, so I don’t know the fatbomb thing. For example my fat my usual meal is eggs, with coconut oil maybe a half or a whole avocado. 1 or 2 slices of bacon or fatty ham then maybe I’ll have a big salad with 1 or 2 or 3 spoonfuls of salad dressing you know that’s all you need How many grams of fat are you eating per day? for your caloric intake right now., like what you’re doing I don’t remember right now it should be… depending on whether I’m eating at maintenance which is right now should be eating about 190 at least to around up to 220 around so. So what’s that like 2800 calories a day? I go between 2200 to 2600. 2600 ok. yeah I only watch my protein macro. All my carbs come mostly from avocado and a few thing, you know broccoli cauliflower, that’s all I eat maybe the sugar from the TKD, but that’s it. this is my favorite question this is the best question actually I think you know it is what does your poop look like? whoa, that’s like, I actually here I actually I pulled up a really helpful helpful link to show what a proper keto type poop should look like let’s go ahead so this is what a proper keto poop should look like *laughing* that’s actually me pooping ok that’s okay, but yeah I mean that’s a pretty funny question. I guess maybe this guy’s having some digestion issues. Maybe he just started a keto diet and he’s blowing up his toilet some yeah probably or maybe eating too much coconut oil. Some people can’t handle coconut oil. Some people, they just don’t like it so maybe cut back on coconut oil Yeah cut back and also eat some veggies, that’s it. Eat some babies?! veggies! veggies! green veggies! Vegetables. okay. I’m just kidding. There’s a question I would like to tackle. the one about the nutrient timing. Nice! that’s a good one. So uh Let’s get the bro science police out here to tell us whatever we say is not backed up by proper science About nutrient timing being relevant all these studies are for athletes or bodybuilders and what happens is that when you read these kind of studies, usually in fitness magazines or bodybuilding.com or whatever is your bodybuilding forum of choice what happens is that yes there is a metabolic effect or metabolic advantage or whatever but it’s a very small one so are you seeing all these results for bodybuilders which I actually competing or maybe someone is doing race of course you want any advantage however small it may be, to win. But for people like your doing this just for your health and you want to look good it really won’t be a big advantage. It doesn’t matter if you have 8 meals a day or if you are really partitioning your protein exactly 25g each time, really doesn’t matter you know if you want the stress about it, it’s gonna raise your cortisol If you want to spend your whole day and make your whole life all about it dude, eating six meals a day that’s such a pain in the butt. I mean unless you’re gonna compete or be making money from looking a certain way what’s the point of making your whole life To put a small example.. the other day I was a at this restaurant and I used to eat like that, 6 times a day bringing my food and whatever. I didn’t even look that good there was this guy on another table one was eating normally and another one just took out a tupperware with broccoli and tilapia or fish or whatever and was actually weighing his food Really in a restaurant? Maybe he was competing or something I don’t know, whatever because it was another table this guy didn’t even look big yeah all this stress and everything is again unless you are really competing it’s not worth it so if you think that it’s not working for you just review that you are really getting your protein and don’t worry that you have to eat 125 .5 protein per day if you eat like 5g more, 5g less, it really doesn’t matter. yeah its long-term it’s maintain those habits long term. I think when you first start a diet it can be really helpful to not even necessarily weigh all their food, but track their macros really intensely for like five days or a week so that they know what it looks like so you know what your meals are gonna look like then after that you just throw your meals together and you could do everything intuitively I have two tips that have worked for me 1, as you say do a onetime exercise and learn how a 200 grams of chicken breast looks like for starters and then you really don’t mind try to eat the same food every day maybe it sucks for some people but I live by myself doesn’t really matter for me if I eat 4 eggs a day, it’s my usual food and when I’m at work I may eat the same. I only eat differently when I’m off to a restaurant but if you’re eating keto there’s not a any restaurant, unless you go to a vegan restaurant your gonna get a a piece of chicken or maybe beef. Whatever, you can always eat keto I think a lot of people who are successful um maintaining a good body composition, probably end up in a similar place where they are eating not necessarily the same food everyday but similar like rotating similar meals all the time and there could even be something said about about that for health. Think about when you travel to a new place and the try a food you’ve never had, you usually get the shits so if you’re in a routine a you can’t help like there’s all this new research about the gut flora and the and the microbiome I think feeding your body a consistent diet of healthy foods… there’s something to be said about that and it makes it a lot easier you know when you go shopping and you’re buying the same stuff every time you can still make your food taste good, and add flavor here and there for me I feel the same way. There’s no reason to get all crazy and gourmet with it every single meal Exactly. You brought up something before about going traveling and eating keto nd maintaining a diet. Yeah that was a question on my facebook. How do you what kind of foods do you eat when traveling to be on a keto diet. There are like two types of travels you know? If you’re maybe coming to Mexico and you want to enjoy the vacation and have margaritas and everything you’re gonna have to compromise, maybe have a cheat meal or enjoy some other food but don’t binge and go all the way or just realize I’m gonna gain ten pounds and it might be a little fat when I get back from my vacation but I’m gonna get on track. Exactly, that’s one way to to see it. If you’re going for a business, well try to keep up with the diet, like I said before, there’s not a restaurant where you cannot ask for a salad and chicken right? And even my worst experience was when I started keto and I then I went backpacking through Europe and then I went to Japan. I went to the land of rice. well there’s a McDonalds there and it was cheaper you can always eat, or even if you eat a sushi you can go and ask for eggs eggs with salmon, or tuna fish You go out to sushi with your friends, you get sashimi instead of instead of rice. People say for example when I was a when I was in Japan, that Japan is very expensive. You know if you eat with the locals it’s really not expensive. You can go backpacking you can eat, there’s like small kebabs sticks with beef and chicken I even learned how to say chicken in Japanese It’s tori or whatever I don’t know it’s no that hard, you only have to try it once yeah it wherever you go you can order whatever plate just skip on the rice and I mean if you’re traveling more locally like if you are doing a business trip and you’re not necessarily going to another country where is a totally different foods if you’re on a consistent diet like for instance, we lot of fish so you can get canned mackerel or canned sardines anywhere for really cheap, so it’s really easy to eat when traveling and those other foods you can make it which travel really well like pemmican, which is like a Native American recipe where you take dried meat and you render tallow basically tallow and spices and dried ground up meat. So there’s a lot of like keto friendly foods that you can bring with you. if you’re not going to have access to any food, but I mean you don’t need to get all crazy and like body building style diet, packed into It’s actually a time where you can use a Quest bar for those that love it, or maybe a protein shake. About two weeks ago I went snowboarding and this is the first time ever that I ever bought Quest bars. I had it I’ve had them in the past, but I didn’t buy like 8 I didn’t even use them, I had like 3 of them everyone says they are really good. They are good. I was surprised Do you believe that they are really no carb? That they contain as many carbs they say I’ve heard they taste like too good well