who wants to speed up weight loss? In
this video, I’m gonna show you 10 real tried and tested ways on how to do it
because I’ve literally never met anybody who didn’t want to lose weight faster
these are the exact same tips that I give to all my private coaching clients
and they’ve all gotten some amazing results so you know it works alright
let’s get into it what is going on guys Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com I help busy professionals lose
weight so they can feel more confident fit better into their clothes and live
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alright let’s get into it number one if you want to speed up
weight loss you need to cut out snacks and this is one of the lowest hanging
fruits out there but it’s also been one of the most damaging things that we
started doing to our bodies because here’s the thing back in the 60s back in
1960s there was no obesity and they ate ice cream candy and desserts back then
but everyone also just ate three square meals a day and then fast forward to
1980 and this is when the USDA introduced the first Dietary Guidelines
for Americans again the food pyramid and we switched to a predominantly high carb
low fat diet and we also started snacking and guess what? That’s also the
time when this whole obesity epidemic started and for this to make sense you
need to understand a little bit about basic human physiology and no, it’s not
just calories in versus calories out so every time you eat your insulin goes up
and this is a normal response by your body so if your insulin goes up you are
in fat storage mode your body has to deal with all the food that’s coming in
and has to convert it to usable energy and all that stuff so if you eat three
meals a day you get an insulin spike three times so you’re pretty balanced
let’s say you eat breakfast at 7 a.m. and then you finish eating dinner at 7
p.m. so you have a 12-hour eating window and a 12-hour fasting window you’re
breakeven you’re balanced because your insulin level gets a chance to get low
in between your meals right so you’re only eating 3 meals now if you eat 6
meals a day especially if you’re a late-night snacker you get 6 insulin
spikes spread out during the day so let’s say you wake up at 6 a.m. and then
you eat a snack in between meals so you wake up at 6:00 a.m. you snack lunch snack dinner and then you eat a late-night
snack at 10:00 p.m. what that means is you’re
literally in fat storage mode all day long
so if you eat from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. you have an 18 hour eating window
and only a 6-hour fasting window you are in fat storage mode for most of the
day does that make sense and the other problem with snacking is a lot of the
snacks out there a lot of the go-to snacks come in like a wrapper a box or
some form of container which means that it’s been processed in some way shape or
form remember there are no bad foods only processed ones and the higher the
processing and the sugar content the higher the insulin spike that your body
gets from it like nobody really brings hard-boiled eggs or some avocado with
some tuna as a snack we bring granola bars protein bars right we eat
frankenfoods we go to Starbucks mid-morning and order our crappy frappy
or choco mocha latte and then we take our pre-workout you take your BCAA you
take your protein powder you sip on Gatorade like you don’t need any of
those things even if you’re an athlete so step number one if you want to speed
up weight loss you need to stop snacking number two once you stop snacking and
you want to speed up your weight loss even more you want to start
incorporating time restricted eating also known as intermittent fasting and I
talk about this in further detail in a lot of my other videos so make sure
you check that out but here’s all you need to know this is the complete
opposite of eating six meals a day which is based on nothing but bro science and
I’ll explain why in a second so if you shorten your eating window you
put yourself in a restricted time eating pattern you’re giving your body time to
use stored energy aka body fat because you’re allowing
your insulin levels to get really low and again that only happens when you
don’t eat this is how we evolved as human beings body fat is literally
stored energy waiting to be used but you only get access to it if you lower your
insulin levels I told you it’s not just calories in calories out and this is
one of my favorite questions to ask anybody and I ask this question on
every video what do you think will happen if you don’t eat what do you
think will happen if you take a break from eating you’re gonna lose weight I
don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out the minimum
effective dose by the way when it comes to time restricted eating is a
a 16-hour fast so you have a 16-hour fasting window and an eight-hour eating
window and the easiest way to do this honestly is to just skip breakfast
because breakfast is not the most important meal of the day if that is
news to you well now you know and by the way just to shed some light on how this
whole eating six meals a day came to fruition it’s based on the thermic
effect of food so it’s the energy required for digestion absorption and
disposal of and be ingested nutrients it’s based on the fact that you need to
eat food and you’re relying on your body to use up some calories to burn it
basically you’re eating in order to lose weight that is literally the world’s
greatest oxymoron how about this how about you just don’t eat or you eat in a
