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♫ Everybody struggles one way or the other ♫ so check out my message to you. ♫ As a matter of fact don’t
let nothing hold you back ♫ Cause if the GAT man
can do it so can you. ♫ Everybody struggles one way or the other ♫ so check out my message to you. ♫ As a matter of fact don’t
let nothing hold you back ♫ Cause if the Scatman can do it. (electronic music) – Hi Burners, Paul here from
Fat Burners Only to give you the low down on one of
my favourite fat burners on the Fat Burners Only website. GAT Jet Fuel, so the guys
from GAT put together a fantastic fat burner, they’ve been doing it for over a decade. And this guy is such a
smart fat burner that I just absolutely love it and I’ll
give you the low down on what they’ve done to make it
such an effective product. So they start with the really
good fat burning stimulant, caffeine but they put in two versions. Your caffeine anhydrous which
is your faster absorbing heavier hitting caffeine to
give you that fast energy and have you burning calories fast. And then your slower digesting caffeine derived from guarana seed
so that’s gonna burn fat for longer and it’s going to give you that longer life energy throughout the day. They also put in your
bitter orange fruit extract or your synephrine, an
extremely effective fat burning ingredient, it is all natural as well. It’ll activate the alpha
receptors in the brain and really boost your mood
but it will burn a lot of calories and give you
a lot of energy to train. They also put in your natural fat burners, your green coffee bean extract,
your green tea extract, and your raspberry ketones. So these will increase thermogenesis, have you burning hotter
and burning more calories. They’ll also just
increase your calorie burn by giving you more energy and antioxidants to scavenge free radicals
caused from training which can speed up the ageing process. So if we can get rid of
those, that’s fantastic. And they also move fat from
the body into the blood stream where the body can then
access that fat for fuel. They also put in your phosphatidyl serine, one of my favourite
ingredients in a fat burner and most fat burners
don’t put it in there. From training and from general
life stress the body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone will store
body fat on the stomach, the phosphatidyl serine in
here will block that cortisol so we won’t put fat on the stomach and we’ll eliminate that problem. We also have in there
your Rhodiola extract too. So a natural extract,
it’s an adaptogenic herb that will reset our adrenal glands. So when we’re putting the
heavy hitting stimulants in this product to burn more
calories and give us energy our adrenal glands are pumping
out the hormones to do this. The Rhodiola will reset those
so it can keep optimising and pumping out those
hormones at an optimal level and reset it so we don’t
get adrenal fatigue. So this guy here is a smart,
well put together fat burner. It comes in some fantastic
flavours, we have your berry which is right here, your berry blitz. And my favourite which is your cherry. So I’m not usually a big fan of cherry but the cherry in this one
is absolutely phenomenal. The other cool thing with this product on fatburnersonly.com.au is the
price is absolutely ridiculous. It’s super, super cheap and
you’re getting 40 serves not 30 in this fat burner so it’s
gonna last you a long time. I always recommend taking
fat burners with Carnitine and CLA so you’re actually
burning more body fat and that fat’s coming from the stomach. And that’s no exception with this product so you’re smart to add that
to this product as well. Remember on fatburnersonly.com.au
we’re the cheapest price in Australia when
you buy one Jet Fuel or buy two or three and take
advantage of our tier pricing system and get it even cheaper. Or you can just add on an
extra Carnitine and CLA and that will actually
bring down the price of all three of them as well. Remember as well on
fatburnersonly.com.au we’re always free and fast shipping no
matter how much you spend. So come to Fat Burners Only
and check out GAT’s Jet Fuel it is an awesome fat burning pre-workout and you won’t be disappointed. Cheers Burners. ♫ I’m the GAT man.

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