there’s experiments up on the on the reddit keto by measuring his or her blood glucose after ingesting a Quest bar and I think that it did raise his blood glucose. What I can say is I had like 3 or 4 during my trip. I was snowboarding for about 4-5 hours a day and the yeah well I wasn’t really hungry because I was doing IF yeah well it was like, ah they’re good, a little bit of a snack Whatever you know? Yeah it’s not hard to travel, whatever diet you are doing It’s really not hard travel on you just have to think a little bit clearly and then if you’re doing a high-carb diet and you have to like measure your macros really track your macros you can also travel easily to its not that big a deal and have flexibility too don’t be so crazy where it’s like you think if you have end up eating a few extra carbs you’re gonna get cancer or you’re gonna die, you have to you gotta be rational. You fell off the wagon, well get up, nothing happens. I just made a video about cheat days you know it’s like if you’re gonna eat carbs, eat your carbs and get back on, and you’re gonna be fine. You don’t have to turn it into this huge like like guilt trip you got a little things talking to you in both ears “You’re useless! You’re fat now! Just chill out!” go eat what you want to eat and then get back on your diet and you’ll be fine if you gain a few pounds you gain a few pounds, you’re not gonna ruin yourself with one meal slip you know it’s okay you will survive I like this question. This question is cool. I stopped doing back squats years ago because I do not like the compression and shear force attributed to them I just feel like there is too much of an injury risk even with good form those last reps always seemed dangers recently I’ve been reading into front squats and what they bring to the table such as less ways to more of a core workout, more quads and arguably less compression and shear force due to better bio-mechanics Um so you’re saying you don’t like back squats because you have weighed on your back I think back squats are a very safe exercise especially done correctly unless you have a broken knee or something I don’t think there’s a problem with backs squats. Actually the point of the squat is having weight on your back! Yeah! and that’s not bad i mean actually you will increase your the mineral density in your spine and make it stronger you’re not gonna load up three hundred-pound if you’ve never squatted before just ease into it. And front squats being better than back squats I don’t know it depends what you are training for I guess. Well they work a little bit different. regarding back squats… I’m gonna do a big confession here. I didn’t do squats or deadlifts Before 2009/2010 remember I was a bodybuilder bro So what were you doing? Hack-squat machine? squat machine and leg presses that’s all I did like an extension the usual bodybuilder exercises. I had never really deadlifted with a barbell I used dumbbells and very sporadically and stopping with this bullshit is what really got me really gains. I have a lot of picture to show yeah like a good but nothing compared to what I have achieved today and I’m very sure it’s the result of going back to compound movements and doing them properly. If you’re afraid of doing a squat well first learn to do a proper squat and then maybe invest in a good belt makes a really be difference. It helps to maintain a good posture and you won’t get any problems and also don’t go to heavy. You know a front squat front squats are actually more difficult to do than a regular back squat Front squat is a great exercise but I think you should do them both. Yeah they are complimentary. Maybe for an athlete that’s jumping and once running speed a front squat might be a little bit better because you a little more upright but you still wanna do some back squats because they’re great. It’s a great exercise. It’s one of the best things everybody should be able to squat. Everybody should be able to body weight squat down butt to the ground, everybody should be able to do that i mean children shouldn’t be allowed to graduate from kindergarten… kindergartners can still squat but once you get in like grade school-age the kids are sitting on their butts all day and they lose their bio-mechanics, so I think everybody should be squatting. Not necessarily with a huge load but everyone says should squat, it’s a great exercise Alright, so here’s a question is TKD that’s like the targeted ketogenic diet, that’s what Luis likes to do a good for bulking up if I’m just bulking should I not do keto? So this person wants to put on muscle if they’re bulking should they not do keto? Oh man.. It goes hand in hand with the previous question or what we talked about before. I think it’s are you eating enough calories? Are you really lifting with dynamic weight program? That’s all there is to it so My personal opinion is TKD works great for building muscle it’s also depends what do you refer to by bulking up? If you are referring to just gaining weight? Or do you want to gain weight while keeping the keto diet most of the time? if your goal is overall health and you like eating keto and staying on keto TKD is a great option. You could also try CKD or maybe go back to a high carb diet. It’s all up to you Yeah if high carbs makes you get in those calories and bulk I guess that’s the way to do it on I wouldn’t say one is better than the other I mean I would say that eating a lot of carbs makes it easier to gain weight but also easier to gain body fat because you’re not tracking what you’re eating and you’re just like “I’m gonna BULK!” You should just eat whatever you want if you wanna do a fat bulk then eating a high carb diet is fine and not tracking macros is fine but if you want to gain lean muscle only and minimize fat gain then a keto diet can work very well but also a high-carb diet could also work but you’re gonna have to be strict in how you partition your nutrients and what you’re eating. Exactly, for example to end up this question. Imagine as I said before, or in my personal case I’m almost eating the same things everyday the only difference is when I train I do have a little bit of extra calories Some of them from MCT oil some of them from extra protein and some of them from extra carbs that’s it. That’s like the little difference you need to gain muscle. There’s no best diet for cutting it just whatever you can adhere to and whatever works for you the best especially long-term it’s like if you wanna stay lean it’s important that you adhere to a diet long term and that you’re not gonna jump back and forth and yo-yo about Is acetone breath a guarantee when in ketosis after about two weeks all I had was a feeling of dry mouth even though I was drinking plenty of water… Okay Are you eating carbs? That like yeah it really doesn’t matter how you measure but if your eating carbs, you’re not in ketosis If you stop eating carbs for a while 2-3 days, you are definitely in ketosis. Maybe unless you are eating lot a lot a lot of protein you might be… This is a thing I love people say “You’re eating too much protein!” We have to remember that too much or too little depends on the person each person’s physiology and lean body weight we get into all these debates on facebook and ketogains and and the keto reddit board. “No you’re eating a lot of protein you’re gonna… it turns into chocolate cake! It turns into sugar!” A famous keto guru said that eating too much protein is just like eating chocolate cake and that’s like that’s not that’s an absurd statement. That’s not real. I don’t know why he said that But look, if you eat too much protein you might not be in ketosis. You might not get high blood ketones, but that’s just rhetoric. If you’re eating to high of protein your still gonna lose body fat. You’re not gonna storing body fat, and you might oxidize protein for energy but you might not be in ketosis still lose weight so you don’t ave to think like a few extra grams of protein is gonna stall your weight loss whatever its kinda silly it all comes down to semantics in my opinion Here’s a good question. What is your opinion on how keto intermittent fasting stack up together specifically in regard to hormones seems like both lifestyles sort of stimulate starvation without actually starving do they have a compounding benefit is everything in context right so I mean Exactly. If you’re looking for health benefits if you’re trying to if you’re fighting a chronic diseases such as cancer yeah I think they could both stack up very well. It depends on your goals I mean if the if you’re coming from the place of someone trying to build