smaller eating window to me that sounds like a better deal just don’t ingest any
calories use your own body fat for energy instead number three if you want
to speed up weight loss you need to eat your veggies first and this is a hack
that’s worked for me personally and I’ve been doing this since 2012 and it’s
worked for all my students and it almost sounds too simple to be effective but it
just flat-out works okay especially if you’re a volume eater if you like to eat
big like me so before every one of your meals
you’re gonna eat like a green salad or you’re gonna eat your veggies first but
not just any type of vegetable I want you to eat green cruciferous vegetables
so I’m talking about broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts kale
cabbage bok choy and other green leafy vegetables these vegetables from the
cruciferous family are very filling and contain a minimal amount of calories so
you can eat as much of this stuff as you want guilt-free and the truth is most
people aren’t eating any vegetables as it is and I used to be guilty of this so
I totally get it so if that’s you you need to start using vegetables there is
absolutely no way around this if you want to be healthy and lose weight
nowadays my entire plate is filled with like 85% vegetables and I’m not even
vegetarian I just like it because it has a lot of volume and all of my clients
also eat in this similar fashion but again I want you to eat your vegetables
first because if you save them until the very end
chances are very high that they’re gonna wind up as leftovers especially if you
eat family dinner style and you get to pick and choose
what goes on your plate and how much of it you need to load up on vegetables and
you need to eat it first like 170 grams of broccoli for example contains 50
calories you know what else contains 50 calories one Oreo cookie let me ask you
this when was the last time you just ate one
okay back to broccoli so 170 grams of broccoli contains 10 grams of carbs and
6 grams of fiber which gives you a net carb count of just 4 grams of carbs
it also has 6 grams of protein it contains calcium vitamin A iron and it
has a hundred twenty percent of your daily allowance of vitamin C it’s good
for you and if you don’t know what 170 grams of vegetables look like
it’s a lot it basically fills half of a decent sized plate but here’s the crazy
part is that I actually eat twice that amount so I eat 340 grams of vegetables
the other ones are in the form of cauliflower roasted Brussels sprouts and
maybe some resistant starch like sweet potatoes so by the time that I get to my
proteins and fats I’m usually going to be at that sweet spot where I can really
enjoy it and not have to feel like I have to go for seconds and if you want
a proven plan on how to put this all together properly then make sure you
stick around until the end of the video number 4 if you want to speed up
weight loss you need to stop eating fruit and I always get a reaction every
time I say that every time somebody watches my video but I’m all about
speaking the truth here so hear me out and I’m a very reasonable guy – so I’m
gonna level with you on this okay so if your diet consists of you know you eat
cornflakes first thing in the morning and then you eat a granola bar as a
snack and then for lunch you go to a drive-thru window and pick up fast food
and then you sip on pre-workout you drink Gatorade during your workout and
then you pick up something to go on your way home and then you eat I don’t know
ice cream before bed then sure if you replace some of those foods with fruit
that’s a great first step so please eat fruit if that’s you if I literally
described your typical day but if you’re stuck you think that you’re eating
healthy so you’ve hit a weight loss plateau the next thing that needs to go
is fruit so for this to make sense we gotta go back to our hunter-gatherer
ways because that’s how we evolved think about it this way fruit back then was
seasonal so during the summer when we were in
gathering mode our ancestors would come across berries and they would eat them
to fatten up for the winter which makes fruit extremely lipogenic. Lipogenic means
it’s fattening that’s what it’s designed for it makes you fat for the winter so
you have fat stores to burn when there’s no food available and it’s extremely
lipogenic because of the sugar in fruit called fructose fructose can only be processed
by your liver to turn it into usable energy
the problem is your liver is also what processes all the other carbs that you
take in so it gets overloaded and that’s how you get fatty liver disease are you
with me so far so again fruit was seasonal back then
right but nowadays fruit is available to us 365 days out of the year you can get
any type of fruit you want all year long and the other thing about fruit is
fruits today compared to how it is back then aren’t even remotely close to
being similar like they’re bred to be bigger they’re bred to be sweeter if you
look at a strawberry at a grocery store sometimes it looks like this mutated
thing I’m like what the hell is this oranges are like bigger and so sweet
like they didn’t use to taste that sweet back then now if you really insist on
eating fruit then that’s okay but you need to follow how we evolved we eat
that stuff so eat it in the summer don’t eat fruit in the winter but time and
time again okay every time I’ve worked with all my private coaching clients the
more fruit they deleted from their diet so the less fruit they ate the more
