1$ BOX FORT CAR Vs $180,000 CAR!! πŸ“¦πŸš—You Won’t Believe Who Won!

this is my dream car and today that
dream is coming true big thanks to you guys obviously this
dream would never come true if it wasn’t thanks to you guys and we’re getting
this car for the Papa Jake family with me and we are back with a brand new
video and today guys we’re doing one of the greatest showdowns of all time
today a $1.00 box Ford car versus a hundred and eighty thousand dollar car
and I know what you guys are thinking look what are they thinking they’re
thinking a $1 car can’t be a hundred and eighty thousand dollar car that’s where
they go wrong alright guys today we’re doing another one of our $1 vs.
expensive box for videos but this time we’re changing things up you guys have
seen on the channel in the past we have made box board cars but today we are
gonna take all of our knowledge up here and use it to create the world’s fastest
the world’s greatest box Ford car and match it up against 180 thousand dollar
beast car aka the Papa Jake mobile which you guys will see in a little bit later
on but that’s what we’re gonna be doing today guys of course if you happen to be
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we do have a challenge to do today guys and that starts with building the $1.00
box for car we need to use all of our engineering skills on this alright so we
got to get cardboard we got to get tape we got to get
that’s about as well it really needs and we need the Segway a Segway all right we
need all of that and then we need our brains because this will be the greatest
matchup ever we might revolutionize the car industry with the Pappa Jake box for
mobile so now it is time to build our $1.00 box Ford cars so here it is
there’s not much here yet but this is the frame all right this is the bread
and butter of the box for car now we also have all of our cardboard over here
Jake what do you think you for the design of this thing well I want it to
be fast and I want to look cool so I’m thinking like a cool design with a red
stripe on it because red stripe to make it go faster we’re gonna haven’t thought
it design at all oh I think we just try and make a cool car right okay we just
make a cool car design so now that we have our cardboard now that we have the
outline of the car we can now start building this thing now we can start
building this thing so let’s bring it into the car shop aka this room over
here especially deemed a car shop and we’ll start building all the frame and
then we can insert the motor alright guys so check it out we’ve been working
on the car now for a little while and it is looking pretty cool so as you guys
can see here we have the front of the car almost be sweet we’ve got the nice
slick aerodynamic front this is give me the windshield so we stopped to cut that
out and we’re still gonna add red raised stripes cuz you guys know that that
makes any car go faster other than that we also have a spoiler that we’re gonna
be adding over there which is gonna go somewhere on the back we’re still
struggling with exactly how to kind of make the backside of the car I’m not
really sure what we’re good to for yet right now our biggest job is to get the
back finish as well as get everything all tied together we don’t want this car
falling apart when it goes really fast we’re just it’s gonna because it’s a
super fast car but before we get into that guys we do have a really awesome
sponsor for this video so I’m gonna go downstairs oh where are we now you’re
probably wondering where we are I am in the world’s smallest box for because
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again thanks to quid for sponsoring this video check the link in description down
below but now we gotta get back to the video so now it is time to reveal our $1 box
for car our car that is gonna go up against the 180 thousand dollar car in a
challenge of nine different tests it is now time to reveal the lebackes a car so
powerful so majestic so insane it’s only $1 but that does not matter I mean
including the tape it’s a little bit over $1 it’s like ten dollars maybe
fifteen that’s true Christmas maybe like 15 bucks well regardless here it is the
box the box sports so here she is the box warden the box
fort of cars all right she is powered by an electric motor engine fully electric
top-of-the-line new age technology with a whopping one horsepower engine what
does it sound like a lot but but still it is a lot all right it can go up to
eight miles per hour and on a single charge can last almost 30 minutes now
it’s time to check out today is the day we are going to get the new car I’ve
been so excited for this day like I can’t I can’t even talk he’s been like
years I’ve been thinking about this it is a car that I’ve wanted for a very
long time ever since I started YouTube in fact it was one of the first cars
that I saw and I was like this is my dream car and today that dream is coming