muscle as fast as you can intermittent fasting plus keto probably is not ideal in my opinion you know to build muscle but it depends on your goal for health and hormones they would both have a similar effect on your fasting insulin level and keeping insulin level low. I mean what do you think Luis? I think I agree pretty much with what you are saying. There are lots of studies building both pro and against both keto and intermittent fasting like you know leangains fans they say there’s a big advantage for doing leangains style diet which is basically intermittent fasting with some carbs post-workout and whatever it’s the same if you’re going to be doing intermittent fasting to do it for health, I think they work very well together if you want to do them for gains, again, as we said before it’s all about the calories I’ve been doing keto with intermittent fasting like protocol for almost a year and I’m breaking my personal records in powerlifting and I look leaner and stronger so what can I say. My experience for me, intermittent fasting probably isn’t the best thing for gaining muscle. I mean there’s no science to back that up this is just my opinion I don’t think it’s the best thing building muscle that’s just in my like in my experience I think that there… we talked about nutrient timing not being that important earlier but I don’t know, I kinda go back and forth on it because I think there can be benefits hormonally if you time things right, like right after your workout for instance you’re probably prone to being in an anabolic state so having a meal after work out I always try and do that but do I think I’m gonna lose my gains if I don’t no way, I don’t worry about it if I can’t get a meal in so… I don’t know… bro science bro science accusations Are gonna fly. It’s like, I don’t care it’s like look it’s what works for you and you’re not gonna find a study that’s gonna tell you you know you can cherry pick studies and find studies backing up whatever you want and you know as far as like bro science and real science that’s all just rhetoric, you know it’s like you can call anything bro science or say anything is real science it’s just I think the whole thing is just funny its one of the reasons why the internet is such a strange amazing place. Like first there’s a schematic I once saw like I’ll if this than that you know? is the guy that he’s telling you this is ripped? or does he has a body like you want to achieve? yes or no? Does he lift? Is he natural? what is he doing? Does it have science to back it up? then maybe try it but you know don’t have a overanalyze things. Just do it. And also just because just because a ripped dude says this works says that like eating cow patties gives you the biggest gain ever he’s super big and ripped that doesn’t mean that what he’s saying is true I think you you gotta think rationally and like you said you have like a line of logic when you want to try something or study something. Just try it if it works it works if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. I used to to think that intermittent fasting was bullshit your know? Well how do I know it’s bullshit or not or not if I haven’t really tried it? You know? I like intermittent fasting, I did it for like a year, it was great and it makes you very insulin sensitive as far as like maximizing gains I wouldn’t say that it’s the best way to gain muscle Probably not. If I was really trying to build as much muscle as I could as fast as I could and that was my main goal I didn’t care about health I probably would do like a higher carb diet with like you know with some maybe with crazy nutrient timing and you know just like really obsessively maximize it but I don’t care that much, like I like to make gains I like to get stronger and I like to be healthy and I like how keto feels so that’s what works for me doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you. Doesn’t mean that everyone has to do it like Luis and I you know? You have to understand also another thing. Maybe you are 14 or or 16 you can you join the pop-tart crew well most of the people commenting, talking shit on all these videos are between 14 and 16 anyways Some guy the other day attacked me on reddit because he said that he said that I’ve been lifting about twenty years and I only managed a 425 deadllift. You’ve been deadlifting for like a year right? After 20 years I only managed a 425 deadlift. Man I’m I’m a manlet, for me that’s like lifting a mountain How tall are you? 5-foot-1. 5 foot 6! Luis is 5’6″ and he weighs like the same as me man, I’m 5’9. Luis is freakin big strong dude. Especially for his size. and this guy, I went a through its history, and he was like lifting for 10 months and probably 16 like well man what are we even talking about and also another thing that returning to the question is I’m almost 38 years old I’m in near my hormonal and genetic potential I not going to get any bigger really. Yeah. if I was younger I did the when I was young I did a high carb diet. It worked well for me. right now what I think works better is a low carb diet I think there’s this funny thing on the internet with just like these wars and troll, they’re like troll wars You know it’s like the Internet is like the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit You’ve got like trolls and orcs… they’re both under the age of 18. Everyone’s battling each other over bunch of minutia and rhetoric and bullshit… look if you wanna eat IIFYM diet, which is not even a diet, it’s just a saying that came about on bodybuilding.com forum because kids were asking stupid ass questions like “Can I eat a pop-tart on my diet and the answer is “well if it fits your macros.” Then they started abbreviating it IIFYM because they were sick of answering stupid questions look you can include a little bit of junk food in your diet but for the most part most people with like a good physique are eating whole foods and are eating, even the people who rep IIFYM they’re out there saying that ninety percent of your diet should be whole foods and nutrient-dense foods not pop tarts and Captain Crunch to meet all your freakin’ macro needs but it’s like things get misrepresented and taken to extremes and then these kids come on and start bashing anybody was like doing a keto diet and it’s like dude I’m not out here saying that everybody needs to do keto it better than IIFYM for whatever reason it’s just it is a good diet for me and for a lot of people and we provide information to help people who are interested in it we’re not trying to convert you all to the dark side like a low carb diet it’s not about that it’s not about like religions and drawing lines in the sand IIFYM works, I all these other diets work for a lot of people just quit bitching and fighting about it and hating in comments. It’s so stupid Such a waste of time. Now that you brought this to to a point. I have some trolls that one of their favorite sayings or responses when against keto is: Why would you forfeit a whole macro? In regards to not eating carbs. If you looked at how I eat you would see that I eat almost more vegetables a day than the average person. I eat a lot of vegetables. Alot of vegetables don’t have carbs carbs are not really an issue I’m getting more nutrients in my broccoli an cauliflower and kale and spinach than you will get from your bananas or oranges people just don’t do that exercise. There’s a lot of people who hate on keto I don’t understand why. They say that you can’t forfeit a whole food group. I’m eating about 30-50g of carbs. How much fat are you eating. There you go they are eating like 60g of fat. They are eating about 20 or 30 grams of fat a day. That’s pretty man, that’s like unhealthily low. frickin 20 to 30 grams why would you defeat all that fat. So I’m doing it wrong because I’m not being carbs but you’re doing it right because you’re not eating eating fat. So what’s the logic behind it? you don’t even need to get into it. If you wanna see a stupid ass diet look at this Durianrider and his frickin’ anorexic insane girlfriend are doing their eighty percent carbs 10 percent protein 10 percent fat and it’s like and they look like Skeletor. No actually Skeletor was ripped they don’t look like Skeletor Returning to the poop question. I would like to how does Freelee poop? By eating how many 30 bananas a day? His poop smells like roses man and if he even touches weights he blows up. He’s just like he looks at weights he gets ripped The great Durianrider, just asking how awesome he is This is a good transition question here we go would love to hear your thoughts on zero carbs and