🙏 ROhan Heaton | The Thought Stopping Exercise that ACTUALLY WORKS ~ Perth Satsang 2017

was having a conversation today sure let
me start somewhere else so today we said today was yesterday
yesterday I rescued a dog from the pound absolutely gorgeous Australian Cattle
Dog she’s been in there about a month in this little cage with all his other dogs from what I could get I came from a good
home but the family was working long hours had moved from the country into
town and then he had a small little yard for her out the back paved yard and dog
was alone all day and so the owners realized that the dog wasn’t being
looked after and I’m not sure how it ended up in a pound and not advertised
on a classified or something but that’s what happened and the dog won’t get out
of the car if you go anywhere near the car wants to jump in so it’s afraid
you’re gonna leave without it it’s afraid to be alone and abandonment so
loves being in the car it’s in the car now sleeping and it looks like it’s
gonna be it’s home for a little while until we can help her with this little
issue its abandonment issue and we will it’ll happen
and she’s a real sweetheart and she’s so happy to found a home and Jesus if you
don’t know that is Charlene cattle dogs or Blue Heelers they’re incredibly
intelligent I mean she’s almost got human intelligence she’s her awareness
is astounding and her heart it’s beautiful just so loving and so grateful
that she’s out and about she’s probably gone for five or six hours walks in the
last 24 hours had a couple of swims in the river and
played with other dogs and ran around she goes for a run and comes back and
walks next to you and runs off again comes back very good dog very beautiful and it’s something I’ve taught a few
times a how to stop the mind how to stop the mind from running how to stop
endless circular looping thoughts endless thoughts this is an example so
the first walk I took set you on the dog was around that it’s a beautiful little
town she was in an hour from Perth an hour from the city called York and she
was in there a town with a lovely lady looking after a real country girl cowboy
hat cowboy you just beautiful one just real down-to-earth lady and I took it
for a walk around the river and I’m holding on to that well first off she
tried to jump through the window in my car but she’s about 15 to 20 percent
overweight because she’s done it and been done exercise they failed miserably
and she ended up trying to scratch my car so I opened the door for her when
she jumped in and bounced around my car for about a minute finally we got to
settle down in a towel on the chair and we went down to the river and I took her
for a walk on the lead I went aboard a lead first of course emboldened and
she’s pulling me everywhere and I’m trying to train train her and just
without pushing it too much she’s enjoying herself getting out of control
herself was a constant pulling on the lead constant being pulled I took a near
the river bank she nearly pulled me into the river if she wanted to go in for a
swim and the muddy river I nearly ended up swimming with her it was very close
she’s very strong very tough dog and went for a long walk with her and the
constant trying to keep her close I had some food with me and I was treating her
every time she did the right thing and sat and did all the good things and
within no time after recalibrating to what it’s like to live with a human and
work with a human instead of just being one of many dogs all a memory came back
of sitting and being gentle but she wouldn’t stop pulling a lily
and this like the mind when you put when you try to stop the mind and control it
and stop your thoughts it’s just not going to happen you just can be in an
endless tug-of-war it’s exactly the same you know
this came from I learnt this from a Adyashanti who is very famous and
very good teacher many years ago I heard and hadn’t heard anyone say and it’s a
great analogy and it’s like that if you try to stop the thoughts they’re just
going to keep tugging and tugging and tugging because what you’re doing is a
resistance and resistance is the problem that got you in this situation in the
first place all of us this endless chatter that distracts us from the
moment continuously and we think we can because we can resist everything else in
the world and adjust it well a lot of things and think we’re winning but this
is one of those things that doesn’t work resistance doesn’t actually work
anywhere really causes other problems it’s a pressure when you put a force
onto something the force is going to appear elsewhere just like I’m pulling
on the dog’s lead I’m forcing one way she’s forcing the other way just like
the mind you try to stop it and force it to stop and it’s going to keep running
but I was in a situation with the dog where I’m in this town I don’t know
going for a walk with the dog I don’t know I don’t know if you bites people I
don’t know if she was gonna swim off and not come back so I used to have a dog
like that that would swim off and drown before it came back so I was being
cautious with it and getting her to know me a little bit making friends and when
I brought it back to Perth last night from York I took her to a place on the
river hear a massive big open wetland area it’s absolutely beautiful that’s a
hidden treasure I didn’t know it existed on this level after walking through it
absolutely magnificent there’s dogs everywhere and birds and just his
beautiful life and spent expanse and I I led such off the lead and she bolted I
was like oh god here we go oh I’ll give it a go here we go and she just bolted
and she’s running for her life and I swing looks called out
which such answer didn’t you stopped turned around and ran back sat at my
feet and looked up at me wagging the tail for a patent and I patted her and
stood up and she ran off again did it again
did it like four or five times she started looking back and kept looking
back this went off for about half an hour and about half an hour of 40
