almost forgot my phone what you have to
do to make something look good on YouTube hello people and welcome to my
channel Jon Sheppard Fitness it’s another day in vlogging everyday in
August and today I’m just catching the bus if you don’t know why I catch the
boss well got back from driving being very stupid and I’m now going to vation
we’re gonna check in every month because I’m a naughty boy and I suggest you
don’t do something what I did because it’s a bit of a pain go into this every
month got posties first and trying to get a little bit money back off the
taxman and where you can claim for your
watching if you wear uniforms you can actually came back 60 quid a year if
you’ve been watching your own clothes and paying for it yourself
and a post it get on the bus and then gang with the rest of the block well just came out information NRA I’m
gonna be doing a late gym session today obviously I’ve got my son now two weeks
and I got no one to look after him today until nighttime so I’m gonna be going to
the gym late at night gonna be a push day so I’m
gonna be smashing out asuma chest and I think I might fancy a PB on a bench
press the moment he was a hundred and thirteen visit when I think they’re free
P B’s in one day if you haven’t seen that go and check it out it’s amazing
video I mean I basically got did free PBS in free compound movements in one
session so it’s well worth the watch link in the bio link in the description
down below well gonna go get something dinner now
and then go to the gym later I just got off the bus now and basically I’ve only
got about an hour and a half to get in the gym
do a workout get the boss before the last book of the night gets here so I’m
not going to be doing a full push-up session which I’ll be doing today I’m
gonna leave out shoulders I can do them and over day so I was just gonna be
mainly focusing on chest what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a few heavy sets and
see how I feel see what I get up to and then I’m gonna
do three sets of my working set which ever it my strength on the day that’s
why usually do because what I like to do is I like to know what my work insect is
sometimes it can be more on days than other days news eats around the same but
as it’s late at night and haven’t really done in late night workout for a long
time I might not be as strong as I noodly am because I’m quite quite tired
now you know and we’ll just have to see so I’ll see you in the gym and let’s see
what I can push yeah yeah let’s go
I think the first with the curse with the first that I wanna be better not
worse man it hurts among the circuit of my words and I put
them all together insert cuz I wanna have worth looking at the heart that it
took me in the dirt then I go fine and listen to my words gonna be a star man
our second player when you’re working this heartache Foster’s yeah I’m taking
a back seat I’m passing everybody else we stopped being I’m nasty nobody gave
up they catch me they gasping and taking a compared they cannot see I’m an SP I
got you girl I seen that fan and dancing you know my wife she yes game to crash
for me snaps with me since after she was cash money and she knows that of the
Devesh leo just to feel
I fight to strive one day and I’m gonna stop till I’m at the top
man every single chunk got me feeling uh sir I’m a bunch of blob started from the
fuck down inside just feel
fight fight describe one day well guys and there you have it that is
my chest session not bad not bad at all and pretty impressed with my actual
benchpress on the barbell I worked it off I did light set dig what I’m doing
as I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing six reps six
reps six reps and then going up the weights all the time and got to a
hundred and I did three sets of four so I decided sigh do an over set and I
did and as you can see I did a hundred and ten my thumbnail was like on my
phone right in the eyes I actually can’t see in front of me now because I’m
blinded by the light on the camera but as you can see there was I need to stop
a coffee one dude and there you go you see that was a chest workout I did think
I when I was on the bus I thought I recorded the 110 I actually didn’t so
I’m a bit gutted about that because I’ve got no proof that I did the 110 but it’s
still not my PB well obviously I’m getting stronger
oh yeah this time about four or five months ago I couldn’t I couldn’t do reps
400 so it just shows that working out it sticking at your goals doing this
progressive overload keep on doing it don’t just do easy weights make sure
you’re you’re having working sex so if you don’t know what a working set is for
you try a one maxed rep on whatever you want to do and a good one max rep you
know like that you’re not getting no help at all then just 80% it that’s all
you need to do basically you need to so if you’re one max rep is a hundred
say on the bench who 80% of your max one rep and that is it so it would be 80 and
then you doing your sets what you want to be doing is you want to be doing that
eight to twelve region doing three to four sets you can do free call you can
do eight reps at free call but then you’ve got something to improve on maybe
after a few weeks if you’re feeling stronger try and get another rep out you
know or get another setting that is progressive overload and that’s how you
become stronger I wouldn’t suggest just going to the gym and trying to do one
max reps all the time because it’s just pointless because you will not get any
stronger you’ll just do one max rep and that is it and then you’re like wow and
then it’s just wait a time but anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog this is a
late night vlog for me I’m now have to go back home and edit this so I can get
it out for you lot tomorrow it’s a it’s a bit of a late one so I’m probably
going up for the next couple of hours editing this so hope you enjoyed if you
did give me a thumbs up and please subscribe if you’re not if there’s
anything you want to see me do let me know in the comments down below and I’ll
trying it in because I got plenty of days left anyway I will see you tomorrow
bye you


  1. Really digging the new style of videos man. That eddie hall 6 rep scheme seems to be working well for you. I may have to give that a try some time

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