bodybuilding so this is like everyone’s about zero carbs now because people take things to extremes all the time and so keto is pretty popular so lets go zero carb. I’m talking being fat only diet. Reason for asking is that I’ve been playing around with it and i felt great but it did result in a really high protein intake sometimes 4-5 grams per kilogram of body weight guess that’s pretty high protein. So I’m not sure that it can be considered a a ketogenic diet probably not a ketogenic diet I felt great and was a lot stronger than on traditional keto on the zero carb diet what’s up with that? You ever tried zero carbs? Played with that? not like hardcore close… for example yesterday probably I should have eaten about 10 carbs yesterday because I didn’t have any veggies. I feel the same. like I’ve never done that on purpose if you do like zero carbs but high protein. You’re really not gonna be a keto diet. More like a Dave Palumbo diet. Have you heard of John Andersen? John Andersen Deep Water Method, all meat diet basically. He’s really big and strong and ripped. I don’t think it’s detrimental. Maybe you get results. the only thing I think is not so great is that maybe you feel tired or lethargic because all the metabolic processes all the transforming protein to energy That’s the only issue I would have. maybe it’s not sufficient and yes you are going to be probably in a process of gluconeogenesis in this case because you have to get energy from somewhere and the way to get energy from protein is to convert it to glucose. yeah it seems like something, I don’t say it’s unhealthy but I’d say it’s kinda unnecessary it sounds like it’s not the easiest diet to maintain but if you just like eating meat and you don’t like anything else I just, I don’t know if a lot of the people that are starting to get into this are getting into it because they’ve got an unhealthy relationship with food and they’re afraid carbs I don’t know I think it just comes down to like whatever works for you and there’s people who do the zero carb diet actually you know who came from that a lot this zero carb stuff… the main guy was Owsley Stanley and he was one of the biggest manufactures LSD back in the sixties he was like the main LSD chemist for the Grateful Dead and he was a the sound guy for the grateful dead he advocated a zero carb diet so yeah that’s kind of interesting little fact. You wanted like the diet of extremes? Try vegan keto diet. Vegan keto all protein diet that’s like to most extreme unsustainable it’s like ultra-hardcore what can you eat? Just like lettuce and broccoli? It’s almost like people get in these dick measuring contest about whose diet is the most extreme that’s why I’m laughing… I no vegetables, no… I don’t know, for me moderation in diet is important I think like oh yeah I eat a keto diet, but to me that’s moderate. I like eating eggs, and meat, and fish. Those are my favorite foods. like my favorite foods to eat are fish and eggs for me that works and that’s a moderate diet. I eat lots of vegetables I don’t see any reason to cut out vegetables completely I don’t know the theory behind it or the science behind it but it sounds kinda of extreme in my opinion. But hey, if it works go for it… just do it Exactly. Ok. You got any good questions you see poping up? You have private message questions Well I got one question about are being in weight loss long term. Is it possible with keto or any diet? in particular, and why is it possible or not possible? my personal take is that it’s all the habits you do. People who lose weight for example, they lose twenty-pounds or thirty pounds weight mass and they are losing weight and then they think they can eat like everyone else, and sadly that’s not gonna happen you cannot be eating pizza all day and ice cream unless you have moderation. There was a piece of commentary I saw once on BBC I think I remember correctly about people saying they had a metabolic syndrome, or that they ate at a deficit and that they were not losing weight and this program they follow the person all day and they record what they are really eating, exact calories the calories they consume vs what they actually ate I don’t know… there was like 9/10 people were overeating. and over portioning their food to what they should be eating. So they were not losing weight because they were eating more than they needed, and they were not recording what were ingesting. And then the actually did the calorimeter test you know where they would do exercise with a breathalyzer and whatever and supposedly this person had metabolic syndrome in truth, she was like 20 calories below what her what her TEE should be so this person was not losing weight because she was not measuring what she should be eating, she was eating more. Yeah it seems like under-reporting is a big problem with dietary studies in dietary intervention studies its it’s really hard to study also it’s not only the person’s fault you know portions in a lot of packages are wrong, some of them are on purpose. So people eat more. For example, you look at I don’t know it’s the issue right now but before I remember a can of Coca-Cola it said 60 calories, per portion a person would think a portion is a can no. A portion was one-third of a can so you’re ingesting 60 calories you think you’re ingesting 60 calories in truth you’re digesting 180 Of course you end up miscalculating. People really need to learn how to read labels and actually count the calories you know if they’re going to be intaking these kids of foods. It’s very important actually its a bore and it’s horrible people stress about it and we are the only animal that counts calories We are the only animal that has junk food available to us year round every day. I’m very sure if you eat whole foods and start relying on junk foods you’re gonna get better results and even if you just sorta wing it rather than trying to measure everything my only advice in this regard, is like you said before Do one week where you really measure weigh your food as an exercise and see if you are really eating what you should be eating. and then be done with it. You realize how much a portion of each food looks like right? Just to get a hang of it. You’ll be surprised that maybe you were eating more or you were eating less and that’s about it. Yeah and there’s different levels that depending on your goals you know some people are going to want a weigh all their food some people only need to come within like 10 to 20 percent of their estimated daily macros to get the goals that they desire and to be healthy I think People either put too much energy into it or too little That can be a problem in both directions. Here’s a maybe we will just finish-up, wrap up with a couple questions but this one’s a nice light and fluffy question. What supplements do you guys take and why? especially as following a ketogenic diet, any influence on deviation from standard recommended doses okay, the first one to question, what supplements do you take Are you on steroids Luis?! Nooo! Are you on steroids? Oh man… I would take, really, if anyone wants I can take a blood test of course they pay for it. I have no issues with it. The 14-year-olds think that you can’t it as big as Luis. These kids have said that I’m on steroids. I’m not even even big. Dude I’m flattered that you’d say that but I’m frickin’ small I weight 165 lbs when I’m bloated it’s like… well yeah for supplements you know I get most of my electrolytes from real food. I don’t really add anything else but maybe some salt I’ll try to have some broth or bouillon every once in a while If I feel like lethargic or tired. he’s got kind of a thick accent, he’s saying bouillon Bouillon! I don’t even know how to say the freakin’ word, but it’s like those cubes right? little cubes? Yeah. bouillon cubes. They are very popular here in Latin America I was very stoked last weekend when I was in USA where I found in a whole foods the broth like the one you are drinking you know? We don’t have it here, although we make our own. but apart from that I only have creatine and I’m using right now a product I love that is called TOTALIS that you can get from page on the internet just google it up basically my favorite pre-workout so far it has caffeine, it has nitric oxide it has citrulline stuff to make you go a little bit more not gonna get magical gains maybe you’re gonna be hyper and lift five pounds more, same as creatine it all stacks up I don’t even take creatine right now. I used to take creatine I don’t know if I’m a non-responder or what but I don’t know if I noticed anything from it but I stopped