10 Amazing Maca Root Benefits for Men and Women

Imagine a plant that helps you lose weight,
prevents diabetes, strengthens your heart and immune system, boosts your energy, cures
mood swings, strengthens your bones, improves fertility, and serves as an aphrodisiac. It almost sounds too good to be true. This plant is called Peruvian Ginseng, and
it’s also known as Maca. This root, which kind of looks like a radish,
comes from the Andes and has grown in popularity due to its health benefits. Studies show that the people that eat Maca
regularly maintain good health until a much older age, appearing to be much younger than
they really are. In today’s video we’re going to show you 10
benefits that Maca can give you when you eat it regularly. It can help you lose weight
Due to it’s large amount of fiber which regulates bowel movements and reduce your appetite,
Maca is great for people who want to lose weight. It boosts libido
Studies have shown that Maca acts on the hypothalamus, regulating stress and your metabolism, which
improves sexual desire. Prevents diabetes
The fiber present in Maca helps slow down the speed at which sugar is absorbed by our
body, and helps release a large quantity of insulin, the hormone that quickens your metabolism. Improves your heart’s health
Since it’s a great source of omega fatty acids, Maca can help protect your heart from diseases
such as high blood pressure. Furthermore, this root helps control your
cholesterol levels. It fights anemia
Due to its high levels of iron, it’s great at fighting anemia. Strengthens your immune system
Maca is an adaptogenic plant, meaning that it can revitalize, fight fatigue, and improve
muscular resistance. Fights osteoporosis
Since it has more calcium than milk, it strengthens our bones, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis. Helps during menopause
Maca regulates your hormone levels and helps control the symptoms associated with menopause,
such as heat flashes. Furthermore, it has no side effects, something
that most medication prescribed for women going through menopause normally have. Improves fertility
Studies show that men who eat Maca noticed an improvement in the amount of sperm produced. Women experience improved libido, lower stress
levels, and improved blood circulation, especially around the pelvic area. Improves a sense of well being
This root makes you feel better since it boosts your energy, gives you more strength, and
stabilizes your mood. It is also great at treating depression, anxiety,
and memory loss. You can find Maca in supplement form, in capsules,
or even in powder, and it can be added to yogurts, salads, juices, fruit, and other

40 thoughts on “10 Amazing Maca Root Benefits for Men and Women

  1. Helps to lose weight?! Hmmmm…so interesting because most claim it helps them gain. 🤔 And I’ve taken it in the past and it helped me gain! Been taking it for almost a week now and honestly, I feel very hungry and yes, very…well. They didn’t lie in this video about the desire. 😭 But knowing about all these other great benefits, I’m hype! 😅🙌🏾❤️

  2. why everything is lately benefits of losing weight 😡 when i starts to eat healthy food i'm already underweight i don't want to lose any 😟

  3. I've ordered a bottle of maca when i read the other ingredients on the bottle it say rice, flour ,gelatin,silicon dioxide, magnesium. I dont mine the gelatin and magnesium, but why it has rice snd flour

  4. Thanks for the information. Please, what quantity can one take as dose. I mean powdered maca? I will appreciate your response. Thank you.

  5. I thought it was more like chocolate! Oh no if it makes u feel like u need more human contact I going to have to start jogging to work off the hormones…or just go and impersonate Samantha Jones for a few months. Cake anyone?

  6. I'm doing it for having the mood to have sex but nothing so far.😕 but at night it's hard to breath…

  7. I took it because I have heavy periods. Maca has some 'estrogenic activity', and it made my cycle shorter, instead of every 28 days, I got my period after 24 days. I stopped taking the Maca.

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