true big thanks to you guys obviously this dream would never come true if it
wasn’t thanks to you guys and we’re getting this car for the Papa Jake
family Papa Jake welcome to UK oh my god this is insane I came to talk I’m like
shaking yeah like guys thank you so very much
like this is thanks to all you guys every one of you who comments on videos
likes the videos shares the videos so here we have the BMW i8 aka the Pappa
Jake mobile 180 thousand dollars of pure muscle versus our one dollar box for car
we have lined up nine different challenges to compare each car to see
which one is the best let’s start with number one so the first challenge is
interior design obviously the BMW i8 has a lot of really cool features in it it’s
got nice leather it also has a custom trim here with the blue inside of it
it’s got its own radio heads-up display as well as sat-nav which is pretty nice
and Jake what’s heads-up display oh I’ll show you Logan it’s where the magical
computer shows you how fast you’re driving on your windshield alright so
that pretty much sums up the BMW i8 now let’s take a look at what the $1.00 box
Ford has for its interior design well in terms of interior design there’s not
much okay alright but that does not matter because when you are driving the
box bordello box for you don’t need all those fancy bells and whistles okay you
have two steering wheels they’re steering sticks there is an action
stainless because this is futuristic and then you have nothing but the open road
there’s no radio to distract you there’s no speedometer because you know you’re
gonna blow the speed limit anyway it only goes eight miles per hour
and it’s super comfortable because you can only sit in it for more than thirty
minutes because that’s how long it stays on a
charge for us so it doesn’t really matter how comfortable to see it is
you’re gonna enjoy your ride it’s got grips on the steering wheel it’s got it
does have this stuff which you use to turn it on it’s so like there’s no air
conditioning in it but that’s okay because there’s also no roof or bottom
so just air is just flowing at your face so you don’t need air conditioning but
it doesn’t matter guys because you’re gonna enjoy your ride in this thing
it is the creme de la creme of cars next up is exterior design the BMW i8
exterior design looks amazing the doors go up what’s the one dollar box for God
on that Jake I think the one dollar box for it does have doors that go up doors
that go up like this what does it not have why we PI this oh
sorry sorry I mean no no no the challenge must continue because this has
some stuff that it’s gonna beat for sure okay let’s move on to challenge number
three in terms of exterior design the box fort in the box fort has everything
you need exterior design was our number one priority when we designed this thing
from the ground up using clay models we knew it had to be fast but so luxurious
there is a red racing stripe here for increased speed everyone knows that
there is a spoiler back here because when you go so fast in this thing
the aerodynamic spoiler keeps the car from flying away literally Jake you know
what my favorite part is the doors go up that’s true and the doors to go up check
this out so you have to remove the spoiler as so and then you remove this
anti door this is safety here it’s a lock and then oh yeah doors go up got
the butterfly doors on the one dollar box for what more could you want it’s a
1 it’s a 1 dollar box for with butterfly doors and then when you’re done you just
right there like that and you’re ready to drive let’s see what
challenge three houses store alright guys next up we have the challenge of
safety when you’re driving around in your car you want to make sure that
you’re safe now the BMW comes with all the bells and whistles
it’s got airbags it’s got safety laser they’re all literally check this out
lasers on the front it says warning do not stare because it has high-powered
headlights as well as a safety warning system and the coolest feature it’s got
360 degree view of around the car you can even see Logan out there 360 degree
camera look there is no way you’re gonna get hurt in this it is safe to the max
now let’s see what that one dollar box port has for safety in terms of safety
I’ll admit ok there is no safety there is no airbags there is no roll cage then
there is no fancy dancy lasers or 365 degree camera but that is all by design
guys we needed to save a weight because this one horsepower engine is powering a
behemoth and the more weight you add to it the slower it’s gonna go in fact it
is so sick because of that you don’t we go eat
miles per hour what are you gonna do any miles per hour nothing
you don’t need safety you’re perfectly fine in the box what’s in the box boy so
are you saying it gets five size for safety it’s ten stars for safety this is
safer that safe could possibly it’s safe next up its convenience if you’re gonna