taking it and I don’t don’t know if I miss it maybe I should take it you’re getting enough from beef broth that I don’t think that you really need it, but I it’s so cheap that yeah creatine is dirt cheap and it also has neurological properties apart from lifting so creatine is a nootropic that actually increases brain function neuron firing. I think maybe everybody should take creatine just to get their brain working properly. You need very little, it dissolves easy as you said before, it’s very cheap so why not like even if you’re non-responder so lot of people are overweight are afraid of creatine because they think they are gonna bloat but we have to remember that creatine only retains intramuscular water so in any case you will look a little bit bigger so there’s no sense in worrying about creatine. Yeah I don’t really take that many workout supplements really. I have magnesium on hand just in case I need it every once in a while I don’t really use it. As far as supplements I use like food type supplements like I really like adaptogenic herbs I really like reishi and like they’re certain reishi products that I actually helped to design but on I don’t have it up on my site yet. I’ll put it up eventually reishi mushroom chaga mushroom. My friends David and Jared at sent me some deer antler velvet and some chaga so I make some chaga tea every day and have some deer antler velvet those I get good results from those. Other adaptogenic herbs that I really like are ashwagandha that’s like a hormone balancing herb it’s an adaptogen that help your adrenals and help lower your stress hormones other ones that I think are good are like rhodiola that’s another really powerful one turmeric which is just a spice I think everybody should probably include turmeric in their diet because it decreases inflammation. But these are all health things. If you lift like maybe stuff like tribulus and cissus are herbs that I have on hand and every once in a while use. I mean I like playing with supplements, but mostly herbs not much creatine or nitric oxide or any of the standard ones although I’ve played with arginine stuff but I really don’t notice much from those things I didn’t really get anything from it so I don’t take those You’re not gonna notice big changes from that like “I took for two weeks and then I’m super strength!” or “super swole!” cissus was one that I thought was really cool for like not necessarily strength but I’d say like for endurance during sets in the gym that’s a kinda cool herb and it gives you like this crazy pump cissus quadrangularis, it’s got the weirdest name but that ones fun to play with if you want to try a funky herb Here’s a good question to end with a lot of people… if you’re gonna eat all organic shop at Whole Foods it can get kind of expensive, so if you are trying to eat healthy but also or moderate budget or if you have a family and you are trying to feed five people and you guys don’t have don’t have a lot of resources for food. This person is asking I would you do a keto diet that is very nutritious but also very cheap? Got any recommendations? for keeping diet with a budget? You can’t get cheaper than eggs and chicken I don’t know, depending on on where you live here in Mexico I can get two whole chickens for 145 pesos which is less than $8 maybe $10… Two whole chickens! eggs will be about… 30 eggs about 60 pesos, which is about five dollars so You try to be optimal and eat the healthiest foods and organic food if you can to minimize exposure to pesticides and stuff but a lot of people to them that’s not important and what’s important is just hitting their macros so I mean I wouldn’t recommend eating KFC without the bun but you can get canned sardines really cheap you can get canned mackerel, canned tuna chicken and certainly if you go to a farmers markets that’s a really good thing. If you have local markets like outdoor farmers markets you make a relationship with the people there you can get stuff directly from farmers we buy all our stuff that we could at the farmers market and you can just look for deals at your local healthy food store You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to be healthy Most towns and cities will have smaller health food stores that will sell good food a lot less than jacked up prices at Whole Foods. Just wherever you live do your best and try to be as optimal as you can don’t beat yourself up if you gotta, you know, eat some conventional meat it’s probably still better than eating them standard American diet so do what you can. So before we go Luis what have you been training lately. You said you were doing deadlifts today What have you been training for strength mostly lately? how you been programming that? I’m concentrating compound lifts and doing ???? I know, kill me, but I training each muscle separately every day always trying to concentrate on the big lifts first so I’m following a sort of PHAT program from Layne Norton which is a little bit of a mix of powerlifting with bodybuilding so you said you were deadlifting today you wanna show what’s up with that deadlift, let me see it 425 sumo Now Luis, I don’t know if you realize but on the Internet according to fourteen-year-olds on comment sections sumo is cheating look at that manlet! Nice. So you hit 425 How long have you been training deadlifts now? A little bit more than a year Same here! I broke 400 recently. racing to the finish. Now obviously 500 right that’s the goal it was 450 That’s nothing! 500 is the goal! Come on! I’ll never on never be satisfied it happens, you get a weight and then yeah 450 I guess that’s my next goal too got a hit that before you hit 500. Exactly. I’m not going to be very happy when I hit 450 that almost 500… almost or 495. I use kilo plates here so… might be under four under 500 when I hit 5 plates so you’ve been doing the PHAT type traing so this session session how many sets and rests did you do I start with warm up sets which are about 12 reps of 135 then I do 12 reps of 125 then 6 reps of 335 then 2 reps of 385 then I do 1 rep of 400 and 425 and then de-load and do 6 more at 225 So that’s like about 8 sets Are you squatting still? Yeah Right now I de-loaded and I’m 360 375 365? 365… 375… and the goal is to hit 400 consistently With depth on that? With depth. That’s awesome. You have like a crazy bench press too don’t you? what do you bench press? bench press alone without a spotter I’m at 350. 350 I’ve managed even 365 with a spotter with a spotter I’ve hit 4 plates but according to the Internet does not count wait it doesn’t count if you have a spotter? No it doesn’t count. What if they don’t touch the bar it’s just them standing there That doesn’t count? No because it gives you extra energy oh yeah… you’re taking his chi you’re psychic vamping his energy! Damn… it’s so hard to make gains on the internet. You think you hit something I notice that you are using straps on that on that deadlift. Yeah, it’s all a lie. and it’s sumo with straps and I mean I saw that out of the frame somebody maybe could have lifted up one-side of that barbell… maybe that’s why you cut it out so like I don’t know man… ask the kids guys comment down below on why we are cheating and why it doesn’t count. It’s all in the carbs man. It’s the carbs pre-workout. You cheat. Alright well this has been fun. I hope everybody enjoys that the conversation we’ll do it again sometime it was a nice little Q&A so we’re gonna get on with our lives do you have any closing statements are you looking for you like your name is darthluiggi, what’s up, when does the new Star Wars come out? what’s up with that? December what? Yeah December 2015 Well now let’s test your nerd skills. When does Game of Thrones Season five start? Damn! I’m not a big Game of Thrones fan sorry do you even game of thrones? No, I’m a loser I know. I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch Netflix. I don’t watch TV either but I watch Game of Thrones download.. I do play Pillars of Eternity, Oh. You trying to out nerd me? I don’t even know what game that is… that sucks If you were a nerd in the in 2001 and used to play Baldur’s Gate RPGs you should know what Pillars of Eternity is. 2001 I was probably playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 I’m a horrible nerd a lower level nerd… sorry guys I’ve been nerd shamed I’m is going to end this now this is over don’t speak to me again Bye guys! Bye! Do a flex! flex it! Do a flex? Show your manlet shoulders let’s see a flex Luis. It’s just two guys in tank tops, flexing at each other, this is totally normal this is not gay let’s see one! Alright. See ya!

