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– We get it, knowing which
exercises to do off the bike can be overwhelming. I have the 10 essential exercises every cyclist needs to
know, let’s check them out. (upbeat music) For a Dumbbell Deadlift make
sure you start with feet hip distance apart. You’re gonna be hinging at the
hips, pressing the hips back, as you paint the front of
the legs with the dumbbells. Right when the wrist
comes right past the knee, drive the ground away
from you as you come right back up to standing. (upbeat music) Lateral Step with a Leg Lift. Taking your outside leg, stepping
right on top of the step, you’re gonna lift up, and
then lift the opposite leg out to the side. When you step on your step,
make sure that the foot is all the way on and that the shoulders stay stacked over the hips. (upbeat music) Single-Leg Glute Bridge. So starting by lying on your back with the knees bent, you’re
just gonna extend one leg up so that both knees are
in line with each other, and then lifting hips
up towards the ceiling, you’re just gonna slowly
come up and then lower down. We’re targeting the glutes
here, the backside of the body. Cycling is a pretty
quad dominant exercise, so any opportunity that we have to strengthen the backside, we’ll take. (upbeat music) Moving on to Air Squat. Feet are gonna start
about hip distance apart, toes pointed slightly out. All you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna sit back with a nice flat back and come
right back up to standing. As you lower down, make
sure you drive the knees out so that they’re tracking over the toes. (upbeat music) Russian Twist. Now, these are our core
exercise, where you’re gonna need one dumbbell. Start it by sitting down
with heals on the ground. You’re gonna hold the dumbbell
right in front of the chest. Lifting feet up of the ground,
you’re just gonna slowly rotate the dumbbell side-to-side
keeping the core engaged. Keep in mind, that
strengthening the obliques will help minimize rotation when you’re peddling up and down. (upbeat music) Swimmers, now we’re gonna
be starting on the mat, flat on our bellies. All we’re gonna be doing is pretending we’re in a body of water. You’re just gonna be lifting opposite leg and opposite hand up, as you make your way through the water, staying
balancing on the hips, while keep the chest
and the thighs lifted. Swimmers target the entire
back to counter that hunched over position that we found ourselves when we’re on the bike. Tricep Dips, you’re
gonna wanna use a chair or a bench for this one. All you’re gonna do is scoot yourself off, supporting yourself with your arms. Bending the elbows backward,
you’re gonna slowly extend up. Now keep in mind, the triceps
are in charge of extending the arm, meaning you’re gonna
be able to hold yourself up on that bike for longer rides. (upbeat music) Renegade Rows, they’re good
for strengthening our backside, and our core, and our arms. So grabbing onto your
dumbbells, you’re gonna start in pushup plank position. Feet hip distance apart, all
you’re gonna do is a pushup followed by a row on one arm,
and then the opposite arm, and repeating through. (upbeat music) Lateral Lunge with an Overhead Press. You’re gonna start with the
dumbbells in a rack position. Stepping out to the side with
the toes pointed forward, hips shift back as you
bend the outside knee. You’re gonna come back to standing, and you’re gonna press overhead. Now because we’re riding on the bikes, always moving in a sagittal
plane, this is a great exercise to counter those moves, since we’re moving laterally, and we’re also extending overhead. (upbeat music) Burpees, now Burpees are
a perfect total-body move that you can use to strengthen
almost every single muscle and get your heart rate
up at the same time. (upbeat music) For more exercises like these, make sure you head to bicycling.com.

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