minutes of just letting her run free run around with other dogs have fun wag
eternal jump like a maniac you’re a little bit tired she’s a bit overweight
she hasn’t been exercised and she came up we just started walking alongside me
with a head right at my knees and that was it and I’ve said this before that’s
what we do with the mind let it go let it go her and if it wants to run let it
run it’ll give up it’ll come back in at all
stand next to you now instead of being your master it’ll it’ll be your servant
not that this dogs a servant that you kept the metaphor and it’s exactly the
same it’s really important so many people spend decades trying to control
the line just let it go let it run out of energy and I might even stop
immediately for this practice is a hidden treasure because it works and
that’s the nature of this game there’s so many people studying things that they
think might work but that aren’t working and they’d and they don’t check in and
look to see if it’s working or not really just like the dog it’ll come back
and I’ll be your best friend it’ll be an incredible powerful tool instead of his thing driving you crazy and all I had to do was let go I let go
of the lead and put some trust in that just let’s see what happens here I’m not
sure what’s gonna happen but let’s try and see what happens unfortunately it
worked the dog was pulling on the legs it
wasn’t used to being controlled and held back and manipulated so it resisted it
and fought it when I was given freedom to do what it wanted a lady gave up on
running around like an idiot like a madman I’m a mad dog an untrained mind
as a mad dog an uncontrolled and we had a beautiful walk together and we went
for a little odd run here and there but you stayed much closer to me so in each
time we go for a walk now when she’s full of energy and full of themes which
maybe when you get up in the morning if we’re using this metaphor you might
might want to go for a run let it go for a run or go jump in a cold shower which
is you know a dog running for half an hour that’s like the dog running for one
minute and cheating the same result go jump in a cold shower Joe cold ocean old
bull and achieved the same result and then let go but we can hack this resistance is futile resistance isn’t
the way and this is a continual teaching to continue ongoing experience in so many different
forms in the world of what works and what doesn’t resistance doesn’t work
stop it stop shaking your fist as what did you say stop shaking your fist at
God at what you are you’ve got it wrong from this tiny little mind that uses 26
letters of an alphabet and mixes them up into different sequences and make some
funny sounds and things we’ve run the show I’ll have control over it’s
ridiculous is it not 26 letters is all we’ve got and a bunch of combinations to
try and work this all out just drop it let it go let that go for a run forget
it you don’t need to know don’t need to know I don’t need to know how the dogs
going to navigate around another dog I’m just going to trust that they’re not
going to collide or attack each other and see what happens
just watch I’m enjoy was beautiful watching this dog run around and freedom
and then come back and relax there’s a beauty in watching the mind
and watching the world and watching everything let it be so even a beauty in
this really weird camera angles just have to look at it it’s so simple in
Satya the dog’s name was Sacha I thought oh that’s beautiful because I
can change that the Satya and she’ll still understand as it’s only a very
slight change so I call her Satya now & that’s the new name on a microchip – S A T Y A , Satya in Sanskrit is truth so every time I call that Satya I’m
calling out truth truth truth so if you hear me talking to Satya you get a
name to reminder because dogs live in truth they just are they don’t have a
phantom concept of who they are an imaginary concept of how special or
unspecial later they just are its truth it doesn’t have this extra edition
hanging on his shoulder on each shoulder whispering into its ear that’s not on
the shoulder but you know the metaphor from the old cartoons, they’re brilliant that’s true animal kingdom’s in truth
the plank kingdoms in truth the human condition the human condition is
illusion the humans are created in an illusionary phantom world
it runs in parallel with the real world which blocks it from seeing beyond this
world also gateway silence and let go letting go of the mind let go let it go don’t let go to sleep just if you let go
you’ll stay awake the tamasic energy won’t be such a big issue why I go
wide up open up more expand that go the answer over and over I could just come
here and play you a tape recorder that repeats let go a thousand times and then
make a cup of tea more you watch that probably lose my audience pretty quick I
think a dog’s a dog that cats a cat and they’ve all got their little
personalities and their personalities are okay they might have a few little
bugs in their system but they don’t hate themselves over it most of the bugs
they’ve got in the system were given to them by humans and the pain they shared
with their dogs but the dog doesn’t have another side next to em going I really
don’t like this about myself I’m gonna hurt myself about this every hour for
the next five years and be negative towards myself and just ease even if
they’ve got some bugs in their system it just is this dogs in the pound for a
weeks, Some of them have been there for six months I hear that it’s a shed with a few little
cages in it the people there are nice they’re doing the best they will care
for the dogs very deeply they walk them every day that give them a lot of care
and none of them get put down at this place thankfully I think it takes up to
six months but none of the dogs get get put down they do a good job but I turned
up and I had the dog out of its cage and was in the yard and drove up she’s just
looking at me and this dogs so intelligent she had it was as if she
knew what was happening since I came in it was all as if she knew what was