99 thoughts on “14 years in ketosis, you can build muscle on ketogenic diet – Darthluiggi of reddit keto interview

  1. This is a very good video for me. Thanks for it! I'm on a keto diet since I'm diabetic, and I wanna build muscle after losing weight eating so much fat 😛 Again, can't thank you enuff for putting this up!!!
    (Man, 14 years in ketosis!!! That's longer than Stephanie Person :P)

  2. Is there a weight gain aspect to all this? Ketosis as I am familiar with the term implies the body feeding off it's own weight reserves, bec. of not enough food/nutrient intake. Sorry, seem to be one of the minority not interested in weight loss at the moment…

  3. Luis, thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us!  It is so greatly appreciated to hear this information from someone who walks the walk and doesn't just talk!  🙂  You look amazing!!

  4. I just started keto again (tried it once and lost a ton of weight) but I was concerned with muscle loss (happened before) due to lack of calories.
    Could you recommend a good starting point for macros or a site that could point me in the right direction?
    What percentage of fat, protein and carb should we consume daily and how can we figure out how much calories we need to a) lose fat or b) build muscle?

    I would GREATLY appreciate any help!

  5. That Twinlab MCT fuel would spare a lot of Glutamine if taken pre/post workout.
    Great stuff for preserving/building muscle for keto workout.

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  7. Hi from Canada, I been watching a few of your videos and have started a Keto diet for last two months. The reason I turned to Keto was some advice from a bodybuilding friend of mine to get leaner and build muscle for a men's physique show in next few years. He recommended the dave Palumbos Keto diet who is a bodybuilder legend and also a doctor. The only thing is I doing the Keto all natural and no foreign agents or steroids like his Keto diet uses.

    His diet consists of:

    Meal 1: 5 whole eggs and 4 egg whites

    Meal 2: 50 G protein shake with 1 tbsp of natural no salt no sugar peanut butter or almond

    Meal 3: 8oz lean protein (chicken or seafood) and 1/3 cup of almonds

    Meal4: 50 G protein shake and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

    Meal5: 8oz of fatty protein (fatty fish or beef) with a small green salad with 2 tsp olive oil and vinegar

    Meal6: 50g protein shake with 1 tbsp of peanut butter

    The only thing I've changed was I only have 4 whole eggs a day not 9, and I usually don't eat after 6 so u don't have my last protein shake so I guess I could say I intermittent fast till next day. I also add salt and seasoning to my food. I have had one carb refuel day once a week the only thing is on those days I have had Chinese food, pizza, popcorn once a week (is popcorn bad?) normal peanut butter and jam, while wheat bread, milk with healthy cereal.

    I been going to gym three times a week but going to increase it more to 5. My goal is to get lean and build muscle as well change my life style completely away from processed sugars and processed foods and live a lean lifestyle.

    I'm 28 years old, 5 feet 11 inches, 190 lbs might be less. I haven't figured out my macros. But I want to start adding more fats I honestly think I'm not in ketosis and doing it wrong I want to start adding avocados and coconut oil and non salted butter. I drink about two cups of coffee a day black I could add the butter and coconut milk to my coffee. I have lost about an inch or more from my waist. I don't drink any alcohol have not in ten years

    How much fat should I have per day or could you comment what a normal day could be like I don't take any other supplements no creatine or pre workout. I did experience almost a sleep comma first two weekends I had carbs was sleepy and just slept half the day and sometimes no energy to go to the gym Keep up the great videos email me at [email protected]

  8. So, some people are saying that these re-feed days completely ruin the adaption process, and you're ruining all of your hard work. Others are saying they carb back up every "X" days and they're completely shredded. I know there's no 1 size fits all for everyone but we're talking about majorly toying with hormones here, so who is right and who is wrong? Someone please comment. I don't want to put all the blood, sweat, and discipline into the wrong answer. (I'm 5 weeks into full Keto and still miserable and feel like shit. I lift 4 times a week on basically a lohilo routine. Had to cut cardio completely because I feel like I'm going to die). Also, my macros are completely on point, I'm not messing that part up.

