? Green Tea TX100 by Bodyscience Review from Fat Burners Only ?

– So are we rolling? – [Camera Man] Yeah, rolling. – GR-ool. Hi Burners, Paul here
from Fat Burners Only, today to give you the low-down on
Body Science’s Green Tea TX100. So, to start with, it comes
in four fantastic flavours. You’ve got the Watermelon, you’ve got your Pina
Colada Pineapple Coconut, you have your Mango, your Super Berry, and the hundred mixed box, which has 25 of each of these flavours. So the Green Tea TX100, what is it? Well, it’s green tea. Each sachet contains 50
cups worth of green tea. This green tea will give you energy, have you burning more
calories, and also move fat from the body into the
bloodstream to use as energy. It naturally has 50
milligrams of caffeine, so not as much as one cup of coffee, but enough to give you
a nice, clean energy and bump your mood levels, as well. They also add in 300
milligrams of vitamin C, so this is gonna boost your immune system, which is great during winter, but the vitamin C will
also block cortisol, which will actually
add fat to the stomach. So blocking cortisol
will reduce that effect. And then finally, they
put in 3 billion CFUs, or 3 billion count of
lactobacillus probiotics, that also help with gut health. So, we really like this product to add into a large bottle
of water and sip it all day because it gets your water content up, and water is very
important for burning fat, and it also gives it a nice flavour if you’re not a big water drinker. Or, you can have it first
thing in the morning in a glass and again before training
to burn more calories and give you energy to get
through the day and train. So, the Body Science’s Green Tea TX100 on the fatburnersonly.com.au
website is the cheapest in Australia when you buy
one or buy two and three and take advantage of
our tier pricing system and get it even cheaper, and that way, you can try
all the different flavours. Remember, on Fat Burners Only, we’re free shipping no
matter how much you spend, so come to Fat Burners Only and check out Body
Science’s TX100 Green Tea, and you won’t be disappointed. Cheers, Burners.

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