happening and she was just standing there happily waiting she wasn’t in
drama, even if she wasn’t getting picked up it’s just she’s
just now she’s here now they don’t have drama you’re not
thinking I’ve been in here for three months now or a month or a week or it
just is an each day in moment a moment so if you got the movie you know you get
the movie strip films with all little holes in it in old school
get all those images slice them all up when there’s a million per second let’s
say there’s a lot more to save the million per second and instead of having
all linear we take a lineage that we stack them on top of each other now
that’s all in the moment isn’t it everything’s now in the moment it’s not
this this part of movie then that part of the movie it’s all in the moment it’s
all vertically stacked in the now and where the screen watching the images
more but was just that with the screen for now some people already know that
I’m working on them with the next bits privately but for now it’s in its I am
where everything it’s the black belt that’s the start of the game that’s when
the game start with that understanding it’s when the game truly starts you get
your black belt the teacher started teaching you the proper stuff you can
move now you’re functional you get it your home do you trained you see things
differently well this is a black belt plus plus of course, much harder to obtain, well seemingly, that’s a personal decision too for some it just happens
instantaneously and we all have to accept that that may be us at some point
instead of this long arduous climb up a phantom mountain some people just happens very quickly
we’ve had a couple of people here they just fall on wide open really quickly
without knowing anything about this all the very bare bare minimum knowledge
isn’t important it’s not necessary some teachings you have to they teach you you
have to know everything about the psyche and everything about the scriptures and
everything about this before you even have a chance it’s just not true I have
evidence and so do many other teachers but if we if it hasn’t happened to us
yet we continue to learn and open up and explore ourselves come back when you are sitting up
straight you’re looking too comfortable you’ll pull out a bed soon. you tentative to let the mind go what will
happen will it cause harm well it get lost well I what will happen to me well
I go mad who knows I don’t know what you guys what the minds gonna think about
being set free I just know it’s probably not going to be accurate so we have to
just try it and do it and if it works do it again and if it works do it again
until it becomes the habit and that’s one habit that can win this game this
game over finding out who we are and what we are before we decided were a
phantom a ghost we were taught that by people that thought they were as well
they didn’t know taking it’s all mental pains how it is is how it is you’re
hearing differently now and some have had glimpses you’ve had a glimpse it’s
now your experience we just you find that again we let go of it know it’s
there and have a little bit more confidence in it or willingness to
perhaps or we get high and enjoy the high for a while as there and run around
in the world and forget everything we learned and what’s going on and lose it
all suffer a ton then come back and start again which is common to him for
people that have got this too easily haven’t had to do the work for him it’s
a real trap that one just how it is thinking now they feel good the world’s
got a lot more to offer than it did previous finding this I hear back out
there again because the mines still training for out words instead of in
words so ad it goes and takes takes what was there and closes it all up again
stitches it back up so is everything back together the suffering begins again sad to see that’s how it is that’s just
how things are so let go is another word for surrender
if you hear me say surrender I mean let go if I say open your heart means let go
you know got out your hearts got to be open 24/7 365 till you wake up then it’s
all now but until then we’re going to use the times go keep your heart open
never close it and if a close is notice it and wonder why and then inspect it
investigate why because if you closed it once it’s probably closed at a thousand
times and that’s what’s holding you out holding you out in the phantom and one
one instant one pivot point at the time of going from an open state to a closed
when we start to deconstruct the things that are closing us and holding us
together as an identity perceived identity let’s be clear on you so there’s two aspects of mind really
there’s a functioning at a functional mind they’re a dysfunctional mind the
function of mine helps you and helps others to achieve things that are of
benefit the dysfunctional mind just sits there making noise and causes of
problems the gossips work at the blahblah circuit that what’s the way
they’re doing circuit when you’re not doing anything tomorrow what do you
think about this politics that politics blah blah, on it goes endlessly
finding new things to think about and worry about and do that’s the mind I’m
talking about that’s the problem that needs to be let go of for the one then
when that’s gone and exhausted itself you’re left with a silence and a
functional mind the functional mind will come in and be of assistance as maybe
the interns back into what it’s supposed to be basically a supercomputer to help
you navigate the world and do what you need to do and help you need to help and
the other bonds to exhaustion and then that the dysfunctional mind takes a
tremendous amount of energy and as the Toltecs say …. they look at it
from the opposite angle you supposed to enter this, (Awkwning) you need X amount of energy
to break through and if all of your energy is dissipated into just rubbish
whether it’s in the physical world or in the mind
you get depleting your energy and she’s very valuable and you have to not leak