  9. Hello. I have beed diagnosed with hypertension some time ago and I fixed that by drastically lowering the salt amount per day. Now beeing in keto I have to increase the salt level but doing that will increase my tension again. Any idea how to fix that ?

  10. What confuses me about this is that he says you can drop out of keto for a work out and resume ketosis an hour later, but a lot of what I've studied suggest it takes 3-5 days to get back into ketosis. 

    Admittedly, my workouts are suffering since I started cutting my carbs, so I'm wondering if I should do what he suggests and spike insulin before my workout.

  11. Hi. Thank you for this video. I have been competing as a figure athlete for 5 years in a row, experiencing with different cutting diets. I found that going on a keto diet without any re-feed, training 7 days a week, was for me the best way to get in contest shape. I actually enjoyed being on a keto state, no blood sugar fluctuation, no hunger. Once you are adapted to be in a keto state, you will have no problem lifting weight and gain muscle mass.

  12. in my opinion 1g per lbs of protein is miniumum… if you do 2 workouts per day then 1.5- 2g /lbs woul be required… always eat more fat then protein

  13. To the " @Itachi madara " guy:

    I'm on steroids? If you seriously think so:

    First, thanks, this means I've already "masde it"

    Second, you are deluded, and probably don't even lift, abd have shitty genetics. Get your facts straight on what can be achieved naturally. Just because you probably don't put enough effort in your diet and lifts, does not mean that anybody who is bigger than you is on steroids.

    And, regarding that there is no science to back up keto… Sorry man, there is a lot: www.reddit.com/r/ketoscience to start.


  14. I apologize if this was already covered and I missed it, but does anyone know of any us brands or distributors for the mct oil with added glucose he mentions. I love the idea of getting pre-workout carbs in simple, versatile supplement but can't find anything like that. What am I missing O_o

  15. @Primal Edge Health   Question for ya!  I understand that the key point in any diet is calories in versus calories out. Say I'm 22 years old, 5'9 and 175 lbs (roughly 13% body fat).  If maintenance was 3000 calories (just an arbitrary number), do you think I would lose more fat quicker if I was eating 2700 calories keto vs like 2500 calories non keto (still clean calories though).  I know the science points to which ever has less calories but I know carbs can trigger fat storage much easier.  I have been lifting for nearly 3 years and I would to get below 10% BF.  So before I choose a diet, I would like to choose one that can help me maintain as much muscle and strength as possible.  Thank you for your time.  Great videos by the way, very informative! 

  16. Great video, thanks.
    Long term admirer of Darthluiggi.
    This has been the last piece of motivation I needed to change from SKD to TKD.
    I'll be on it, and barbell training from Monday.

    Cheers and all the best.

  17. Hey, awesome interviews bro. im new to keto diet just started today infact for bodybuildin purposes. i know i have to be completely adapted to ketosis but what was the name of that oil Darthluiggi drank as a prework out? 

  18. I have to laugh. You speak to anybody who says Keto does not work and they will always lambast the thing. The geezer who invented it gave it a bloody good trial and error job before he recommended it! Then meanwhile a guy who could not care a crap and does not even go through the fat adaptation stage will say oh it is crap lol

    I was one of those guys but I will do it right this time….sugars, carbs….no good…body and mind just cant handle them…….

  19. ive done keto couple of times, which is nice and all for getting lean but i dream of swimming in cereal and juggling donuts and pancakes with my mouth

    0/10 ketos not for me lulz

  20. MY experience on ketogenesis (last 4 and a half years now)is  that…reach first the bf% you want inside ketosis..you might lack some energy at the begining,,and loose some strength but not much….then start to have cheat meals twice inside the week…i do that…but always, when you are in keto you must consume fats.!!!carefull…you stop the many carbs ..but you must eat a lot of fat….and some protein too…(not shakes and powders….only real food like fatty fish,fatty meat,fat cheese and whole eggs).learn the body to use fat as fuel…you will find your strength again..but it takes some time to do that maybe even 1 -2month…but it pays off at the end…the good thing in ketosis is that you stay lean for many years…..and gradually building muscle..that's the most natural way by the way,,,nature needs time to build stuff…pumping your body constanly with carbs might give you pump and water for some time …gradually you get fat…with keto that doesn't happen..

  21. Want rock-solid 6 pack abs that girls can't resist touching? Discover why 95% of people who start a muscle building program will fail miserably and how you can succeed.

  22. This is all very fascinating  to learn about. I hope you don't mind my question. First off, I'm always searching for more info on Keto. I started with Paleo- found Primal w/ Mark Sisson from there I ended up doing Keto for I wasn't losing weight fast enough on the others.   So far a little over 3 months I have lost 21 pounds- would like to lose at least 30 more . Love the Energy 🙂
       I have a chronic low back condition which limits me to do exercise , lifting , bending , but I do try to get walking in and of course move my arms and legs . If I keep on this Keto  will I lose muscle and just have hanging skin ?  My legs are fairly strong and tight , mostly just my arms have a little loose skin . Will this tighten up as I lose more . 
      Thank you, Great info here !

  23. This is one of the most informative videos I have seen on keto. Kudos to both of you. What was the exact name of the salt supplement mentioned at 36:56 ?

  24. Loving the vid but captions go a little overboard to say the least. I know you clearly want to say more of what you're thinking about what he's saying personally but I have to tune out the subs all together to appreciate what he's saying at all.

  25. I don't watch Stephanie you either do my two sisters. I get anxiety and nervous when I watch her popping all over the place. And I wouldn't pay her $100 to tell me what to eat. This guy is easy to watch and doesn't seem to have attention deficit disorder.

  26. hi guys, can i still take my creatine & whey protein while doing low-carbs diet at the same time and training with HIIT? appreciate your reply to this, tnx in advance!

  27. I absolutely love this podcast dude, instant subbed I plan on starting keto bodybuilding asap and this was full of answers for all of my questions! Good stuff

  28. This video is too long but its worth lots of information that can help people like me whose new in ketosis diet..you have a new subscribers here..thanks..definetly going to follow you guys ..

