Вывод колибри на 220000 оборотов – Kolibri MicroTurbine

Hi guys! Today we have a video experiment. Today we will try to bring this maximum speed microscopic turbojet engine. This is Hummingbird T32. I did a complete disassembly with the removal of the rotor and accordingly upset the balance. The fact that I violated the balance – it is 100 percent, even 200%. But how essential and can it work at maximum speed? We will check today. At minimum speed the engine is running, I already showed. By the way, as well as the analysis of the engine, I showed you the full and check in work on my second live channel. Who is signed, they know. Well, how will he behave at maximum speed, we will see today. I got a little prepared. That is, it will not be just like that, not at random and on a hunch. I want to test to understand … Even if the micro-jet engine reaches its maximum, Is it possible to operate it in this mode for a long time? Not very visible, but inside, where the impeller goes Filled with a blue marker. You can even say that marker paint over. The paint is very dark and if there is any kind of slight touch, then I can see. This is the first. I will try to display the mode gradually. I’ll give a little. Then you need to let go, stop, see. Etc. And I also want to check with an indicator. Will the indicator show something if I lean against the engine? The truth is that it is very difficult to implement. The difficulty is that firstly the vibrations are very microscopic. Secondly, it is necessary that the indicator and the engine be in a tight bundle. Since he has cravings, he will try to stray somewhere. Something to try, guys. I have already assembled the entire circuit. See how much you need to run. Some unreal amount … Here and the “brains” and the pump and fuel the first and second fuel. Battery and a second battery. Well, as well as a servo tester. Or you need radio control equipment. If on the radio control equipment need to program the brains then a servo tester can be started already. I have marked risk here at the place where it runs. That is, in the equipment everything is programmed under the receiver at a specific frequency of the code. And here I can just this frequency stop manually and it starts up! And the peculiarity of this little hummingbird is that that it starts just super good. Once and went … That’s how it works and goes to minimum mode- 82 thousand revolutions. Put out. Of course an amazing engine! I have done this many times. It seems that there are no touches. Or is there a touch? Unclear. As if there is … This is already sad. Even at 80,000 if there is a touch, then this is very bad. Yes, it feels like there is a touch, guys! Or did it seem to me? So you need to run and give more – up to 100,000. And to look. With all this, I can hold it in my hands! It works, some kind of “tin”. Super engine! Traction (recall) the maximum is only 1.5 kilograms and it’s at 250 thousand revolutions per minute! Or 240,000. On the exact same mini-engine of my own manufacture, I gave up to 170 thousand revolutions. And only after that inside it seemed to completely fall apart – bearings, impellers grind off. Let’s see here. If everything goes well and the engine will work then I will put it on a mini fanjet. On a very small plane. I went into mode, I give up to 100,000. 101,000. I almost turned in the wrong direction. Now it will be cooled. And so I will slowly add. Such tests are pleasant. So far so good. No vibrations. The white spot there increased slightly. Here is the “plague.” Still, has it increased? Generally insignificant. Mini touch. Micro even. Okay, pay attention to the expense. Virtually no decrease. It seems to me that half a liter is enough for us for all tests. The room was ventilated. And we continue our laborious process to bring the engine to mode. He gave him 120,000 and held it for a bit. It’s already hot to hold your hand. The next start I will do with gloves. But the glove does not give an understanding of vibration. Something will need to be invented. Everything seems to be fine so far! There were no special vibrations. Need to get rid of in all modes, suddenly there will be a particularly strong resonance somewhere. The temperature is not high. 450 degrees only. Turnover of 120,000. Consumption is small. Tired of breathing gas. Further tests will be on the street. Oh, what a luxury here. Snow. The human foot has not set foot. I hope I can hold my hand up to 150 thousand revolutions. It seems to work. It feels like there are some small, small vibrations. Very small. You are not visible, but I looked at the label. Absolutely not increase. Control while going by the label, guys. Now it will probably be the most dangerous experience. 175,000 revolutions. If the engine withstands such revolutions, then most likely, everything will be fine! 200,000 – 240,000 is already beyond, it seems to me, any resonances. If you let him go now, he would have shot there. Does the machine stagger? Well guys, look at the label. I think everything is fine here. Explore with a lamp. So more reliable. The label does not increase, I will tell you 100%. There is such a small small micro mark. Where it comes from is not clear. Maybe something is horrible … And so generally ha. Now up to 200 thousand engine turf. And then to the maximum. I don’t want to run ahead in advance, but it feels like if correctly disassembled such high-speed things then you can then assemble it back in the same way so as not to upset the balance very much. 175000 rpm withstood. This is not a joke. Already a decent thrust. About 600 grams, probably. All this is very exciting. But happy. Engine output at 200 thousand revolutions. Ah, what a hot engine it has become. 200,000 revolutions are. Now let’s look at the label. Eats a little. See how much fuel is left. I can say I’m starting all day, fuel is still there. I want to put it on a little funjet, to pocket jet plane in the car was lying around all the time. And it would be possible to take and start it at any time. It’s as if there are some small vibrations. I think this is due to burning more. When you change the mode, it somehow vibrates a little. But it’s like we did 200 thousand! Made small collisions to simulate the load. Still, in flight, he, and when landing, experiencing some acceleration and stress. Therefore, I decided a little to test in this direction. The label has not increased. Still very small. We are on the verge of final trials. I made such a small stand. Here we have a mount for the indicator stand. I tried to do so so that the engine has a certain degree of freedom. Made a mount on the back and so that the thrust does not greatly affect the spin and generally bending the entire structure. That is, in theory now, if we will disperse it and there will be some resonances, this can be seen. The dial indicator shows the hundredth of a millimeter. It seems to me that he certainly should show if there are vibrations that are not felt manually. So far I have not noticed any vibrations. Poured a full can of kerosene, guys. And now we will try. Of course the excitement is not so strong as it was before. But there is excitement. Now we will bring up to 240 thousand revolutions per minute and watch what happens. I hope everything will be ok. Check the indicator. Everything works, everything concerns. We are starting. The indicator is shaking violently. This is because a small motor works. Now it will disconnect. Disconnected. The arrow has become. Now we will pile on. I give everything and look what will happen. The engine has reached maximum speed. He does not unwind anymore. Measurement of fuel consumption. It works guys. It is great . At the maximum speed he held somewhere a liter of fuel. I added and I poured new and here again I started to play, again the fuel almost ran out from me. I had to turn it off. So it works, just a plague. Friends, you can get a plane, like this. I won’t spoil this one. Ready device. By the way, it’s useful for training. Because there is exactly the same, only new, in the box. True, it is white, a little worse. Long bought. A rare thing, I will tell you. Finding such a plane is not easy. Right now, try it, order it. People are chasing after them. This is what he is. Here the foam needs to be cut, strengthen, implant. This is a pretty quick project to be. Just the first warming ,, You can already start flying on it. On this, my friends, perhaps everything! Who is young at heart, who is interested in such all kinds of toys, subscribe to the channel, support like. Bye everyone, see you soon!

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