be using your car as a daily driver you know you gotta go get groceries get some
milk go get some supplies to build box sports you need to make sure that it’s
convenient let’s see how the BMW i8 does first off getting in and out door opens
great well maybe we don’t film this part cuz it’s it’s not know you got you’re
gonna go like this looks like it’s really hard to get no
it’s fine if you get in like this and then these like this it’s good for
stretching like you’re getting that good stretch it and then you’re in I’m just
just never leave cuz getting out is very difficult but look at this Logan does
the box for car have two back seats check out the spacious room we have back
there you could fit an entire family in the back of I don’t think you can fit
anything back right there Wyatt what why is a back seat let’s check the trunk the
trunk is got to be good alright so you can’t fit your family in the back seat
but what about the trunk that’s it that’s it
okay but you know I bet the box for a car doesn’t even have a trunk it doesn’t
even have a back seat let’s see how convenient the box for car is on a daily
driving basis alright okay so in terms of usability yes the box for Dilla box
board does not have a trunk in fact it doesn’t have back seats or a passenger
seat it only has one seat but you don’t need that extra space because everything
you need in this car comes with it you want to go to the
grocery store don’t worry don’t even bother you don’t need to go
to the grocery store with the box with the livox board it dispenses its own
groceries onboard snacks in case you get hungry going 8 miles per hour where ever
you want to go as long as this wins in 30-minute range but other than that if
you are using this as your daily driver the BMW IA is a bit tricky to get in and
out of the box for dill the box port it’s a breeze simply pull out the safety
hook like so remove the spoiler like so flip the door up walk into the car can
you walk into any other car no you cannot alright we’re losing the door
here and then you sit down and drive see it’s simple a walk in car like a walk in
closet for a luxurious car the i8 can’t be bad
alright guys the next challenge is one of my personal most important challenges
a car must have and that sounding good now the BMW i8 does have a few tricks up
its sleeve but it sounds amazing let’s see how the box for does compared to
this so as you guys can see the BMW I a has a
pristine and amazing sound to it let’s see what that one dollar box for car has
a bit sleeve so in terms of sound the box for Dilla box port has none it’s
electric it’s fully electric in fact because it is the future of cars but
that didn’t stop it from having that also nice car sound in fact with your
phone you can play any car sound you want so next up is the drag race this is
the final challenge to see which car is better now the box for car cannot go 0
to 60 because it can’t go 60 miles per hour so we’ve come up with an idea on
how to do it we have stretched out a measuring tape to 25 feet and we are
gonna see which car can go the 25 feet the quickest let’s test it out it’s the
first three parking spots okay alright here we go three two one so we’re gonna go back and review the
footage so we can see exactly how long it takes the card to travel that far
keep in mind that was without using launch control because obviously we’re
in a public parking lot and we don’t want to do anything too crazy but we’re
gonna go back now and see what the $1 box for can do and see if it can beat it
then we’re gonna compile all of the challenges and see who wins so we’ve
done the drag race with the BMW i8 and it took exactly two seconds to travel 25
feet across three of those parking spaces now we’re gonna do the same with
the box fourth of the box for it alright let’s drive her over to the
starting line as you guys can see the electric motor whisper-quiet alright
that was the fastest room we had so there you have it the $1 box for car
versus the hundred and eighty thousand dollar car we ran the numbers and well I
got I gotta be honest with you I don’t exactly know what the measurements were
correct in fact I don’t really know if we did any of the tests correct I’ve
never setup a drag race before but it does appear like the Box Ford car may
have beat the BMW i8 by one second true you’ll have to yeah you’ll have to judge
this for yourself guys and you’ll have to judge the entire competition for
yourself so leave a comment down below who do you think won this contest was it
the hashtag I ate or was the hashtag box bored let us know down below we’d love
to see who you guys think won also guys again a big thanks to quit for
sponsoring this video if you guys want to go check them out they’re an awesome
sticker collecting app there will be a link description down below
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another awesome video

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