  29. have huge cuestion, I was doing low carb diet, was feeling awesome, and for some reason I cant explain and is my mainly councern, I started loosing my hair in a worrie way, I had 3 weeks loosing it, wen I stop doing keto, I start getting scare, I du was going thru a training class to keep a job, so I don't know if it was stress, cuss actually I have never consider my self as a worrier person, ever. but now, I only have about 20 % of my hair, and I just don't know what could be the reason it trigger it, just making a comment and see if someone knows, or has jumped into this problem, I can leave without being in keto, al ready gain about 20 pounds and fell miserable, so please If someone know something, I really want to get back to keto, but I don't want to loose the rest of my hair, I have new hair, by taking biotin and shampoo, soo, Thanks for comments,

  30. perhaps you can but do you have too if you wanna get best results? when on keto, you only get suboptimal results compared to the normal diet. hence these acrobatics with TKD and CKD… you need carbs to build muscle. period.

  31. Thanks for this vid. ! my question: what proportion we should use on keto diet while workin out??
    about 50 grams of carbs but how much proteins to fat?? 1:1 or more fat??

  32. So should I be adding 25 grams of high GI carbs before my workouts then? I already eat about 15-20grams net carbs per day, so that would put me at 45grams net total. How would I implement this insulin spike, ive been in KETO for 5 weeks testing my blood levels and all that and this method I have found interesting and have seen many advocate 25-50 grams carb 20-30 minutes before a workout.

  33. Love the butthurt from the losers who follow Durianrider. He has the body of a 15 year old, face of a 75 year old crack addict, eats fruits and sugar and claims that makes him in shape yet cycles all day (no wonder you have low body fat you dumb fuck) These two eat 70% healthy natural fats all day, eat delicious meals and are in better shape than any of these fuck heads.

  34. Wow I just started with bulletproof coffee and eating more farm fresh eggs and grass fed meets, I had cold hands, runny nose insomnia I never thought this was related to this shift… Okay more veggies no problem! I love to juice and green smoothies. Thank you soooo much for the information.

  35. excellent interview, finally! you explained everything beautifully so newbies would understand thankyou thank you

  36. Okay, so I've been in ketosis and trying to work out and TWICE in TWO YEARS it's caused severe electrolyte imbalances. How have you been able to avoid this? Do you supplement your potassium / magnesium?

  37. Drinking on keto is not recommended from my experience. Makes me hella sick, tolerance disappears. I'd also strongly recommend staying away from wine, it usually contains large amounts of sugar. You're going to be drinking neat spirits – look out for flavoured varieties that may have added sugar – with sugar free mixers. However remember that aspartame and the like knock many people out of ketosis and still contain grams of carbs. Vodka and soda water with a squeeze of fresh lime seems to be the smartest thing I've drunk. 2 or 3 of those and that's more than enough for me. Gone are the days of endless pints.

  38. I just wanna ask if primal edge health is natural. I don't really care about it, I just wanna know because I've started a keto diet and I don't wanna waste my time if gains depend on extra hormones

  39. you guys are fucking idiots. ketosis is a starvation survival response, not a performance diet. if you want to perform well and subsequently get lean and STAY that way, you need to eat some fucking carbs. but if you want to listen to some fake natty youtube salesmen tell you lies to get you on a fad diet, feel free to do that as well. it's your body!

  40. Watching the whole thing. 29:00 Creatine always, "ALWAYS" destroyed my physique. I blew up and looked like a sponge. Fuck Creatine!

  41. This video has good advice, but I'm not sure about the best diet plan which i need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed some people refer to amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  42. Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my cooworker lost lots of weight with it.

  43. i won 3 gold medals A Elite racquetball tournaments and gained 10 lbs of muscle on ketogenic. you just have to know what you are doing on it. carbs burn very quickly versis ketones for energy. i lasted for hours as an athlete

  44. That's BULLSHIT! 14 YEARS IN KETOSIS??? This guy looks like he's 27. You mean to tell me he started doing this at 7 years old??

  45. Can we take creatine mono-hydrate on keto with alpha liopic acid as its an insulin mimicker , i read about that it can cause hypoglycemia how do you take creatine

  46. Diet Plan known as Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on many videos and I thought they were scams. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost plenty of weight with it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

  47. Luis said he ingested MCT oil that has a shot of glucose in it? I can't find anything like that. Am I searching wrong or is he taking an additional shot of Glucose from some other source?

  48. I'm on day #20. I was glad to hear Luis say it could take 6-12 weeks to get adaptive to where you feel strong again. My strength is slowly coming back – first week was crap – but my endurance isn't what it was. I teach an hour Spin class after I train and I noticed (even today when I didn't lift prior to class) that I get gaspy faster. I look forward to that improving.

  49. Just bought the cookbook you and your wife created, it is awesome, living on rasberry mousse, and pizza and nachos and it's a relief to have such a great go to book,for any cravings, and just yummy dinners, Nachos is my favorite right now :)… well done you two totally awesome. my best cookbook by far.

  50. Science has found that it's not protein that builds muscle. It's calories. Ketogeneic eating will keep insulin stable so you're not hungry all the time. I personally do keto with green vegetables and do resistance training to stay strong as I enter my senior years.

  51. This is one of the best and informative videos I've watched on this subject. I now have a plan and its going to be TKD.

  52. HI ! Can i drink coffee on keto (especially in the begining). I'm addict and i feel really crap without it

  53. I am totally with you on this one. I spent months researching keto and several weeks transitioning into it. I first cut out added sugar, then cut my pasta and bread consumption in half. After that I started eating pasta no more than once a week and completely got rid of bread, replacing it with butter slathered burger patties and cheese. Eventually I was consistently below 40g carb each day so i decided to order a keto mojo. First test 2.7mmol .. I realized at that moment I had transitioned to ketosis with no sign of any side effects. Clearly there is reason to believe that the gradual transition prevents the common problems.

  54. Yup 20 years 5 months and 6 days in 15 mins… Keto. Straight keto. We do keto for health and to keep cancer at Bay. Raised 4 kids keto and now a granddaughter.. so I can believe this guy… There are a lot of told stories yet to be heard on why people do it and how long they have been …one common theme…#itworks….??

  55. Hi, I think the subtitle is wrong (belongs to another video: Q&A with Darthluiggi). Please change the subtitle. Thanks

  56. I’ve never experienced the so called Keto flu…I think it might be because I ate regular SAD food but only once per day and was only eating 1000 calories per day before I even heard of Keto for over 15 years…I always knew intuitively that North Americans over eat…never knew why people had to eat 3 or more times a day…seemed fucking weird to me…but know I see it’s not just about how many calories you eat…it’s about macros and nutrient density and vitamins and minerals.

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