weight they lost next let’s quickly talk about apple cider vinegar if you want to
speed up weight loss listen I’m not big on supplements and detox drinks because
a lot of them are completely bogus especially juice cleanses you know the
ones that you can buy from your boutique cold-pressed juice store I saw a price
the other day it’s like $500 for juice I’m like what’s in that thing like is it
made out of gold I need to get on the juicing business now there’s actually a
lot of studies on apple cider vinegar that shows that it actually helps speed
up weight loss there’s studies out there that apple cider vinegar actually
increase your metabolism help you burn more fat it decreases appetite it
improves insulin sensitivity and it even helps lower blood sugar levels there’s
also another study out there where they had a control group a group that took
one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a two tablespoon group and
researchers found that the 2tbsp group actually lost more weight compared to
the other two groups specifically more belly fat but keep in mind okay
keep in mind that the 2tbsp group only lost two kilos over the course of three
months so I’m just gonna stop you now and this isn’t about chugging apple
cider vinegar because Oh two tablespoons equals two kilos then four tablespoons
means four kilos no you take this stuff to supplement proper diet and exercise
number six speaking of exercise let’s talk about
how to use exercise properly to speed up weight loss and if you’ve been watching
my videos you’ll know that there is a right way and a wrong way to exercise
what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to get into what I like to call
chronic cardio patterns where you’re doing workouts every day that are too long and
too hard you want to have a multi-faceted approach and that’s what
the next couple of tips are all about so you want to start by doing comfortably
paced cardio workouts three to five times every week below your maximum
aerobic capacity if you don’t know what your maximum aerobic capacity is you can
use dr. Phil Mafetone’s 180 formula where you take 180 minus your age so for
me it’s 180 minus 32 which gives me 148 so
148 beats per minute is my maximum aerobic capacity and I want to do
workouts below that so if you exercise in that range that’s where the
fat-burning zone is that’s where your body utilizes fatty acids for energy and
if you’re trying to lose weight that’s exactly what you want and when you do
workouts below your maximum aerobic capacity you’re going to be shocked how
easy and comfortable they are and I always like to say that listen
not every workout needs to be a near-death experience number seven if
you want to speed up weight loss you want to do strength workouts in the form
of HIIT two to three times per week so HIIT stands for high-intensity
interval training a perfect example of a HIIT workout or Tabata style workouts
where you go 20 seconds max intensity followed by a 10 second rest do that for
8 cycles so you’re working out for just four minutes and if you want a free
sample of a Tabata workout again make sure you stick around until the end of the
video but what HIIT workout does specifically is it predominantly uses
glycogen for energy it’s also a great way to build lean muscle so when you do
hit workouts you drain your muscle glycogen stores and if you follow
a time restricted eating pattern and you become more insulin sensitive and you become
more metabolically flexible your body will then start tapping into your
unlimited fat stores for energy you speed up weight loss number eight if you
want to speed up weight loss you need to start doing sprint workouts okay so if
you haven’t noticed so far I am a big proponent of the primal way of life
because that’s how we started right like we evolved as human beings two and a
half million years ago like we have been around for a long time and we’re still
genetically identical to our Paleolithic ancestors and I don’t think it gets any
more primal than doing sprint workouts yet nobody talks about this stuff
instead you see people do the weirdest stuff at the gym and you know exactly
what I’m talking about here right and listen you don’t need to do sprint
workouts very often honestly like once a week or even like once every ten days
it’s fine it kind of depends on your energy levels like you want to feel good
when you do these workouts again going back to our primal way so our ancestors
back then right so when they’re in hunting mode they would encounter like a
wild pig or a deer and it would run away and our ancestors would what would start
sprinting to catch this animal and it’s the exact same thing if you’re being
chased by a predator like a lion you have to run for your life so what
sprinting does is it literally turbo charges your fat burning’ because your
body goes into full survival mode and that promotes optimal gene expression on
a cellular level it also triggers the use it or lose it response in your body
especially when it comes to your organs like you want your organs to be
functioning at a high level when you’re sprinting like when you do sprint
workouts your body looks for old and damaged cells and gets rid of it because
it wants to be more efficient for the next sprint but more importantly your
body looks at body fat as something that’s not needed because it literally
slows you down in the wild the fattest animals always gets eaten first
and you don’t need to overcomplicate these Sprint workouts so if you have access to