energy you have to contain it let it build up build up and build up until the
dysfunction you just can’t handle the power that is dealing with hunting power
holding power like there Khalid Saleh book the power of now powerful you have
to harness them by being in it instead of in dysfunction in its dysfunction
it’s madness understand this when you’re on the other side you’ll see may seem normal never it’s just not
you’ll see on the other side Wow how crazy of them and for a while it’s a
little bit shocking I’ve got it from my pen in point of view for a while
watching the world function and humans function in the world was a little bit
shocking took awhile to adjust to it and knowing that I was doing that too it’s
like everybody caught the disease and everybody’s got the disease who nobody
knows it’s a problem it’s a virus everyone’s got the virus and nobody
notices it’s a virus it’s just that’s what people have red spots on them
everybody’s got red spots on them so therefore that’s normal you’re raised
that way we’re taught that way we’re trained to enhance the spots and arrange
them correctly so everyone’s got them so everybody considers that normal but when
you break two and find out who you are and what you are it becomes quite
unusual just cause everybody’s doing something doesn’t mean that’s correct so
you have to learn to stand alone also they have to understand this don’t
expect support by people that are enjoying the virus expects resistance
from them and let that go to other people’s resistance go they’re enjoying
the virus are enjoying the aromas they don’t know any better and they will
actually fight to defend it because it’s enacting through them that’s just how it is we have to
understand that so that’s why we have a the importance of a Sangha as the Buddha
taught you know that the Buddha teachings the Buddha and the Sangha the
group of doing the same thing so you at least have some people around you that
understand what you’re doing and you can communicate to them about it and just so
the African saying as a short journey is quicker alone a long journey is better
done in the group it’s quicker in a group you know mutual support wisdom
isn’t it now long it takes to organize ten people to walk a kilometer my
goodness so if you get ten people to do a thousand kilometres with you all your
resources are coming together and be very paths journey and you make it
happen and you’ll support each other on the long haul but I’m not gonna organize
everybody to go down the shops trust me same thing this is this is it can be an
instantaneous thing or might take a little while so it’s best and journey
will journey together standing alone together standing alone together not
intertwining with each other and locking each other down which I see happen to
spiritual groups locking each other down and people that have been studying the
scriptures for five years longer than the new person thinking they deserve to
wake up first and all that rubbish trying to control it that’s very toxic
never want to be doing that we’re standing alone and we want everybody
around us to wake up not us if we want to wake up first then you’re probably
not going to wake up because now you’re selfish and that’s something I’ve seen
to the selfishness of people in doing this for a while I need to be careful of
such spiritual traps they’re just another form of suffering that keep us
trapped you know you’ve got these big spiders with thick spider webs and
you’ve got really small spiders in very fine ones and you can’t see them
that’s what spiritual ego and spiritual tricks are like can’t see them they’re
very subtle so I warn you early when we stand alone but travel together can we have fun the mood of the warrior
a light heartedness because hunting ourselves and finding stuff within our
nervous system that’s not as pretty as we thought or we’ve been hiding we’re
finally turned around had the guts to look at it it can be a little bit more
oh so it can be a little bit ooh icky so the mood of the warrior is a
light heartedness we have a little bit of a chuckle and the silliness of it all
we don’t fall if we don’t fall prey to uncomfortable as we find with it and if
we do we try to smile we talk to one of our friends or sometimes we just pull
back and go and be on their own and be with it but we don’t see the crazy
person trying to hold on to the mine and stop these things we let it go they let
it run when it runs legally there disperses you know the energy disperses
it gets free and then among everything can come back to us ten to zero again
the dogs next to your legs now happily next to your legs effortlessly next to
you you – effortless thing with you now instead of your enemy or your or your
control on your topic master liberation freedom awakening enlightenment it can
come from here this is the doorway silence willingness essential to make sure
you’re willing make sure I don’t have to fight for your freedom
we’ve gotta fight for your freedom with me you’re gonna be very slow I just
journey let me just assist you with your journey
well there’s no journey it’s not over there understand this it’s closer to you
than anything you can possibly imagine it is you but we have to talk to
elastically but we have to be reminded of the non-dual every words dualistic
isn’t it I cannot speak without being jewel even if I say oneness and silence
and then that word isn’t me and the idea that was before that way or them that
spark before that word before that to as one of our members likes to go and
asked yeah that’s a little answer I’m sexy just before the shoulder struggle
so it’s my favorite answer from someone just looking back here okay I think it’s
time for somebody else to have the mic

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  1. "The Mood of Warrior! Light hearted. Its because hunting ourselves, finding our stuff in our nervous system is not as pretty as we thought it would be…" 31:08 it was clearly and eloquently said, thank you!

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