a track or even just a treadmill just go all out for like 10 to 15 seconds and
then rest for one minute and then you want to repeat this cycle anywhere
between six to ten times or if you can’t run you have knee problems you can do
Sprint’s on a machine like a stationary bike for example and because it’s a
little less weight-bearing you can go a little bit longer so you can go 15 to 20
seconds all-out followed by a one minute rest and then again you do
that for like six to ten cycles so if you do six cycles of this that’s less
than 10 minutes Tabata workouts that I mentioned a while
ago four minutes if you do two of them eight minutes
that’s why I’ll never believe anybody that says that they don’t have time to
workout because A), you don’t even need to go to the gym and B) you don’t even need
to use weights just do bodyweight movements like if you say that you don’t
have time to work out that is just pure laziness and that’s okay too
but you just can’t complain about the results that you’re not getting from the
work that you’re not putting in number nine and this is another low-hanging
fruit that is worth mentioning on every video if you want to speed up weight
loss you need to get adequate sleep every single night this is
non-negotiable listen if you don’t get this part right just forget about all
the other nine things or eight things that I’ve mentioned so far it’s not
gonna work you’re gonna need divine intervention to lose weight if you don’t
get good sleep because here’s the thing is that not getting enough sleep on a
daily basis leads you to not being a good functional human being the next day
you just don’t have any energy to do anything notice how you always tend to
skip workouts eat the worst food when you don’t get good sleep? lack of sleep
affects the amygdala which is the reward center of your brain so you’re more
susceptible to temptations and it messes up with important fat loss hormones like
cortisol which is your stress hormone ghrelin which is your hunger hormone and
leptin which is the hormone that signals your body that you’re full the hormones
that I just mentioned don’t work the same when you’re sleep-deprived
causing you to feel hungrier and just crave the worst food throughout the day
like nobody really wakes up from being out late the night before and says oh I
really want to eat broccoli and hard-boiled eggs no we crave the worst
food we crave McDonald’s mimosas brunch or whatever there’s actually a research
out there that shows that when participants cut back on sleep over a 14
day period the amount of fat they lost dropped by 55% you are literally going
against your hormones if you don’t get adequate sleep but here’s where it gets
crazy there’s another research out there that
shows that after five days okay five days just five days of getting five
hours of sleep the participants health qualified as being pre-diabetic all you
need to know about sleep is this the less you sleep the more you weigh. So get
some sleep ideally anywhere between 7 to 9 hours in
a pitch-black room every single night the next person I
meet who complain about getting enough sleep at night would be the first and
number 10 give it some time this is always a highlighted tip on my channel
is that you need to give this stuff some time it didn’t take you a few days or a
couple of weeks to put on all the weight that you’re trying to lose it probably
took you months if not years so why would you think that you can just drop
it overnight or in one week it doesn’t work like that and I know that it’s easy to
fall into this trap because we live in a society where it’s all about instant
gratification right we want results right away but level with me on this
okay I always say there are levels to this let’s say you have a lot of weight
to lose and you lost two pounds of fat every week which is a very sustainable
way to lose weight like can you be more aggressive and lose two and a half or
three pounds sure but then you’re really gonna have
to start eating way less food than you’re used to but to make things simple
again let’s use two pounds of fat loss if you multiply that by twenty six weeks
or six months that’s fifty two pounds of fat gone forever I don’t care how much
weight you have to lose a 52 pound fat loss is life changing so give it some
time and if you follow all ten things that I gave you in this video you’re
gonna speed up your weight loss so it’s not a matter of if you’re gonna lose
weight it’s only a matter of when the next question then becomes how are you
actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here’s the thing 80%
of your body composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can follow
to help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process
specifically designed for busy professionals and it’s the exact same
blueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gone to
see some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then download
your FREE copy of the lean body blueprint right now there’s gonna be a
link somewhere at the top here or in the description box just click on it type in
your email and I’ll send it to you right away
alright that’s all I’ve got give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
share it with your friends please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
already I post a new video every week and hey leave a comment below if you
have any questions about this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video virtual high five

54 thoughts on “10 PROVEN WAYS TO SPEED UP WEIGHT LOSS [How To Lose Weight Fast!]

  1. 10 real and proven ways to speed up weight loss so you can lose weight faster.
    ➡ FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the Lean Body Blueprint here: https://www.newbiefitnessacademy.com/blueprint/

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  4. Grapefruit helps you lose weight. Its powerful in what it can do with speeding up your digestive system. Avacado is also a fruit that is considered an energizer for your metabolism. Not all fruit is bad. Look at the difference between green and yellow bananas: Green has almost 90% less sugar and helps to speed up weight loss while yellow is high in sugar and is not for weight loss.

  5. #1 cut out snacks
    #2 intermittent fasting
    #3 eat veggies first
    #4 stop Eating fruit
    #5 apple cider vinegar couple of Tble a day
    #6 do comfortably cardio workouts below your aerobic capacity
    #7 HIIT
    #8 sprint workouts
    #9 get plenty of sleep
    #10 give it time

  6. I now realise I don't want to loose weight, I want to normalise my weight. Fixing hormonal balance being my first focus, amount of food intake, timing of food intake, quality of food, regular movement.
    In that order.

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  11. Hey, these are great tips to speed up one's weight loss journey! I wanted to share few pitfalls to avoid.

    1. Doing the same workout day in and day out.

    You either have to increase the intensity or change your routine regularly if you want to maintain your weight loss.
    Your body adapts very quickly when you do the same workout everyday!

    2. Not drinking enough water.

    Don't get so caught up in eating healthy foods that you overlook drinking adequate water. Staying hydrated reduces hunger, increases the number of calories you burn and improves your body's ability to burn body fat for energy.

  12. Lately I've been maxing out at 6 hours of sleep, and waking up at 5am every morning for the last 7 days. No sounds are waking me up and it almost feels like my body has a natural alarm.

    So basically when I wake (for the past 7 days) my eyes just quickly open wide and I can't go back to sleep. When I look in other places they tell me that it's energy that's waking me up.

    I could/should turn this into an early morning ritual/routine where I wake up, stretch, meditate, and workout much earlier in the morning fasted. Honestly that news is beautiful to me and I can't wait for the summer time.

    I could literally start my morning regiments during sunrise. I know you guys mostly stress getting 7 to 10 hours of sleep but there's something divine about waking up at what would typically be sunrise in the summer. This has been happening to me no matter what time I go to sleep at night. For the past 7 days I have been waking up at 5am.

    Also, as of today I'm approaching a 72 hour fast! I break my fast today at 3pm central time!

  13. 24/1 water all day n a cup of black coffee no sugar as a snack have one meal 2 hours before bed u can also have lemon and water it works trust me try it for 7 days u will see yes I love this video veggies ate important cut out too much fruits they hv sugar 💪

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  16. I have lost 25lbs cutting out refined sugar, eating tons of veggies and doing OMAD..been using ACV as well and this stuff works! Pulled a 48hr fast and broke my fast earlier today. I do feel a bit lightheaded when doing a prolonged fast though :/

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    Insulin has zero to do with it. Cutting back your eating windows cuts calories if you used to be a person who ate all day.

    You're full of shit.

    Fruit is low in calories fruit will never make you fat. Guys like you are the problem. Giving people stupid advice!

    Low intensity steady-state cardio is the best. Wow you got one thing right

    Hit cardio is shit most people will get hurt doing hit. LISS cardio low intensity steady-state cardio will burn most calories also help you lose the most weight.

    When you're sleeping your not eating (not adding calories)

    1% of your body weight a week!! 2 lbs is a bold number. If your already thin that can be a lot of weight. 1 lb is a better goal.

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